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Found 7 results

  1. Tomorrow, I'm having about twenty-seven people come over for our 'Poke Chop Fellowship'. Twenty-four are having the 1.125" thick, reverse-seared center cut pork chops– I call these the pig porterhouse. 1st 17 center cut bone-in pork chops– seasoned (salt, pepper and a little chilli), sitting in all that lemony goodness and ready to go... awaiting final coffee rub. Last seven bagged up and redt2go... This part of the cook I have a plan for. I'm certain I have enough grill space between the divide & conquer system and a 22.5" extension grate so, I'll start off the morning and put a light smoke on (27) sweet potatoes. I'll cook them about half way through and put them in the oven to finish on low heat. Next, I'm going to put a 90 minute pecan smoke on the chops at or around 200°– put them in a cooler while I remove the deflector plates and crank the Big Joe up to about 400° and then reverse sear them twelve at a time. While the first twelve are in their ten minute rest, I have more than enough time to get the last twelve seared. My one dangling participle is for the vegetarians. How I can get some smoke on their steelhead trout and get them done around the same time. Hmmm, any suggestions?
  2. My wife was out with her supper club, so Iwas on my own for dinner. I had one pork chop in the freezer starting to look lonely, so I decided to experiment with breading it. I started with thyme, oregano, and rosemary from the herb garden which I rough chopped to put on the chop: Doing one side at a time I used a bit of mayo for a binder, added some microplaned garlic and the herbs, and then pressed into a bowl of panko crumbs: Then onto the griddle, 350 for about 10 minutes per side: And the finished product, matched with some previously cooked smoked mac & cheese which I reheated on the kamado while cooking the chop. All in all a tasty meal.
  3. A friend at work, whom I share a lot of pulled-pork with, gave me three awesome 6-packs of lean and thick pork chops. I used a marinade from Lawrys (which I will use again) and tried the 'ol revers-sear technique on my Kamado Joe Classic. Came out BOMB!! ***edit*** Adding the indirect photos
  4. This may be my last consecutive night of cooking on on the Junior. Tomorrow will bring rain, and while I'm no stranger to inclement cooking, I have a chicken parm recipe I'd like to try which won't be translating to Junior. I don't think... Anyway, I loaded him up pretty damn full of Kebroak... ...and cranked him. I broke a starter cube into 4 and dispersed them deep into the coals. I left the lid up for about 15 minutes after lighting and even hit it with my heat gun a bit to get her going (I worked tonight, so time was of the essence). Took about 25 minutes to get to this point, and it got to 650° before I tossed the corn on. Would have gone to 700° but I literally ran out of time. Corn got about a 5 minute head start, then the chops were added. They were brined for 4 hours in water, montreal chicken seasoning, and extra salt. Dried thoroughly, oiled, and grated: About 2 minutes per side x2 for the hash marks... roughly 8 minutes total. Pork was as juicy and flavorful as I could possibly hope for. I really nailed the seasoning and temp, and the result was delicious. So I've opened this little guy up to all different types of cooks this week and I'm simply floored with the results. So much fun! By the way, it sure did get hot below the grill at this temp, so I had two metal plates angled down there to diffuse that heat. Do be careful.
  5. I got some really thick center-cut pork chops today, so I decided to try a reverse sear (something I rarely do other than sous vide). Chops were 2+" thick They got a 3-hr quick marinade (in the Food Saver marination canister) in a homemade mojo of onion, garlic, orange, lemon, lime, salt, and pepper. Got the fire started and took it to 400°. Foiled spaghetti squash went on first on my diffuser right on the main grate. Then potato quarters that were pre-cooked in the microwave and foiled. Finally I put the foiled chops with some marinade on top to start cooking. After about 45 minutes (for the squash... about 30 on the spuds and 25 on the chops), I removed everything to my gasser to keep warm and cranked the Akorn. It hit 700° before throwing the chops on to sear. Didn't get a great plated shot, but they were damn good. Perhaps a tad overdone, but lots of flavor.
  6. Sometimes you just want a simple grilled pork chop. Got some nice bone-in thinner sliced chops. Sprinkled them on both sides with my Smokehowze basic seasoning mix (kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder). Direct grilled on Big (Red) Joe at 375-400 degrees until about 150 internal. Made a basic "sawmill" pepper gravy using the same basic seasoning mix to go with the chops. My son put together a quick "southwest" rice - 2 cups white rice cooked with the addition of a small can of San Marcos Green Mexican Salsa and a cup of Mateo's Gourmet Red Salsa (medium).mixed in at the end. I hope this gives you some ideas for a quick and tasty meal.
  7. I woke up this morning to -46 degree wind chill! Later that morning my wife says are you going to grill today, so that was all it took. I had nothing else to do since work was called off because of the weather so I fired up the Akorn and put on some potatoes that she had sliced up, then threw on some boneless pork chops. Then she said how about some pizza while you are at it: Pizza #1 peppers and mushrooms Pizza #2 hot and spicy sausage and pepperoni Pizza #3 hot and spicy sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers
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