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Found 17 results

  1. This was an outstanding meal and pretty easy to cook. The veggies cooked in a foil pack with a little pork rub and olive oil. The loin cooked indirect at 300°f for about 90 minutes and was pulled at an internal temperature of 148°f. I cut this open, dusted with some pork rub, cream cheese and fresh spinach out of our garden. Tied it up nice and tight and put in in the preheated Primo. Just about ready! Yum, the spinach was juicy and the cheese creamy. The sprouts and asparagus steamed perfectly in their own juices and complimented the pork very well. Had to have something refreshing to finish this meal with!
  2. Here's a quick and easy pork loin roast recipe that you can grill or cook on your Joetisserie! Recipe: 1 3-5 lb pork loin roast, trimmed of excess fat 1 cup italian dressing Seasoning rub: 1 tablespoon Kamado Joe Peppered Sea salt 3 tablespoons Kamado Joe Smokey Paprika Alternate seasoning rub: 2 teaspoons sea salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 2 tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoon brown sugar Directions: Place the pork roast in a ziploc bag with 1 cup of italian dressing and marinate in the fridge overnight or up to 24 hours, rotating the bag occasionally. Preheat your Kamado Joe grill to 350°F with the JoeTisserie in place. Remove the pork roast from the refrigerator and place on the JoeTisserie spit rod and secure the forks in place. Dust the roast liberally with the seasoning rub and place the spit on the Joetisserie. Cook until you reach an internal temperature on the meat of 145°F (approximately 1 hour). Remove the roast from the grill and let rest for 10-15 minutes. Slice and serve hot!
  3. First, a brief confession. I have had a joetisserie for about a year, and only used it maybe 3 times. Did a chicken, a turkey, for some reason just a little underwhelmed with the whole process, and then all the extra cleaning up. Until today... Had a small pork loin in the freezer from my BIL's pig. Watching John Setzlers video on spinning a pork loin, plus a recent post on the Facebook group made me decide to dig the Joetisserie out again. Injected it with applesauce/apple juice mixture, slathered in mustard and coated with my wife's cajun spice rub. After about an hour and 15 minutes of spinning at 325 degrees, we pulled it off and left rest for 10 minutes. My wife thought I was going to break into tears with my first bite. Words fail me to describe it. The subtle flame kissed outside, the juicy inside, so soft you could cut it with a fork! You can't buy food this good at a restaurant (at least not a restaurant I can afford). Thanks again John for your excellent video.
  4. Butt on for about 15.5 hours overnight smoked over pecan. Put loin on this morning for 3.5 hours. Had to put more charcoal on about 12 hours. Loin was a bit dry, butt was awesome and moist with an awesome crust. Overall, pretty happy with the first smoke on the vision. Also learned a lot about "marathon" smoking and fine tuning temp adjustments. Temp got to 300 once or twice, takes a while to get back to 250....
  5. Things you will need: About a 10" section of pork loin or a tenderloin 1 package of cream cheese some dried spinach cotton twine black pepper salt Ranch dressing dry mix your favorite dry rub (you can find my dry rub recipe in the rubs thread) 1. Get the cream cheese and pork to room temp. 2. Using a fork blend 2 tsp of the ranch dry mix in to the cream cheese. 3. "Flatten" your pork loin. Starting at the top cut it long wise to create a 3/4 flap and continue cutting the 3/4 flap until you have spiral cut that allows you to roll out the loin in to a flat sheet. 4. Using a spatula spread the cream cheese mix over the entire surface of the flattened loin 5. Sprinkle a few tbs (to taste) of the dried spinach over the entire surface. 6. Add fresh ground black pepper. 7. Dust with salt. 8. Roll the loin up in a spiral like you might do with a pin wheel and tie it. I start by putting a tight loop on one end, then on the other end, finally one in the middle. Then I take a very long piece and tie a loop on one end and then roll the loin and wrap it with the string abut every 1/2 inch from one side all the way to the other. Keep it taunt. Tie it off using one of the extra bits of string from the first loop you tied on the end. 9. Dust it with dry rub. 10. Cook it at about 300 using an indirect method until you reach an internal temp of 140. When you pull it, wrap it in foil, then in a towel and put it in your oven or in a cooler and let it rest for an hour. Once the rest is done, use a sharp knife and cut it in to thin pieces and serve. Yellow rice and steamed broccoli might go well along with some grilled mushrooms. Enjoy!
  6. You never know what Ole SmokinSteve is going to come up with next so be sure to Subscribe and leave comments. Thanks for watching...... Smoke On .... it’s all Good!
  7. Last week I had a really good cook on my Kamado. I roll cut a pork loin and stuffed it with dirty rice (made according to box directions), sprinkled with Tony Cs and tied it up. Cooked at 325 - 350, indirect for about an hour until 115-120 (I can't remember) Then I flipped it and cooked until ~145 - opened the grill up and cooked till 150 (for color). I pulled and foiled. Sliced and served with more dirty rice, green beans and sweet cornbread. ALSO - I threw on some Texas Firecrackers - stuffed jalapeños and poblanos (cream cheese, sausage, cheddar wrapped in bacon and a decadent chocolate peanut butter torte for dessert. Here is the recipe for the torte if anyone wants it. http://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/2015/04/08/reeses-chocolate-peanut-butter-tart/
  8. I've been wanting to do a pork loin for a while, and after seeing this recipe on Steven Raichlen's "Project Smoke" show I knew exactly how I wanted to cook it. I butterflied the loin, and per the recipe coated the inside with rub, bourbon, dijon mustard, brown sugar, and more bourbon: Next I tied it up, placing 4 strips of bacon along the outside, and put it on the grill at 300 degrees. I used 4 chunks of cherry, and had good smoke throughout the cook. Next, I mixed up the glaze (equal parts butter, bourbon, brown sugar, & dijon), and basted the loin when it hit ~ 130. I then cooked it direct ~ 2 minutes per side to help help carmelize the loin and crisp the bacon: I pulled it @ an IT of 153: Slice the loin: And plated, adding glaze to the sliced loin: All in all this was really good, and garnered compliments from my wife (always a good thing!). A couple of observations: The smoke profile wasn't as pronounced as I would like, I think this may be because I used cherry chunks while the recipe calls for hickory. I will use hickory next time. Also, the bacon is really a key ingredient, it really soaks up the taste of the smoke and the glaze. A bite of the loin accompanied by a small slice of the bacon was much tastier than the loin by itself. I'll do this cook again.
  9. Sous Vide Pork Loin The new Anova was going to get its chance at a meat meal. In rummaging in the freezer I found a 2.75 lb boneless pork loin which was then conventionally thawed. Lucky for me the vacuum seal package I did for the pork when it went in the freezer was too long. Which was nice as all I did was trim off the seal to season the pork and then vacuum/reseal the same bag. Time for a simple low maintenance cook while we were busy around the house. The loin was rubbed with butter, spritzed with Lea & Perrins and liberally dusted with Montreal Chicken seasoning. Marinated in the fridge for a couple of hours after vacuuming and sealing. Processed at 140 degrees cold from the fridge for 3 hours. This gave a “medium” cook result. 2.5 hours got the meat to 135 degrees so it got 30 more minutes to get closer to 140. One can definitely see that food items that are thick take extra time. The loin was 3 inches thick, 4 inches wide, and 7+ inches long. The loin was dried off after removal and browned in a hot pan on the stove. It was so juicy, tender, and flavorful through-out that we did not bother with a pan sauce from the liquid in the pouch – but the juice was delicious and was saved as a basis for a sauce for the leftovers. It is a different look and feel to the meat with a very uniformly cooked cross section. Kinda looked like ham when cooked to medium temperature, which on the first bite or two tends to fool the eye/taste relationship and expectations. No, it's not a canned ham. LoL It did make for a good and tasty “hands-off” meal. Searing on the Kamado with a hand full of wood pellets tossed on the fire for a burst of smoke would have made it even better.
  10. Pork loin has never been my favorite cut, but we had one in the freezer to use. I mixed up a brine, and left it soak for about 36 hours. Brushed on a simple honey glaze, then direct grilled at 400 until the glaze was carmelized. Slid it across to indirect, and left it go to 145 IT. Wrapped it, and put in cooler for about 30 min. Still not as good as ribs, but it was a very fun cook, with the direct/indirect. I was pleased with how it turned out.
  11. Well Gurus, yesterday I was bored. Stark. Staring. Bored! I had a couple of slabs of St. Louis Style Ribs I picked up at Sams Neighborhood market on deal that I had prepped and rubbed and were in the fridge. I also had 2 pork tenderloins that I dropped in marinade at the same time. Had to get 'em cooked but I was bored. I went out and had a chat with TheBeast. Always cheers me up and it happened again as soon as I lit the lump with the MAPP torch. I"m not so thrilled that I'm doing the Spunky Monkey, AllyCat, but there was a spring in my step. Here is the marinade I used on the pork loins. Got it at Sams' on a friend's recommendation. And here are the two pork loins before and after hitting the marinade/ As you can see, Pete the Pink Salt Pig is nonplussed to see some brethren on the business end of a cook! Here are the ribs in situ and after the prep. Notice the "Chef's Portion" separated from the ribs. That's MINE! So let's go get TheBeast ready to do his duty and earn his keep. [Many people have asked how I arrange TheBeast for a cook similar to this, so please bear with me here.] First thing I do is completely fill the basket with lump and light him up. I only lit one spot and you can see it to the right of the picture. I then bring TheBeast up to temp; in this case about 250 since I'm getting a late start. Then its on with the smoke component; in this case hickory. Now let's add the deflector plates ... ... the drip pan is next ... And then the main grate and the ribs. So we button up TheBeast and in 10 minutes, I check the temp. Rock Solid. With about 45 minutes left in the rib cook, it's time for the pork loins to hit the grate for a reverse sear. On they went and I forgot the pic! BUT WAIT! The Chef's Portion is done and Bubba, my BBQ Moochin' Brother, is here and wanting to know "What're we eating!" Bubba declared the ribs Delicious Edible! 30 minutes later, the ribs are done! One rack dry, on the left, and one sauces, on the right. The ribs were foiled, wrapped and in the cooler. Here is a pic of the two pork loins as they came off the reverse sear at 135IT (Bubba likes his pork more done than do I, but he is a guest, albeit a mooching guest, but a guest nonetheless! Here is a shot of the sauced ribs and following the dry ribs. I didn't catch a shot of the pork loin being sliced, but you see it on Bubba's plate. Here's Bubba's plate right before he went Animal on it! He said this rib cook was top 5 in his life and he's eaten BBQ all over the US! I asked what were the other 4 places he'd had better ribs and he said "The last 4 times you've cooked ribs!" Its nice to get impartial feedback! The ribs were very good ... they had a nice medium both to them. The marinaded pork loin was pretty good. I'm not much on sweet marinades, but SWMBOI and Bubba sure ate the heck out of it. SWMBOI took some to her friends' house for a luncheon they were having and Bubba took a mess of ribs home with him. So much for leftovers! Happy New Year's to all my Good Guru Friends!
  12. I needed to cook something that would turn into good leftovers this weekend. I picked up a 3 lb. pork loin from whole foods, coated in not so cheap mustard, then rub with KJ Smokey Paperika and my homemade mix. Cooked to 140 IT. Pics to follow. For some reason they are not uploading from my iPhone. Homemade rub 2 parts coriander 2 parts cumin 9 parts chili powder
  13. Pork Loin Roast Redux (Figs and Jalapeno Glazed) While prospecting the other day in the basement freezer for something to cook without having to go to the store, a couple of cryo-vac Costco pork roasts were discovered. Bingo! Since figs on the tree were ripe and I had a batch of fermented jalapenos finishing up, I cooked these using this recipe for the glaze. See: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/8274-fig-preserves-and-fermented-jalapeno-peppers-pork-roast-glaze/?p=82285 And the result - another check the box for a great stress free meal on the Kamado. The small white dish is some of the fig/jalapeno glaze reserved as an accompaniment for the pork. On Big(Red)Joe at 375 degrees indirect with Cherry Wood - wasn't timing it but probably about 1H20 for the cook. A Beautiful Picture of a Perfect Cook – to 145/150 degrees internal. Love lean but still juicy pork! Time to get slicing.
  14. Roasted a 1/2 pork loin last night for dinner. Seasoned with garlic powder, salt & fresh cracked pepper. Roasted over indirect heat (with a few cherry chunks added to the fire) at 325º until IT reached 147º.
  15. I'm always on the lookout for round, shallow metal pans with handles, and these are 2 I found recently. The one with vegetables was at a thrift store and I have no idea what it's supposed to be for, but it had a platform for the smaller pan so that worked well. Just a small pork loin. Dinner's done, time to take a nap. This would be a great size meal for one of the Kamado Jr. or Vision P kamados.
  16. First post on here and I thought I would share with you guys my APL Serious Barbecue cook. I decided to do the Glazed Pork Loin with Cilantro and Garlic which I must say was INCREDIBLE! By far my favorite pork loin I have ever had the pleasure of eating! On this cook, I also decided to do a few of his sides from the Serious Barbecue book as well and chose to do Grilled Corn on the Cob with cilantro pesto (which my wife destroyed!!) and also Grilled Asparagus with Sherry-Shallot Vinaigrette which was also incredible. Im not much of a corn eater but the corn was awesome. The pesto added such a complex and sharp flavor to the corn that we could not put it down! So, without further ado, here are a few pics of my cook. Hope you guys enjoy!
  17. Did a pork loin yesterday. As you can see the results were outstanding.
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