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Found 7 results

  1. LJS


    Hi Kamado Peeps, Smoked some pork and beef baby back ribs in one go and then some slow cooked sausages. I used the 321 rib method, but shortened it as the ribs were tender enough and I did not want it to get to dry. Another successful smoke. I have not been BBQing too much as we have had several weeks of a total fire ban. . Keep smoking.
  2. Hello everyone, How happy am I of all the responses on this forum so far! Some great tips and info on here and really appreciated! Tomorrow I want to try and slow cook some Aldi pork ribs. Only a tiny rack with little meat on it. Also had some pork pieces I figured I might as well cook at the same time. I will be using lump charcoal in the pyramid style mentioned by you folk previously to help maintain around 250. No more heat beads!! I was thinking 3/2/1 method but due to being such a small rack maybe going for a 2/1/half method????? Would love to hear from you experienced peeps how you would Attack such a tiny rack. I need to get this right for a change Looking forward to all the feedback and again thanks to those how have already raised my understanding on slow cooking
  3. The restoration work on my house has begun and I’m so looking forward to things getting back to normal soon. Unfortunately the carpet we chose wasn’t in stock and the mill was shutting down for 2 weeks so it won’t be ready until sometime in January. Such a bummer that we’ll need to move things around a second time to get the carpet installed but with work finally moving forward I really can’t complain. (too much ) As a thank you to the workers I decided to make them lunch and to get my challenge entry in at the same time so I cooked up a pack of ribs. I didn’t have my camera to start out so I’m not able to share any pics of my prep work. I had purchased a 3 pack of St. Louis cut pork ribs at Costco. I pulled the silver skin off the back and then slathered on some mustard and then some Primo Tupelo Honey Crunch Pork Seasoning. (My new favorite! ) Wrapped them up and let them rest in the fridge overnight. In the morning I set up my kamado with a full load of lump and lite it up and then added 6 nice chunks of peach wood. Once it got up to 225 and I had some nice blue smoke I put on the ribs. After approximately 2.5 hours I took then off and wrapped them up with some honey and some Orange, Peach, Mango juice and put them back on for another 1.5 hours. While then were cooking I made up 3 different finishing sauces. One was just Sweet Baby Ray’s, the next was Sweet Baby Ray’s and Roasted Raspberry Chipotle sauce and the last was Sweet Baby Ray’s and Roasted Pineapple Habanero sauce. When I took them out of the foil they were already almost fall off the bone done and I put them back on the kamdo and sauced them and let them glaze for 10 minutes. Here they are ready to cut. And here are the plated shots. (Roasted Pineapple Habanero sauce in the front, Roasted Raspberry Chipotle sauce in the middle and Sweet Baby Ray’s in the back) Close up of the smoke ring. Oh Yeah! Thanks for looking.
  4. Had company over Friday evening and took the opportunity to do some Ribs for the 1st Low N Slow on my new Primo. Rubbed 2 racks of St. Louis Wrapped them and let them rest for 6 hours in the fridge. Loaded up the Primo with lump and some pecan chunks. Lit it up and installed the heat deflectors & AF drip pan. Waited for it to heat up and some blue smoke The problem with trying to Q on a work day is I got distracted with a business call and over shot my target temp. (Plus I discovered my dome Thermometer is about 70 to 80 degrees off) Got my temp back down to where I wanted it. So on went the Ribs. The Primo cruised along at a constant 221 with these vent setting. After 3 hours they look like this Took them off an wrapped in AF with some Honey and apple juice and back on the grill After 1.5 hours I unwrapped them And sauce them Here they are after another 20 minutes Now sliced and ready to eat Plated Money Shots. And a good time was had by all!
  5. Had our neighbors over for Sunday Rib Dinner yesterday. On the grill starting my 2.5/1.5/.5 method cook. Cruising along at 270 for first 2.5 hours. After 1.5 hours in foil with some apple juice/apple cider vinegar & then drizzled with some honey, here they are mopped with BBQ glaze ready for final .5 hours. Money Shot Even with the reduced time the bottom rack came out a little dry while the top rack came out perfect. (I’ll reduce the temp. to 250 and rotate the top & bottom for future cooks)
  6. Reheated ribs I made on Saturday and added corn on the cob and Peach Cobbler. Oh so good!
  7. I thawed out a pork butt for some pulled pork. Saw someone had used molasses in lieu of mustard and like the results so I thought I’d try it. Ready to prep All rubbed up. Here is where it all went to garbage (Literally) and I learned some more lessons. First I started the kamado and then went inside to fix myself a snack. By the time I came back out the temp was already over 500 degrees. (K-wrap! Note to self: Pay more attention) Well I close down the vents and after 10 minutes I have it back down to 275. Second, OK I’m good to go so I bring out the butt on the flat poly cutting board and set it on the kamado shelf. I start to unwrap it and it starts to drip sticky liquid all over so I decide to finish unwrapping over my patio trash can. You can guess what happens next. The butt is down there somewhere in all that dirt, dog hair and trash. (Double K-wrap! Note to self: Never unwrap anything over a trash can) I quickly switch over to the ribs I was planning to do later. Starting out. At 2 hours. (Foiled at 2 ½ hours) After foiling with glaze Money shots You know they turned out fantastic when my wife says she loved them.
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