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Found 14 results

  1. First of all, I would like to say that I hope everyone had a great Christmas or holiday that was spent with the special people in your life. Happy New Year to all. Now onto the cook! Preheat the oven to 500 f. We started with a 5.5 lbs four bone "prime" prime rib. We left it out for the majority of the morning to let it get to room temp. This cook was done almost exactly to the Food Wishes method, video here: Food Wishes Prime Rib. Here is me coating it with 2 sticks of softened butter. I used freshly ground black pepper, garlic, oregano, cilantro, and rosemary in the butter in no specific measurements(eyeballed it). It smelled great. Wish I had lavender in the house, but went with what I had. Note the dog, who would've gladly eaten ANY of this raw.... After that, simply coat the butter with kosher salt. This couldn't be any more simple from here. Make sure the oven is at 500. Then it's 5 minutes per pound rounding up(ex 5.5lbs = 30 minutes cook time) add one minute for heat loss on opening oven. As soon as the timer goes off, shut the oven off and place two hours on the timer. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN! At the end of two hours, remove meat. I probed mine because I wanted to be sure it would be done, and admittedly I was a bit worried and felt like I was flying blind with an expensive piece of beef. Here's the probe right out of the oven. 130 right on the button! The Bones were removed with a very slight pull. Still a bit concerned, I was eager to see the cross section, so I sliced right down the middle. I probably could have used a butter knife. Here are the halves. And finally here are the MONEY SHOTS! It was delicious and I recommend giving it a try. My wife made some nice cream cheese whipped potatoes, steamed broccoli and stuffed mushrooms. We ate it with a nice glass of red wine, which complemented the meal nicely. Everyone loved it(even the dog and cat, that had a few small scraps)!
  2. I made this for Christmas dinner to feed a family of ten. I had just enough left over for lunch the next day, but I also cooked the bones down further to make a nice beef stock for soup later in the week. An annual end of the year tradition, I cook a standing rib roast for Christmas dinner. In addition to dry brining to help the meat retain moisture and add flavor, I also remove the bones (to use for the drip pan and to make beef stock from later) and tie it up with butcher string to make it round instead of oblong. The round cross section helps to ensure an even doneness throughout. The meat is slow cooked until rare and then seared over high heat to produce an awesome medium-rare prime rib. View the BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud chart for this cook: https://sharemycook.com/Cook/Detail/25ea1c8a-b59c-42f7-a905-ddf351c3f9aa Horseradish Cream Sauce Recipe: https://youtu.be/-4jIrLsgiHk
  3. Part of my christmas gift to my mom this year was a dinner for six where she and my dad could have two other couples over for dinner and I would provide and prepare the meal. I wasn't sure how well this 'gift' idea would go over but after today I know it was a huge success. My mom has my ORIGINAL Kamado Joe Classic. When I got a different classic, I moved this one to her house where she and my dad cook on it fairly often... At any rate, my mom chose prime rib and whatever I wanted to fix with it as her choice for this meal. I picked up a nice prime rib roast at Costco. I tied it up to hold a nice shape and then seasoned it with salt, pepper, a little paprika, and a little granulated garlic and placed it in a vacuum seal bag. I let that rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours. I used my Nomiku sous vide controller to cook this roast at 132°F for 7.5 hours. After that time was up, I removed the roast from the vacuum seal and patted it dry with paper towels. I applied a paste I had made of dijon mustard, olive oil, thyme and rosemary to the outside. I seared it off on the outside on the cast iron griddle in the Kamado Joe Classic... It was cooked to perfection. This is the first time I have tried a prime rib via sous vide and I would not hesitate to do this again. I do prefer the rotisserie for this but in today's cook I was more concerned with having dinner on the table at a specific time and this sous vide cook allowed me to do that hassle-free. Before the prime rib went to the grill, I cooked this: This is my favorite pie. It's the peach pie with the filling that includes Grand Marnier and Amaretto... awesome stuff.... It was a good day... one of those days where I cooked all day For sides on this meal, I made roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, and I also made a horseradish dip to go along with the prime rib for those who wanted it.
  4. Part of the Christmas gifts I gave my mom this year was something a little different. I decided to give her a "dinner for six" that I am responsible for providing and preparing. The gift is for her to choose 5 of her friends and invite them to dinner. She also gets to choose the menu. She chose to have prime rib but hasn't decided on the rest of her menu yet. I was at Costco the other night and picked up this 8 pound prime rib roast. I unpackaged it and tied it up into a nice shape. I vacuum sealed this and tossed it in the freezer until she decides when this dinner will happen. I intend to try something new on my part with this since I am providing the meal for a dinner party. I need to have dinner on the table at a fairly predictable time for this event so I am going to cook this roast via sous vide. Once it is cooked I will toss it on a screaming hot grill for 10-12 minutes to finish up the outside and have it ready to serve. I will season it prior to the sous vide bath. I am figuring on maybe 5 hours in a 130 degree sous vide bath. I intend to season with salt, pepper, and garlic. I will probably toss in a good bit of fresh thyme during the sous vide bath also. This meal will include appetizers, the main course with two sides and a dessert. It should be fun. I will most likely make a video of this roast part of the cook...
  5. I hope you guys like this one. My plan before Black Friday was to do a prime rib video and another video where I do a plug for some of my favorite bbq gadget companies. (Nobody pays me to do this so when I say "plug" I mean it just a personal recommendation...was thinking Christmas present ideas.) Well, I ran out of time so I ended up doing the prime rib and just talking about some of my favorite toys. I'm very happy with how this Prime Rib turned out. My wife said it was the best one I've done...In fairness, I was running late messing with the camera so she was REALLY hungry when I got done, but I'll take it. I also think the "money shots" towards the end turned out pretty. I just wish my wife would have read my mind when I thought REALLY HARD (but said nothing) about asking her to grab some horseradish sauce. LOL.
  6. Hello everyone! Hope to get some guidance! For Turkey Day, I plan on making a 16 lb turkey and a 4-bone prime rib roast. I'm afraid the prime rib won't fit in my Kamado Joe Jr and will have to go on the Big Joe as well. This means I will have to cook one and than the other. With both requiring 3-5 hours of cook time, one will be cold by the time dinner is served. So my question is, whats the best way to go about this? Should I do turkey first or prime rib first? I'm thinking turkey first just because the prime rib is more delicate IMO. If so, whats the best way to keep the turkey warm, or if need be heat back up? Should I carve it ahead of time? Thank you in advance for any tips! Billy
  7. Yesterday I bought an extra spit and cut to same size of Joetisserie spit. Today I seasoned a prime rib roast with Kamado Joe sea salt & pepper, the Boneless skinless chicken breasts were seasoned with Kamado Joe poultry seasoning. I set my Kamado to reach 375 with Joetisserie in place one heat soaked and stable I put Prime Rib roast on and after 1 hr I checked internal temperature it was done. I removed then placed other spit with basket on and changed setting for 350, check temp after 20 minutes not done, checked again after 5 additional minutes. The breast when done. Enjoy the pictures, I was very happy with the result.
  8. Greetings Gurus! I know a lot of people like to cook prime rib roasts for Christmas. When I was in Atlanta this past week, I picked up a BEAUTIFUL 8 pound 4 bone Angus beef prime rib roast to cook this weekend. I'm planning to cook it tomorrow and make a video for the YouTube channel on the cook. I have cooked a lot of these in the past but I'd like to get your feedback on how YOU cook yours? I haven't decided exactly how I plan to season this roast yet, but I plan to use a different cooking technique than I have used before. I plan to get my grill up to between 450-500 degrees and then put the roast on at that temperature for about 15 minutes or so to get a sear on the outside. I'll then remove the roast and lower the grill temp to 300-325 to finish it off.
  9. A tale of woe, limited success. and newbie questions. Got my brand spankin' new Big Joe just before Christmas - and after a first cook of some chicken and burgers, I decide to swing for the fences on my second dance with my new backyard buddy. Prime Rib for my wife's birthday dinner. Just because one owns a pair of running shoes doesn't mean you should go run a marathon - and in like fashion, I know that there's going to be a learning curve with using my new grill. Even knowing this, I took my knuckleheaded self to Costco to pick out the finest cut of meat that would truly christen the Big Joe, impress my wife, justify the amount of cash I spent on this thing, and bring about that manly satisfaction of playing with fire and smelling like charcoal. My first wakeup call in this saga came when seeing the price tags on the roasts at Costco. I knew it wasn't going to be cheap, but frankly it's the first time I've purchased a really, really good piece of meat and I just wasn't ready to see $90 dollars. I was completely unprepared to make a discerning choice between all the options that lay before me, so I ended up just choosing a boneless rib roast with a label affixed perfectly and looked awful pretty. Got home from Costco about 11 in the morning, and set the roast in a covered and defensible position in the kitchen (we have two Australian Shepherds, and they became quite interested in what I had brought home. They're smart, and would try the Jurassic Park Velociraptor routine to get at that hunk of meat if it were accessible). I went in and started to peruse these forums to get info on how to best cook this thing. First thing - all the pictures and videos of other prime rib cooks all had them tied up and trussed. Even though this appears to be a common practice, I didn't do this because 1) The roast seemed to be pretty compact and didn't appear to need it, and 2) I didn't have any cotton string and would have had to steal the laces out of my daughter's soccer cleats. This leads to my first question - what's up with tieing up the roast? Should i have done this? I seasoned the outside of the roast with the ubiquitous Montreal Steak Seasoning - seemed to be a safe choice (but I'm open to more seasoned suggestions). Returned the roast to its fortification (by now the dogs have enlisted the help of the cat to formulate a plan, but I'm one step ahead of them) and let it get to room temperature over the next couple of hours. A few hours before dinner, I went out and started up the KJ. My plan was to slow cook it at 250°, and it was a breeze to get the grill up to that temp and have it stay solid. Having had to chase temperatures on other grills before, I was kinda thinking that the dome thermometer might be broken - but nope. Checked the temp with a Maverick, and it was right at 248. This thing is an amazing piece of equipment. I'm in love. I chose to do a grill set up that had a deflector on half and a grill grate above that to cook the roast. I had the other half with no deflector and a grill grate in the lower position, ready to do a high temp sear once I get the internal temp up. It seemed to work well, but it only took a couple of hours or so before the roast got to an internal temp of 115 - so that leads to another question. Should a prime rib roast get cooked at a lower temp? Couple hours later, the roast gets up to 115°. Pull it off, set it to rest while i open up the bottom and top so the KJ can get up to 500°. I had read that this is a great way to get that external "crust" on the prime rib. What I didn't read, however, was where to put the roast in the grill once getting it up to a higher temperature. If this long post accomplishes anything, I hope that it will serve as a warning to all prime rib newbies like me to NOT PUT THE ROAST DIRECTLY OVER THE FIRE IN THE LOWER GRILL POSITION. Yes, I'm thinking that indirect placement is best, that way you can avoid the inferno of flames that erupted within five minutes of putting the roast back on the grill. My first indication that something was wrong was by noticing the neon orange lights emitting from the lower vent, a sure indication of fire. I slowly and carefully opened the KJ, only to find my precious $90 prime rib roast bathed in the flames of Mt. Vesuvius. I kinda panicked, quickly trying to move the roast over to the indirect heat - but in my haste, I forgot that the roast had the temp probe attached to the Maverick. The quick movement of me getting the roast over to the relative safety of the indirect cook pulled the Maverick monitor right on to the lower grate in the harm of hades-level temp. It was only on the grate for about a tenth of a second - amazing how quick you can move when you are motivated by the fear of explaining these events to the warranty department. Anyway, not much damage to the roast. A bit too crusty on the bottom, but I let it continue to cook indirect at 500° until the IT was around 125. Pulled it off, let it rest. In the end, the roast tasted fine. Not amazing, but better than okay. My wife was happy that I didn't burn down the backyard, and the Maverick somehow came away unscathed. It will be a while before I attempt this again, but in preparation for the next effort - here are a few questions: 1) What's up with tying up the roast? Do you need to do that for a boneless roast? 2) Should a prime rib be cooked at a temp between 200-225 (instead of 250)? 3) What's a better rub/seasoning? Should I venture out and make my own?
  10. Good evening Guru's! The weather outside wasn't the best, but it was pretty. We had some friends over for dinner yesterday and I decided to try John's prime rib recipe. It was a huge hit!! I chose to bone the rib roast and tie it, mostly because I wanted more control over the thickness of the slices. The meat came out perfect Rare / Medium Rare and was so tender that we were able to cut it with a butter knife!! Served up with some Potatoes (roasted in bacon fat, EVOO and garlic), simple green beans and a horseradish sauce (prepared horseradish, sour cream, chives and S&P). The plated picture wasn't the best but hopefully you get the idea. Thanks for looking.
  11. Good morning all! I am a new kamado user and my first 'experiment' is a prime rib. Any and all suggestions welcome.
  12. 8 pounds, 3 bones, PHAT Angus prime rib roast from Patton's Meat Market in Duluth, GA! Can't wait to get this bad boy on the grill!
  13. Since Sunday is not a good day for us to cook for family(3 of us) we decided that we would do it on Saturday so I would not have to end the evening at 4pm to go to bed. I wanted to do a cook i havent done before and we narrowed down to either Lamb, ham, or Prime Rib. Well since I was doing the shopping, preparation, and cooking I felt i had the right to choose. Drum Roll Please Prime Rib is my choice Actually started out this cook on Thursday with a trip to my favorite butcher for those in the Northwest I will give a shout to Olsen Meats in Auburn/Enumclaw area. Picked up a nice size prime roast w/o bone Friday was spend shopping for the abt's and odds and ends Saturday morning finally arrived and lo and behold I remembered that i forgot to get the herbs for the rub so off to the store i went. came home and prepared the abt's and artichokes for the prime rib I used a recipe from About Barbecues & Grillling web page titled Prime Rib Herb paste so basically it was garlic, basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, olive oil, and salt and pepper of which i used grill mates steak seasoning and just make a paste and rub it all over the roast I was using Johns video as a guide as usual and that in itself relieved a lot of the stress that comes with an virgin cook. since apts and artichokes were cooked at higher temp then i wanted to cook the roast and I was cutting time short I let the vision cool down and settled it at 350 I must have had a bigger roast then Johns cuz i kept telling my wife that it would take about 2 1/2 hours and she kept saying it was going to take longer, well guess what she was right 3 1/2 hours and it hit 125 degrees took it off and let it rest while we made the Au Jus and asparagus and final table preparations here is what the roast looked like after cutting[ attachment=7672:IMG_0395.JPG] while I was doing all the prep work for all this wife was making a Lemon Cheese Cake and I did mention that John has a Video for cheesecake on the kamado but we would have to get a second kamado in order to do that today. she didnt bite everything was spot on and the only thing i would do differently next time is to pull the meat off the grill at maybe 135 it tasted very good but visually it was just to rare
  14. Smoke'n a nice 3 bone 5lb rib today. seasoned with Montreal steak spice, Lowry's seasoning salt and plastered it tomato paste. APL says to cook at 275, so that's my target. I think I'll try his board dressing have some nice parsley in the garden.
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