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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, I just got a Joetisserie / Napoleon basket and did a batch of wings...good lord, those are good. My only problem is that I use a temp controller and the only way I could use the pit probe today was dangling through the top hole. This worked but it wasn't very repeatable or exact (since I couldn't really see where it was dangling or if it was touching sides, etc). How do you guys approach this issue? I've heard of brackets or hanging it off the inside temp probe but how are you doing that? Is there some special mount that I need? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
  2. The current temp probe for grill has not been changed for a long time. I didn't like the space it's taking and the position you have to put it at is often not a good spot to measure grill temp. If it's hot air cooking meat, then the probe should be collecting air temp at the meat surface, right? So this is what I came up with. It can be clipped onto a needle meat probe or the grill by itself. It's so small so you can clip it anywhere. It's compatible with iGrill and many other brands. I've been using it with Akorn Jr. for the last 2 months and absolutely loving it. (I know, I made it lol). It's very useful for smaller grills as cooking area is tight. Anyway, check it out.
  3. Hello everyone! Found this forum by googling Akorn grill and joined right away. I got into kamado cooking after buying an Akorn grill from Homedepot about a yr and half ago. I thought the grill was the key but failed miserably on the first cook out. I then went on google (of course) how to use the kamado properly and found Amazingribs.com. My life has been changed ever since! I succeeded on the first try of every recipe he had, from 6 hr ribs to 20 hr brisket. I'm now totally addicted to BBQ/Smoking and have made my own accessories to help me cooking. I now own about 10 grills, from weber smokey joe to a 25" ceramic kamado. what I use most often is Akorn Jr, it's super efficient and very portable (as a kamado). Happy cooking! Daz
  4. When I got my Akorn and joined this site in May I thought yall were crazy for having dual probe thermometers. My, how we evolve so quickly. I just bought a Maverick et-732 and am planning on smoking a pork butt tomorrow, care-free. Plan on letting the IT get just over 200, then wrapping in foil and a towel for an hour (if there's a better method, please share.) My question is, before I do this, should I test the Maverick? Is there a calibration that needs to be done? When I do it, should I stick the meat probe through the top, through the length side, or through the width of it? How far from the bone should I be? Just want to make sure I get this done right. Couldn't find quite the answers I was looking for using the search function. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey everyone. I purchased a Vision Kamado Pro S last week and so far it's absolutely blowing me away. I come from a chargriller and side fire box with about 15 modifications to it and I'm just amazed at this thing's ability to hold a temperature. I got a BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi for it and I'm also very impressed by it. The issue is that on my first cook I destroyed the pit probe that comes with the CyberQ. I contacted their support and they are sending me a new one but it turns out that it's technically my fault. The gap between the bowl and the outer shell can get way above the recommended temperature and destroys the internals of the wire leading to the probe. They suggested as a temporary stopgap to just wad up some aluminum foil and stab the probe through it, which will work for a cook or two but I like things to look nice. I'm trying to find a way that I can bridge that gap and save my probes from inevitable heat death. I was thinking about wrapping the wire a few times with some high temperature tape but all I'm finding is 500 degree tape. Any ideas/tips for getting a removable bridge constructed between the inner bowl and outer shell?
  6. I bought a Maverick 733 in January of this year and until recently it worked fine. Then one day in August the LCD display failed and went blank. I contacted Maverick via email and explained the problem. Long story short they said to mail it back...and then they sent me a new one a couple of weeks later! (Although it may be a refurb, but that's OK.) The stated warranty is 90 days so I was waaay outside of that, but they replaced it anyway. No questions asked. So...thank you Maverick!
  7. Ivation Long Range Wireless Digital Thermometer Set - Dual Probe - Remote BBQ / Smoker / Grill / Oven / Meat / Thermometer - Monitor your Food From up to 300 feet away by Ivation $43 with code PY9J8MAO Link: http://amzn.com/B00ANCXJR6
  8. Has anyone ever seen a stubby dual probe that can be used on an ET-85? Looking for something about 4 inches long. Here is my dilemma. I have an Akorn JR. The distance from the grate to the top of the dome is 6 1/4 inches. My dual probe (meat/oven) on my ET-85 is 7 inches long. If I have a pork butt that is about 4 inches thick, I will want the meat probe to be about 2 inches above the grate (centered in meat). With the probe insert that way, it will hit the dome. The only way to insert it so that it does not touch any part of the dome would be to insert horizontally. But then the oven probe would be outside the heat deflector. I think this placement will give a higher reading than the true temperature in the dome. I had high readings on my oven probe during the last pork shoulder I cooked. I think the probe must be hitting the dome and that caused the readings. See my cartoon drawing for clarification. OR......what thermometers are you using when cooking with the smaller kamado? Are you touching the dome at all?
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