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  1. Curious about thoughts on starting vs finishing a reverse sear on high heat. I've only used the low then high approach thus far, and the results have been good, but wonder about the opposite. For context, I do the low heat on the KJ and high heat on the gasser (faster for me to get to temp and more convenient), so I don't have a concern about trying to get the KJ temp down. Assume a reasonably thick cut (at least 1.5"/4 cm), high heat at least 500F, low heat 225-250F. Pros and cons of one method vs the other?
  2. Hi Kamado Peeps, Did a reverse sear over the weekend with some chimichurri sauce. Scotch fillet a good inch or two thick smokes with cheery wood for about 1.30 hours and then seared. Set my probe on rare so internal was 49°but a little too rare for the wife so next time I will sear longer of go for a medium rare. The steak was fabulous for me dressed with sauce and some roasted veggies. I have ordered some dry aging bags, so I hope there get to me soon as I am super excite to try dry aging and then reverse searing or even just a grill/searing. Any tips and/or links for dry
  3. Started off with a trimmed USDA Choice TT and here is what I use for a rub. After a little trimming I rubbed it down with some Worcestershire Sauce. Then Fresh ground Garlic & Sea Salt, 5 pepper mix, steak seasoning & fresh minced Rosemary. I wrapped this up in stretch wrap and let it marinate for 6 hours. Approximately 1 ½ hours before my guests arrived I put it on to the indirect side of the kamado at 225 with some Mesquite chunks. Once it reached 113 I removed and wrapped it and opened up the vents. Once the kamado reached 500 I seared
  4. Hi Guys, Took my first crack at reverse Searing on my KDC2. Turned out good and to everyone's approval. Did them at 225*C and had a meat thermometer in. Timing should be about and hour but they got to 110* really quick (20-25 min) and a couple were even higher when I took them off to rest. Only one was cut properly at 2.5" think but that one was still ready to rest only about 10 min after the others. They turned out and but should I have gone with 3"? I still felt the 2.5" steak could have been better and all we're closer to medium than med-rare. Any suggest
  5. I thought I'd care a great cook experience with you all that I just had. I have a Kamado Joe Big Joe III and I reverse seared some USDA Prime Ribeye's that I picked up at CostCo today. I used the flexible cooking system and used one half of the heat deflector plates and left the other half open to flame. I seasoned the steak in the Meat Church Holy Cow seasoning and let them sweat out while I got the grill to temperature. I set big reg to 225 for smoking and it took about an hour (give or take to get the ribeye's to about 120 degrees. After that I opened up the Big Joe and let her rip to ab
  6. My sister gifted our mom and me a steak dinner for our birthdays this month. Meaning she bought the steaks and I cooked them. I used a mix of seasoning salts, Lawry's, garlic salt, and something else my dad had in the cabinet to season them. I wish I could have really let the seasoning salts do their job for awhile, but basically just let them come up to room temperature since they were purchased today and we were eating them tonight. I low and slowed them on my Akorn for about an hour @250ish using my BBQube and Bluetooth temp monitor to get them to about 115-120 internal. I then transfe
  7. It’s been a while since I last cooked anything let alone posted a cook. Sorry for that but life is just very busy and hectic for us these days. It’s also been a while since I’ve had Tri Tip and it recently went on sale, so I picked up this 3.79 lb. behemoth. I took it out of the package and trimmed it up a little. I them minced some fresh Rosemary from my garden. I rubbed it down with some Worcestershire sauce, then some fresh ground salt, some fresh ground black pepper, some steak seasoning and finally the minced Rosemary. I wrapped this up in plas
  8. To celebrate my new patio cabinets we invited some friends over so I thawed out a 2 1/2" ribeye steak I had in the freezer. I unwrapped it and seasoned with Primo Chicago Stockyard steak seasoning. I wrapped it up and let it take a 6 hour get happy rest. I now prepped some heirloom carrots and sliced them up so they were ready to steam right before we eat. Also washed and prepped some small potatoes so they were ready. Around 45 minutes before our guests arrived I started up the kettle. I tried my new Vortex out for
  9. I went to the store hoping to do a Tritip there were none to be had. Found this ribeye I think It will do the job. Reverse seared at 250* until internal reached 118* then took it off to season while the Primo climbed too 500* for the sear.
  10. Hey Guru’s, Last week I got a Primo XL. I did a beautiful Tritip cook on it. Well yesterday I received my Thermoworks Smoke, and tonight I want to reverse sear a good thick steak. Haven’t gotten to the store to see exactly what yet. Anyways I am just a bit confused. The primo being oval with the fire Box divided and a diffuser plate installed on the indirect side. Will I need to pull the steak off after reaching 115-120* and ramp on the temp? Or will the benefit of true 2 zone cooking mean I will be able to move to the direct side with the grill grates in the low position and just “get r
  11. I've spectated the forms for a little under 2 years now. Thought I'd finally contributed. Here is a 2 inch Tbone seasoned with MSS, cooked at 225 until 112 IT, wrapped then seared to hit target temp. She gets the tenderloin. Cheers,
  12. Well, did my first cook on my new KJ Classic. It went pretty well, but I think I put the food on too early from when I lit it. I was able to hold the temps at 405* very steady. Once I got to 120*, I pulled the steaks and opened it up to get the temps up. Got it to about 600* and put the steaks back on. They did have a bit of a creasote taste to them, which is why I think I put them on to early. Not sure the KJ lump was burning clean enough yet. Am I wrong on why I got the bitterness? Pics below:
  13. I just purchased my Akorn off Amazon the other day and will be putting it together this weekend. I've been cooking on webers/gassers for years and wanted to change it up for some low-n-slow smoking and this forum made me pull the trigger. It will be my only current grill, so I was trying to figure out the best way to cook a reverse sear/2-zone steak or similar. It's the best way to cook a steak IMO and I see many varying ways to do it. What you you guys consider the best? The main thread on this site showing the custom bent wire basket or something no longer shows pictures so I had
  14. First let me explain my absence for the last few months. Between my work going crazy, family obligations, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping and me doing my annual Christmas display, I’ve been extremely busy and away from cooking since the last week of October. This year I synchronized my Christmas display to music. (Via computer software and relay controllers) As this was my first time doing this it took way more time than normal. My display is over 20,000 lights and there are 84 individual circuits that go on and off sync’d up to the music. Hence my absenc
  15. Tomorrow, I'm having about twenty-seven people come over for our 'Poke Chop Fellowship'. Twenty-four are having the 1.125" thick, reverse-seared center cut pork chops– I call these the pig porterhouse. 1st 17 center cut bone-in pork chops– seasoned (salt, pepper and a little chilli), sitting in all that lemony goodness and ready to go... awaiting final coffee rub. Last seven bagged up and redt2go... This part of the cook I have a plan for. I'm certain I have enough grill space between the divide & conquer system and a 22.5" extension grate so, I'll start off
  16. I hope you guys like this one. My plan before Black Friday was to do a prime rib video and another video where I do a plug for some of my favorite bbq gadget companies. (Nobody pays me to do this so when I say "plug" I mean it just a personal recommendation...was thinking Christmas present ideas.) Well, I ran out of time so I ended up doing the prime rib and just talking about some of my favorite toys. I'm very happy with how this Prime Rib turned out. My wife said it was the best one I've done...In fairness, I was running late messing with the camera so she was REALLY hungry whe
  17. Howdy Gurus! Nothing big here, just did a reverse sear on a Tri-Tip over FOGO. I marinated it in my FoodSaver marinater. If you don't have one, you should really check it out. You can get one for under $20 at Amazon. I highly recommend it. Here are a couple of pics at the beginning and end of the cook. I just wasn't too ambitious last night, but all y'all get the idea. Beginning: Ending: So there you have it. I took the Tri-Tip to 120F on the grates, cranked up the volume to about 475F. TheBeast took about 10 minutes to go from 200F to 475F. I pulled at 12
  18. Hi folks, Bought a Kamado Joe Big Joe a couple of months ago and am loving it. I'm now wanting to get the Junior for those quick after-work dinners where all I'm cooking is a quick steak or a pork chop. I've all but decided that the size and type of cooker is the right thing for this but one thing I cannot work out is how people do reverse sears on the Jr without the divide and conquer system? When doing a big tomahawk steak I would normally set it on the indirect half of the big joe at 225F then crank the temp and sear it on the other side over the coals. Any tips on how people do thi
  19. You may remember that I just purchased a bulk package of Tri-Tips from Costco. Well today I got to slap one on the grill to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I started out by making up some horseradish cream sauce. Here are the ingredients. In a bowl and mixed up. I put that in the fridge to rest and proceed to prep the TT. First some Worcestershire sauce, then fresh ground garlic sea salt, then fresh ground black pepper, then some steak seasoning and finished it off with some rosemary. Wrapped it up and put it in the fridge to rest. I nuke each potato for a a few minutes to give
  20. Hello fellow KG members! I wanted to take a moment to share the method that I like to use when grilling up steaks that are larger than 1.5" in thickness. As I'm sure most of you already know, there are a few methods for grilling a good, thick steak, but the reverse sear method is my go-to method because it has never failed me and my family and friends cannot get over how well my steaks taste and look. For those family members and friends that like their steaks finished any higher than medium, I have simply disowned them and unfriended them. Since my wife is out of town with the boys g
  21. The Joe Jr's heat deflector is one piece. How hard is it to remove a hot heat deflector to go from indirect to direct cooking? Do I have to worry about it going from a really hot temp to a really cold outside temp quickly? Thanks in advance!
  22. Tonight I reverse seared a couple of nice ribeyes and finished them on the KJ half-moon griddle for an awesome crust! I put the steaks over indirect heat at around 400 while the griddle heated up on the other side. I borrowed a tip from @smokehowze (I think) and tossed a chunk of wood in the bottom of the KJ. The results were extremely tasty! My wife went back for seconds on steak and that's rare (the seconds, not the steak).
  23. Still getting a feel for cooking with a kamado so I decided to give the reverse sear a shot. I started with two 2" filet mignons, marinated over night in some steak spice, Worcestershire, red wine vinegar, garlic and OVOO. Brought the KJ up to 250 - 260, steaks went over for roughly 40 mins, pulled them at 120 IT. While the steaks rested, I opened up the KJ and let the coals get red hot... threw the steaks back on for approx. 2 minutes per side (Flipping every minute). I ended up over shooting the ideal medium rare but the steaks were delicious and the crust was just awesome. Lessons learn
  24. Hi all, Yesterday I did a second try at reverse sear, I got a really nice ribeye that was about 2" thick Added some salt, pepper and coffee grounds I set the kamado at 250, added a small piece of vine wood for smoke, placed a pizza stone on the lower rack and the steak at the top for about 30 min, was shooting for a 115 F IT but got to 120, pulled it out, set it aside and raised the kamado temp to 650. Heard for 90 seconds on each side and pulled it out, set it on a plate and add some avocado (its one of the very few green thing I eat...) Sorry I could not get m
  25. Howdy Gurus! For your consideration, I present a hickory smoked, reverse seared Prime NY Strip. I've been under the weather lately and haven't done a thing with TheBeast. TheBeast was getting a bit antsy, so I went out to the refrigerator and discovered I had 2 Prime NY Strips. More correctly, SWMBOI asked if I intended on letting "... all that meat go to waste"? She also informed me it was taking up needed space in the refrigerator. It wasn't bothering me one little bit in the refrigerator and after all, it IS my refrigerator! But as we all know, happy, ahhhh, happy life! So
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