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Found 25 results

  1. I may eventually be in the market for a second kamado (I own the Blaze aluminum kamado and love it), and wanted to know if anyone owns the Golden's cast iron kamado. If anyone owns this kamado or knows someone with the kamado, would you mind giving an update? I assume that this kamado cooks quite evenly (considering its mass) since my Blaze performers so well. I am a huge fan of anything made of cast iron, but was curious how easy it was to get the Golden's to pizza/searing temperature (600+ degrees). I made pizzas the other night on my blaze and think I did not add enough charcoal for a total
  2. I made a batch of photos this morning to show some of this new Yoder pellet grill/smoker.... Yoder Smokers Competition Grade BBQ Products This is simply a BEAST of a grill. Until yesterday I had never seen one of these first hand so I was quite impressed when I got this guy off the pallet and onto my patio. In simple terms, it's built like a tank. This is the competition model that comes on this fantastic rolling cart with the for oversized flat free tires. That made it quite easy to roll this heavy grill through my yard and onto the patio.
  3. I was fortunate enough to get to partner with Wicked Edge to demo and evaluate this sharpening system. I have been playing with it a good bit this week to learn how it works and get the diamond stones broken in and ready to get down to business... This is the Wicked Edge WE-130 mounted on their aluminum base. This base is 8"x10"x1" and it weights about 8 pounds to give the sharpener good stability on whatever work surface you choose. They also have a 12"x10"x1.25" granite base option that weighs about 15lbs if you want something heavier. The sharpener also comes wi
  4. I've had some KJ Big Block Lump Charcoal for a while now and finally got around to opening up a few bag. Here is a review of it. Two out of the 4 bags I have. One was out in the sun as you can see from the faded bag. Cut the top of the bags off. Pushed the large pieces to the left to get a better look And now a 6" ruler and a business card from some size relationship. Stuff looks good and I'll be burning some this afternoon to know how it burns.
  5. Here's a walk-around of the Yoder... It's time to start cooking on it!
  6. This one is longer, but I feel like it answers a lot of the questions I could not find when I was researching the MiniMax on youtube. There are some pretty cool shots in the middle of some ribeyes cooking. Also, I managed to squeeze a 9 pound pork butt on that thing and it turned out great. This is the type of video I like to do most and hope to do more off in the future, but it was a TON of work. I need a brain break. Anyways, enjoy!
  7. My slicer arrived today and here are a few basic photos after I took it out of the box... My first impression of this slicer is very good! It's quite hefty and it has a very strong and durable feel to it. I did a basic disassembly of it to see how complicated that was going to be for cleaning purposes and it doesn't look too difficult at all. I did NOT remove the blade yet because I don't have the cut resistant glove just yet but there are only three screws that hold it in place so it should not be any major ordeal to remove. I haven't done any slicin
  8. After a bit of time playing around and tweaking this grill, I'm very happy with it. The FireDisc grill is extremely well made and well purposed in my opinion. I'm gonna have a LOT of fun with this one...
  9. I happen to see these at my local Costco last week for what seemed like a killer price. ($21.99 for this 2 pack) I quickly checked Amazon to see if the price was good (Check) and to see if they had good reviews. (Another check with 5 stars) Link: https://www.amazon.com/Reduce-COLD-1-Insulated-Steel-Tumbler/dp/B01H9SC0DK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467733728&sr=8-1&keywords=reduce+tumbler Into the cart they went. Later that day I washed one and loaded it half way up with ice and a soft drink. I finished the drink at 8:00 PM and set the tumbler on the counter. The ice
  10. My local Costco hosted the KJ Road Show last weekend and I happen to stumble by and meet Dave (socaldave) the KJ rep. Obviously I really don't need another kamado but it was nice to shoot the breeze with Dave and admire the Joes. The one thing I did buy was a 2 pack of KJ Restaurant Grade Lump Charcoal. Today I had a chance to open them up and put them in my KJ can. Here is what the bag looks like. I put both bays side by side and cut off the tops. Bag 1 Bag 2 I did a quick sort to get a better look at the mix. Here is bag 1. Bag 2. Conclusion before putting fire to it. I loo
  11. Bacon 24/7 - By Theresa Gilliam I stumbled across this JEWEL of a book on the shelf at a local bookstore tonight and had to pick it up! If you are a bacon lover (and who here isn't?) you are gonna want to check this book out! It's full of recipes that feature bacon covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, snacks, and desserts!
  12. Hey Kamado fans, here's a rave review of the Kamado Grille restaurant in Raleigh, NC from food personality Bob Garner on North Carolina Weekend, the weekly tourism program on UNC-TV, North Carolina's PBS station:
  13. Smoke 'n Fire, a local Kansas City area BBQ supply store, is currently running a coupon promotion offering a bag of lump charcoal free with any purchase. This is what they are offering: http://www.amazon.com/Bayou-Classic-18-Pound-Natural-Charcoal/dp/B005MHD9HW I just used it to grill some steaks on my K.J. Even after giving it 15 minutes with the top open and then 25 minutes top closed to burn down to no visible smoke, it was sparky, snappy, and infused the steaks with a funky, off, unpleasant smoky flavor. My recommendation is that you steer well away from this product.
  14. I'm happy to say that Meathead likes my simple product! http://amazingribs.com/BBQ_buyers_guide/barbecue_accessories.html
  15. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a two pack of KJ charcoal (22 lbs. ea.) at the KJ Roadshow. Today I tore into them and here is my initial review and observations. 1st bag. Here it is with a business card and 6” rule for relational size comparison. Now I’ve separated out the large, medium and small pieces. I did find a couple of unwanted items in the 1st bag. 2nd bag looked as good or better than the 1st bag. Loaded it all into a trash can for storage. Now for comparisons sake I torn into a 40 lb. bag of Lazzari Mesquite lump that I had. Large, medium, small
  16. OXO Good Grips Triple Timer Amazon: $19.99 Kitchen timers are quite useful to all of us for various reasons. Finding one I really LIKE has been a problem because of my personal requirements for what is GOOD in a kitchen timer. There are tons of these things on the market. Some are cheap and some cost a little more. THIS one is a keeper. I like a kitchen timer that has a numeric keypad to enter the times you want rather than having to scroll numbers to get to the right one in each position on the timer. This particular model also has three independent 100-hour timers that can be
  17. Here's a short video demo of the Kamado Joe Blow Lighter. This product is part of the new accessory line being offered by Kamado Joe and this will be available in early 2014....
  18. As part of my personal cookbook collection, I have both of the Myron Mixon cookbooks: "Smokin' with Myron Mixon" and "Everyday Barbecue." Smokin' was Mixon's first publication and then it was followed by Everyday Barbecue. After reading through both of these books and trying several recipes and techniques from both, I believe the "Everyday Barbecue" should have been his first release. As far as I'm concerned, the Smokin' book could have been ditched. Smokin' is a book that possibly caters to the world of competition barbecue more than to the backyard barbecue guys like us. Several of
  19. * video content removed * I am finally getting the chance to cook some meat sous vide style! Today I used the Dorkfood DSV to control my sous vide bath for a big FAT ribeye steak... http://www.dorkfood.com http://www.facebook.com/dorkfood This controller coupled with my crockpot held a 130° water bath to cook this steak to a perfect medium rare consistency after which I seared both sides on a flat top on my gas grill. To prepare this steak I seasoned it with salt, black pepper, and some Montreal Steak seasoning and then vacuum sealed it with my FoodSaver. I just dropped that bag in
  20. I just wanted to post a link to the Big Joe review posted by The Naked Whiz: Kamado Joe Big Joe Ceramic Charcoal Cooker
  21. Kamado Joe Classic Walk-Around: Kamado Joe Big Joe Walk-Around: Kamado Joe Jr. Review / Walk-Around:
  22. http://youtu.be/G0U5q3cfkV8 I will add additional videos to this post as I make them... This is going to be a fun project http://youtu.be/w6nXpEP_GB8 Fire roasted chicken.... the PBC did a phenomenal job of cooking these without the help of any thermometers! http://youtu.be/-r_uYAw3xrE Three racks of pork spare ribs on the Pit Barrel Cooker... http://youtu.be/7R3TsMLuzYA Discussion of the Pit Barrel Cooker...
  23. http://youtu.be/_ZvY06MvMVc I had been looking at options for moving more of my cooking outside recently when I came across this stove at Academy Sports. I have been very pleased with it so far...
  24. http://youtu.be/UNb_3NnsvRA Here's a review and comparison that I have been wanting to do for a long time now...
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