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Found 19 results

  1. Today I smoked with oak wood a roast rubbed with coffee rub and sliced thin for baguettes sandwiches from the baguettes I baked in the morning.
  2. I have been wanting to do this cook for quite some time and finally had a chance to do it. I started with some elk roast that was given to me to see what I could do with it. Man this meat was beautiful and lean as could be.... Being worried that the meat would dry out, I stuffed the roast with bacon... And then of course it was rubbed with spices...and wrapped with even more bacon... The roasts went on the Kamado Joe Classic at 225 and were smoked with alder, peach, cherry, and oak to an internal temp of 155 without foiling during the cook. They were then wrapped and allowed to rest f
  3. Got some family coming in from out of state, and I figured that I’d cook up some steak for the occasion. At Costco, I found this 17lb choice strip loin. Looking through the packaging it seemed better marbled than most choice I’d ever seen. I cut her down and got one monster 24oz steak (I like them nice and thick), and nine 18oz steaks. Even had a 3.7lb roast left over. Cooked three of them tonight with a reverse sear. temp’d out at 133. Nice mid rare. Super yummy.
  4. Most of you who’ve been around a few years know this is the time of year that I go Full Griswald so I haven’t got a lot of cooking in recently. Well I was finally able to get in a cook this weekend. Every year I host our family Christmas get together. My 2 brothers that live out here in California, come down from the L.A. area with my niece and nephew. We like to vary the meal menu each year. One year we will cook Tamales, (A So. Cal. Christmas staple) the next we’ll do Turkey, then a nice Honey Baked Ham. Well last year we decided to try a Ribeye Roast and it was a big hit so we did it again
  5. This was a great tasting cook, family devoured it. The ribeye roast was covered in a paste made of olive oil, sea salt, pepper and rosemary that had been blended together. The roast was spun on the Joetisserie at 375 for about an hour. Goodness ensued. Thanks for looking.
  6. First let me explain my absence for the last few months. Between my work going crazy, family obligations, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping and me doing my annual Christmas display, I’ve been extremely busy and away from cooking since the last week of October. This year I synchronized my Christmas display to music. (Via computer software and relay controllers) As this was my first time doing this it took way more time than normal. My display is over 20,000 lights and there are 84 individual circuits that go on and off sync’d up to the music. Hence my absenc
  7. I have been working to expand on an idea we have been using for some time called "Freezer to Crock Pot". Simply put we put all ingredients for a crock pot meal together and freeze it. Do 6-8 this way on a Sunday afternoon and when we need something easy the contents go from the freezer to the crock pot. Now thinking about this idea and sous vide I want to prepare in advance some meals that can cook in a similar way but avoid the issue crock pots have of over cooking the meat. I also want to have the meat ready to eat straight out of the water bath, This is not new but I have a lit
  8. Still 1 hour to go before meat done to what my wife wants. I have been able to keep it between 350-375 F, vent settings very different from my normal use. I am glad the Joetisserie fits in the Vision Classic B. The second picture is how it looks after 54 minutes.
  9. Greetings Gurus! I know a lot of people like to cook prime rib roasts for Christmas. When I was in Atlanta this past week, I picked up a BEAUTIFUL 8 pound 4 bone Angus beef prime rib roast to cook this weekend. I'm planning to cook it tomorrow and make a video for the YouTube channel on the cook. I have cooked a lot of these in the past but I'd like to get your feedback on how YOU cook yours? I haven't decided exactly how I plan to season this roast yet, but I plan to use a different cooking technique than I have used before. I plan to get my grill up to between 450-500 degrees and t
  10. Video Content Removed Between this and last week's pastrami cook, I'm not sure which one I like better... The results of both are outstanding and I'm stocked for sandwich meat for a while now... great stuff!
  11. Good evening Guru's! The weather outside wasn't the best, but it was pretty. We had some friends over for dinner yesterday and I decided to try John's prime rib recipe. It was a huge hit!! I chose to bone the rib roast and tie it, mostly because I wanted more control over the thickness of the slices. The meat came out perfect Rare / Medium Rare and was so tender that we were able to cut it with a butter knife!! Served up with some Potatoes (roasted in bacon fat, EVOO and garlic), simple green beans and a horseradish sauce (prepared horseradish, sour crea
  12. 8 pounds, 3 bones, PHAT Angus prime rib roast from Patton's Meat Market in Duluth, GA! Can't wait to get this bad boy on the grill!
  13. I marinated a 10 lb picnic shoulder for 24 hrs in a pineapple mojo. I roasted it in my Akorn using only lump and a drip pan full of water and marinade at 260 for about 4 hrs, then 300-325 for 3 hrs and 350 for 1 hr. The skin was perfectly crispy like pork rinds and the meat just fell apart! I recommend rubbing the meat with garlic, onion, salt and pepper mashed into a paste, then dropping the meat into a store bought mojo or juices with any herbs and such that you like. I used pineapple and cilantro. Here are the pics to prove it!
  14. Giving my first authentic, genuine, real-deal tri-tip a shot. I found it in the most unlikely of places: in one of the smallest un-remodeled Krogers still in existence in my area. I asked the butcher if he had heard of tri-tip and I was amazed at the response, something along the lines of "I am originally from California and I know exactly what you are talking about, how many do you need? We have over 50lbs of it here at the store." I decided to get one for now and one for later. Tonight's tri-tip weighs in at just over 3lbs. I was in the right place at the right time as I had called a much l
  15. Giving my first tri-tip a shot. Had never seen one until I joined this forum and it has since been on my to do list for the KJ. I visited a local butcher yesterday and picked up a 6.5lb roast. Not sure how to fix it until tonight. I decided to prepare it just as John Setzler did in the "Kamado Joe Tri Tip with Whiskey Reduction" video. I trimmed off the excess fat and seasoned with garlic powder and Dizzy Pig's Red Eye Express rub. I set the D&C system up on my ClassicJoe as John did in the video and the roast is on now, waiting to come to 110º. In the mean time I will begin making the w
  16. I went to the store hungry (stupid me) and found they had the sirloin tip roasts on sale. I've used this cut in the past to make beef jerky, but haven't really ever tried it any other way. I think I'm gonna wing it and see where it takes me. I've picked up a few ideas from various places though. Anyone have any tips or suggestions? At least it looks pretty with the rub on it....
  17. I only had about 4 hours to get this ready, so I saw a guy cooking this on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV_p07Ld_IE I decided to change up his recipe a bit by searing the roast and changing some ingredients. Basically - I rubbed olive oil on the butte and seared it on my 15" BGE grill sitting on the Ceramic Grill Store spider. After searing it went into a pretty big cast dutch oven. A quart box of chicken stock in the bottom - then chopped garlic, green onions, bell pepper, new red potatoes, a bag of skinned baby carrots and a Jalapeno (for luck) were poured over the top. Himalaye
  18. Finished a Venison roast (actually a cut of the hind sirloin). The meat was from a mature buck I took with a croossbow back in October before the rut. Medium sized fire brought to @ 275 and parked, cooked low for nearly three hours. Did not use thermometer just went by feel and sight. Let marinade about four hours, delicious.
  19. I finally found time to upload this video I did back in August. Venison Roast with a fresh herb paste rub. http://youtu.be/4wwH3BKztzY Ingredients: deer roast mustard olive oil worchestershire fresh thyme fresh rosemary fresh garlic onion turbinado sugar salt pepper
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