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Found 6 results

  1. Hopefully life will start settling back down soon so I can get back on here and start cooking more often! I decided I needed to at least get back into the swing of the monthly competitions just to get the muscles flexed again. As this month's challenge is Salad for Dinner, so I had to give it a crack. With me working in Atlanta, I've fallen in love with Korean and Asian food in general. One of my favorite new flavors is Bulgogi! If you've never had anything marinated or glazed with a Bulgogi marinade or sauce, you don't know what you are missing. For those that don't know, Bulgogi is a sweet and tangy sauce mainly flavored with pear juice. It works with any meat, but I favor it with any cut of beef you can find. I'm believe it would even make shoe leather quite palatable! Sadly, in my rush to get this done by tonight's deadline, I didn't take many photos of the process, not that there are a lot of steps to this one. First, I marinated the steak overnight with a bottled bulgogi marinade, and threw in a little fresh garlic and ginger to punch up the flavor a bit more. All I had in the fridge was a london broil, so that got the overnight bulgogi bath. Next it went on to a ripping hot grill to get some of that great grill flavor. After a few minutes on each side, she was ready to take off the grill. While that was grilling, we cut up the lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers and made up some homemade Asian ginger dressing. During that time, I also reduced the bulgogi marinade into a nice thick glaze by adding a bit of honey and cooking it down. Doesn't it look amazing?!? In the rush to get this into my pie hole, I forgot to get pics of the sliced meat, oh well. Anyways, here is the final product! Again, I highly suggest if you've not yet tried bulgogi, give it a shot. It's great as a dip with asian foods as well.
  2. I went out for a run this morning after taking another four days off from running because of a knee sprain of some sort. I wanted a salad for lunch when I got home... 1/4 head iceberg lettuce 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms 1 oz shredded cheddar cheese 1/4 cup mild banana pepper rings 1/4 cup kraft zesty fat free italian dressing 1 8oz chicken breast, grilled and chunked... This rang up at about 600 calories total and almost 80g of protein.
  3. It's a misconception that fat people don't like salads. That's a lie, they are delicious. My weight has been up and down for years, and I am only 28. Problem is, whenever I lose it, it is usually because I went to some extreme to do it, thinking I will then level it out and will teach my self as I go to eat correctly. Boy was I wrong! It is TRUE that it has to be a lifestyle change. Right around the 4th of July, I heard an interview with magician/comedian Penn Jillette. He was on the verge of having weight loss surgery, not by choice, but because the doctors said he would die if he didn't have it. He did what he called the potato diet. I know, sounds kind of funny, but when he described it to me, it made PERFECT sense. He ate nothing but potatoes for 2 weeks straight. And he meant NOTHING but potatoes. It kicks you of any kind of crazy food habits you might have. He said it could be done with ANYTHING that you may not always eat. I chose to do it with salad. My biggest issues has always been portion control, not alway the junk food or greasy foods. So I decided to make my self a nice salad every meal, with a little cheese, poppy seed dressing for a little sweet, and actually I would cook up 6 hot Italian sausages and cut them up for a few days worth a of salad (one full sausage per salad). After two weeks of the same salad for every meal, I decided to see what I had the taste for. It was like I discovered Strawberry's for the first time. My wife had some, and they had never tasted so good (I think anything would have after 2 weeks of 4 salads a day). But it was so easy to pass up dessert. Was easy to pass up pizza. I think what made the difference was the sausage in my salad. Kept it from being a boring salad. And after 2 weeks I lost 12 lbs. A pound a day! That is with no exercise. And after 2 weeks, I decided I was going to smoke a pork butt for some friends, and that was a GREAT addition to my salads. Then I smoked some chicken thighs, decided I would see if I could add that to my salad. And why yes I could. I found I literally could make anything on my grill, and it would taste great on my salad. So, it being just over a month since I started the bbq salads, a few times I may have just had a piece of bbq chicken with some veggies on the side. Or I had made a brisket and had some slices of that with an ear of corn. I also have been doing some scrambled egg beaters for breakfast. But, for the most part, I still love my salads. And I am down 25 lbs. I still have a TON to lose. But by shaking up the standard salad, and adding things that you might like, can really make a difference. Who says that salads can't be a part of your bbq?
  4. We went to a party on Friday and a Baby Shower on Saturday so I only had Sunday to do any cooking of my own. My wife wanted something lite so salad it was. I took 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts and rubbed them down with some Smokey Mesquite seasoning and let them rest for 2 hours in the fridge. While they were resting I made up some guacamole and kept it in the fridge. With only two breasts to cook I set up my smallest grill. (Weber Jumbo Joe) While the charcoal was heating up I cooked up some Corn and some black beans. Charcoal is ready and on they go. While they were cooking I cut up some lettuce. After the chicken reached 160 and brought it in and sliced it up. Here it is all put together in a bowl waiting to be served with some scallions and cilantro as a garnish. And a close up. It was Delicious! Thanks for looking.
  5. Wife and I joined forces this evening to make a fairly decent meal that was very fast & easy to put together. She'd bought one of those salad kits from Publix and added tomatoes and grapes. It was mighty good. I seared some Ahi tuna steaks. It was tasty and fast.......so fast that my hungry #### didn't get any plated pics.....sorry. Son had some brisket sandwiches and mashed potatoes. He's not keen on salads & tuna.
  6. The Ribeye steaks were sliced from a Ribeye roast, then liberally coated with Kamado Joe Steak seasonings. The steaks were cooked indirect at 275 until the internal temperature was within 15 degrees of the target temperature. The Big Joe was then set to 375 for the final searing of the steaks on the direct cast iron grates. Corn on the cob was prepared along with a garden salad which also had cranberries and walnuts. The KJ seasoning worked well with the beefy richness of the ribeye. The blue cheese dressing for the salad balanced the deep savory flavors of the steak.
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