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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Gurus! I am looking to sell my Kamado Joe Big Joe I, red color. I am the original owner and bought it in 2015. It is available for pick-up in Tampa Bay, FL. $700 OBO Thanks!
  2. Kamado Joe is having a warehouse sale next Friday and Saturday in Atlanta (well, really it's Duluth). Kamado Joe 3400 Rivergreen Ct NW Duluth, GA 30096-2519 ETA: From Conor Brennan
  3. Good morning and happy Independence Day! I am new here as a poster but have been lurking in the background since I got th kamado bug. There is a ton of good info on this forum and I appreciate the posters and information found here. I have have cooked a Weber kettle weekly for the past 10 yrs and have recently been looking for an excuse to get a kamado. Wouldn’t you know, the darn wheel fell off when I moved it last weekend.... Guess that’s my excuse? I use 2 zone cooking A LOT and have decided the Primo XL Oval best suits my needs. I would prefer the new all in one package but suppose I could buy the stand alone grill and build a table, if necessary. That being said, I am very curious to hear what any of you Primo Xl owners paid (and where). I’d also like to know the best sales price y’all remember seeing on them so I know when I see a good deal to pull the trigger and buy it. I am surprised not to see any real 4th of July sales on them now. When would be the best time to buy one at the best price y’all have seen? Thanks ahead of time and have a safe and happy 4th!!!
  4. I’m new to the forum but just picked up the KJ Classic (but with the black shelving and handle, not bamboo and divide and conquer setup, not the older triangle setup) for $699.99 + tax, clearanced from $999.99 with free ship to store and currently free assembly and delivery on all grills over $399 at Ace Hardware if you’re an Ace Rewards program member (free loyalty program). Haven’t seen the Classic anywhere else for less than $800-$900. I was about to spring for the Classic II, but with this deal at $500 less ($1199 seems to be the prevailing sticker for the Classic II) I decided I could live without the Air Lift hinge and Kontrol Tower (Think I like the cast iron with daisy wheel better for longevity, anyways). Anyways, here is the website, I imagine Ace is trying to clear inventory so they can sell some more Classic IIs. https://m.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=42684056
  5. I was at our local Ace Hardware yesterday and noticed they had 30% off many grills and cookers. I don't know my Kamado Joe models, but they had one that normally costs $1000 for $700. I suspect it was a 2016 20-22". They had several different Weber charcoal and gassers. Also, had a couple of Treager pellet grills. If I was in the market, I would have jumped on one of those deals. It's a 3 day sale that ends tomorrow 5/20/2017.
  6. Don't know if it's been posted but seems most Sams have them at a clearance price of $250.
  7. Don't know if it's been posted by seems most Sams have them at a clearance price of $250. Seems that some areas offer it in the warehouse and some are online. YMMV.
  8. Just a heads up - at Gilt.com (you will need a free membership - it's another "deal site") they have chicken leg/jalapeno grill stands and loads of cast iron options right now. The jalapeño griller is $15, and they have a complete Lodge CI "starter kit" for $96. FYI!
  9. Most of you have Kroger, but Smith's has rib eyes at 5.99/lb. I got mine a 3.59 / lb on clearance. I spent $22 for 6 large rib eyes totaling 6.2 lbs!
  10. Anyone living in Seattle area should stop by McLendons hardware store sale running thru oct 30 2013 Red Kamado Jo $599 Red one only black is 799
  11. Hello, So I will try to keep this short... but that usually does not happen... Started Cooking back in 2003 when realized that most of our diet came out of the center of the Store... Boxed, processed.... Fish Sticks, nuggets, and other crap.... the fast pace and quick meals had gotten the best of my wife and I... with kids and all... Kids are active, the burn the stuff off.... We didn't.... We started to cut out the prepared processed foods in our diet.... My wife is a great cook but from the south... which is great... but everything that we ate required a stick of butter, gravy and some kind of bread and desert. So needless to say it was not helping what the Doc had been telling me.... Drop the weight and get your butt in shape.... So that is when I started grilling, beef, fish, chicken, turkeys, venison, game hens, vegtables, etc. Have been on gas grills since then cheapo's early on and a better one now.... Have smoked on gas Brinkman for since '03... til it crapped out... and went to an electric Masterbuilt last year. I can say that I miss my gas Smoker... The electric I am not a fan of, but it does have a few good uses... I have learned how to smoke fish, both hot and cold temp control is pretty good ... and make pretty good Jerky which you can't do easily on gas or a traditional charcoal... So after talking to some folks and researching a lot, a Komodo seemed to be the best all around option. That is my backgound now want to share my experience that lead to my purchase today.... Buddy has a Vision from Costco.... payed $650 Saw some posts that you may be able to get it for $300 around now because of end of season. Called all the Costco's withing about 300 miles... NO LUCK Had seen the Chargriller @ Krogers... for like $350.. over the summer... but nobody knew anything about them. Spent 3 hours today watching the "Redneck Grillmaster" videos ... and reading reviews on the Chargriller. This was awesome... Called most of the Krogers around --- there are alot in Cincinnat ... Kroger Headquarters is in Cincy.Nothing, Notta, Nowhere.. Reading Posts today I looked at Home Depot.... Nothing in the stores.... would have to order. Then saw where guys were getting them at Lowes... so checked a couple of around here... was hit or miss for $299 nothing real close to the house. Then I was reading about what else to buy besides the Grill.... Weber 7441 rack, pizza stone, fire starters, lump Coal... One of the posts mention getting some of the thing at Menards... which i don't shop much... But there is one close to the house so figured I would check to see if they had any grills... Well they do... Here is what I found.... Big Red Kamado... On Sale $259 Plus a Menards Rebate which takes it to $230.... Hopefully, if anyone is on the fence this may help them to take the leap... I saw this a great low cost option to start a new addiction as John put in in a separate post.... We'll be talkin'.... Shoey
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