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  1. Hello folks, Not new to the smoking and grilling game but new to the Kamado. Set up my new Joe last night and had my first cook this morning for Mother’s Day breakfast. The subtle hint of wood and the unbelievable crispy ness of the pancake from the soap stone was something I had never experienced before. The family agreed they were the best they ever had. Looking forward to many more cooks!
  2. There is a chap in the UK who sells sausages under the brand of Sosij. I've tried a few but the cheddar and jalapeno is my favourite. Last weekend I thought that I would try making them into a Toad in the Hole (an English delicacy that should ideally fill a hole in your belly!). Smoked the sausages first using some apple wood. Video here - it was a breezy night! https://photos.app.goo.gl/9dJwC69D7igyxBPs8 They then went into a pan with some onions and beef dripping and back into the BGE to get the temperature up above 200C before adding the batter. After about 20 minutes it
  3. Ingredients: 1 pound bacon, 2 pounds hot sausage, half a small block of pepper jack, 1 small bell pepper, 1 half of a kielbasa, and 1 hot link. Eggs to fry and put on top of when done. Build: Weave bacon. Flatten sausage into square roughly the same size as the weave. Arrange other ingredients onto sausage. Mine looked like this: Roll your sausage into a cylinder. Marry to sweet sweet bacon weave! It should look something like this: Next drop that fatty on at 250. This was after I finished the pulled pork in the morning, so my grill was already up to temp. I
  4. Breakfast Sausage This spice blend would work equally well for pork or beef, I used beef of the 80/20 variety. The more fat the better. 1.5 pounds of ground meat 3 ts dried sage 1 3/4 ts salt 3 ts dried basil 1 ts ground black pepper 2 ts onion powder 1/2 ts dried marjoram 1 ts crushed red pepper 1 1/2 ts fennel seed Combine spices only in a small bowl and mix them. This helps make sure you get even distribution in the meat. Then put the meat in a bowl and spread 1/3 of the spices and mix with hands until incorporat
  5. Hi Nice weather here in the UK didn't have much time tonight so decided to use the little Keg Kamado and do some caramelised onion sausages from Costco and a quick salad. The "victorian sear grate" is still holding up nicely on my Keg.
  6. 1.25 Lb Honeysuckle Sweet Italian turkey sausage links (you could use their 1lb Mild Italian Turkey Sausage Roll but my grocery only carries the links) 1 Lb turkey thigh bacon 1 package steam in bag spinach 1 medium onion or 1.5 cups frozen chopped onions (I HATE chopping onions) 2Tbsp minced garlic 2Tbsp vegetable spread In a medium sized skillet over medium heat melt the spread and add onions and garlic, saute till the onions just start to brown Add ~2 cups of the frozen spinach to pan and heat till mostly dry (the steam in bag type has much less water with it than the block type s
  7. Documenting my cook on the 4th: Beef Plate Ribs, 3 slabs of baby backs, 4 pounds of sausage no plates or bbq sauce needed...
  8. This is a wonderful savory and satisfying soup. This recipe will make 2 meal size servings or 4 side servings. 1 large green bell pepper 1 large red bell pepper 1 small onion 2 medium yellow squash 3/4 cup fresh small broccoli florets 4 oz of cooked breakfast sausage (pre-cooked weight) 1 1/3 cups of milk 1 1/3 cups of water 2 beef bullion cubes black pepper and cayenne pepper to taste Slice and steam the squash, you want it mushy. Slice the peppers and onions and saute in oil until tender but not over done. Now combine e
  9. Hatch Chile Sausage Pocket Sammies for dinner. Knockin out the fat...George Foreman ain't got nothin Used OctoForks "OctoSkewers" (coming soon) to spin and served with pocket sammies with sauteed bells, onions and siracha mustard. Yum! I was only cooking using 5 but you could do "quad" and multiple plus extended setups etc...and spin a boatload of skewers.
  10. Spicy Andouille Sausage Have been out of my homemade Andouille sausage in the freezer for a while. Not a good thing! Had some time available, so my son and I made 16 lbs of the sausage. Our production rate is improving. The new 15 lb capacity Norther Tool stuffer I got at Christmas really made a difference over my 5 lb Northern Tool stuffer. Under three hours from a clean counter start to final clean-up to get the stuffed sausage in the fridge for its first aging for this batch including hauling equipment to/from the basement storage cabinets. The natural casing
  11. Hot Italian Sausage Recipe I have been refining a recipe for a hot Italian Sausage and with my latest batch of homemade sausage I have decided to quit tweaking the recipe. This one has it nailed and the family and friends agree. The flavor profile has some pepper heat but in a way that complements the overall flavor and does not burn your mouth up when eating it. While the photo shows the sausage cased, about half the batch we put up in bulk chubs. So if you have a grinder and no stuffer, don’t be afraid to make some homemade sausage like this as the bulk get used in a l
  12. Hello All, We are having a family party with around 20 people. I really don't have the time to smoke a couple briskets, so I'm smoking 5-6 slabs of ribs. What else can I, or should I, smoke with around a 6 hour cook/smoke time? Thanks! Tom
  13. I didn't know what a Fatty was until the monthly challenge. My wife is putting a cramp in my normal meat selection as the pregnancy is fiddling with her appetite so I mentioned a fatty to her and she said, "Do it!" When I made it, I thought I had overstuffed them with mozarella cheese, prosciutto, and green onions but I should have doubled the amount. I ended up using 1lb of lean ground beef and 1lb jimmy dean breakfast sausage. No smoke as that is another impact of her pregnancy. I seasoned with pepper, garlic powder, and a couple pinched of salt. I could have passed on the salt as i
  14. fatty = pork sausage stuffed with goodness and wrapped in bacon. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.... I will try to outline how to make a good one. If you have questions or need clarification just post the questions below. What you need: 1lb of sausage - breakfast - hot, traditional (jimmy dean), italian - sky is the limit. quart size freezer bag bell peppers onions jalapenos cheese other (or any combination) 1lbs bacon (14 slices of bacon) take the sausage and put it in to a zip bag being careful to remove the air as you go. You want the sausage to go even from corner to corner. cu
  15. Prior to Thanksgiving a frozen duck had been purchased. I toyed with the idea of making a TurDuckEn, but realize a Duck had never graced my Big Joe before. It was time to give a duck baptism to the grill. There were several selections of ways to prepare the duck, the majority of them did not involve stuffing. It seemed a sin not to make stuffing with a duck. Several stuffing ideas were considered, but they seemed a bit boring, and lacked the intensity to stand up to duck. Eventually something a bit atypical was dreamed up. THE STUFFING: 2 pounds beef sausage. 2 yellow Opal apples 1
  16. My house is getting close to being back to normal. We even have two rooms that have carpet now! Yip-Peee! We spent most of the day moving stuff back into those 2 rooms along with getting the dining room back to normal. As we were working most of the day I wanted something fairly quick and easy to make for dinner. I looked to see what we might have in the freezer and found these Knackwurst that I had vacuum packed from this summer. Knackwurst are kind of like a very large hot dog so I thawed them out and ran to the store to pick up some Bilillo rolls to eat them with. I then took some water
  17. A few recent cooks in keeping with the New Year’s view on meals with a reduced dietary impact: Kamado Grilled Chicken Salad with a Greek yogurt, mayo, and a vinegar element with a touch of curry as the dressing. The dressing is flavorful but light. Boiled egg, celery, onion, apple, and toasted pecan additions kick up the dish. Mrs. Smokehowe hit a home run on this one. Her presentation is not bad either! Kamado Venison Chili with a balanced profile of Chili Powder plus Chipotle, Ancho, Guajillo, Anaheim, & Jalapeno ground pepper powders in the underlying flavors alon
  18. Christmas Break – 85 lbs Venison Ground; Four Kinds of Deer Sausages and a Pork Boudin Bonus I have not posted much lately as I have had back to back work related travel and then needed to deal with some family matters also out of town. As part of the out of town travel, I spent some time in New Orleans area with my brother and he asked me to bring my meat grinder and I decided that my basic sausage making equipment would also go along for the ride. My LEM Big Bite #12 grinder was perfect for the upcoming task. Let's Start With A Bit of Venison to Grind Why … well he had 85
  19. The ‘Smokehowze’ Sausage Making & Charcuterie Guide On Information, Equipment, Materials & Supplies Attached below is a PDF Document that encompasses the following: This guide on information, equipment, materials, and other items useful for the home production of sausages and cured meats is divided into the following sections: I. Some Useful Books on Sausage & Charcuterie II. Some Sausage Making Websites III. Some Typical Sausage Supplies & Sources IV. Some Typical Sausage Equipment & Sources V. Some Typical Sources for Sausage
  20. Sausage Making & Charcuterie Guide On Information, Equipment, Materials & Supplies In case you are not directly following the new Charcuterie section of the forum, but have an interest in the world of making sausage and cured meats, I have developed a downloadable 20 page PDF reference document that is a guide on information, equipment, materials, and other items useful for the home production of sausages and cured meats. This guide covers the following aspects: I. Some Useful Books on Sausage & Charcuterie II. Some Sausage Making Websites III. Some
  21. BULK GROUND MEAT/SAUSAGE STORAGE BAG/CHUB FILLING TOOL/AID Recently I assisted my brother and we ground 85 lbs of venison and then bulk bagged 70 lbs in 1.5 pound chubs. We also made some sausage that was bulk bagged. Rather than attempt to grind directly into the bulk meat bags, we ground the meat in two large batches into a large meat tub and then did the bag filling for each batch. This keep the meat colder throughout the process. To assist the filling of the bulk meat bag chubs, I used a piece of 2 inch PVC pipe and a longer plunger made from 1-1/4 inch PVC with a cap – no ne
  22. The Homemade Smokehowze Caulking Gun Sausage Stuffer This is detailed how to build it yourself post. I hope it gives you some ideas. You can buy a commercial caulk gun style stuffer for jerky making and get sausage stuffing attachments for them. Since I already had the stuffing tubes from my 5 lb vertical crank style stuffer I decided to build my own caulk gun stuffer. Besides where is the fun in just buying one? And this was an easy Saturday afternoon project. I noodled around in the shop with stuff I mostly had on hand and after going though a couple of design idea iterations, and a trip
  23. Smoked up some home-made sausage tonight, the first time I tried stuffing hog casings with my KitchenAid setup. The grinding went fine but the stuffing part was slow, plus running the meat through the machine twice created a much finer texture than I wanted. But they taste good! Stuffed 'em, dried 'em in the fridge for a day or two and then smoked (pecan) at 275 until IT was 170. The spice blend came from Aaron Franklin's video on making sausage. The meat blend was my own; all pork shoulder in an 80:20 lean to fat ratio, augmented with some cheap fatty bacon.
  24. Our friends from the north probably call this something else, but the US knows it as Canadian Bacon. I just tried this on a pork tenderloin and it worked very well; way better than I expected for a first try. I got the recipe from a fellow on another message board and who enjoys making his own sausages. He lives in Alaska and hunts a fair bit so he's gotten pretty good at Charcuterie. His recipe is for a full loin. As mentioned for a first time I used a tenderloin of just over one pound. I kept it in the cure for only five days and it was just right. For a full loin I'd follow the
  25. Smokehowze’s Mexican Chorizo Sausage Recipe Son decided our next sausage excursion would be Mexican chorizo. Fine by me. After reading and research here is our recipe. Son has sampled a lot of different chorizos and thinks it hit the mark in flavor. Regardless, it will be better than most any store bought. Try it and then adjust the recipe to your tastes. Chorizo is really simple to make especially if you just keep it as a bulk sausage. Everyone has their own personal variation. Mexican Chorizo Sausage Links The Bulk Chorizo A Tray of Cased Sausage
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