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Found 15 results

  1. So a couple of days ago I was in the store and they had picnic shoulder (pork butt with bone-in, skin on) for $0.98/lb and I thought it would be a perfect fit for the Joetisserie: low and slow would make the skin too rubbery so the higher heat should crisp it up nicely (I'd done a porchetta before and it turned out fabulously) I followed one of John's videos for the rub idea, though he didn't give amounts. I used a mustard base and roughly about 1/2 c salt 1/3 c paprika 1/3 c chili powder 1/3 c granulated garlic 1/3 c onion powder And held the J
  2. Dediced to cook the Sunday feast in the Kamado this week - a lamb shoulder (on the bone) with Gratin Dauphinois. It's something I've done many times in a conventional oven, but thought it would work well in the kamado. The lamb was rubbed with a mixture of smoked and normal paprika, rosemary, Herbes de Provence, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Set up with the heat deflector. On the first grill a drip tray with lots of sliced onions, celery, carrots and a litre of lamb stock. On the second, the lamb shoulder above the drip tray. Cooked at around 200C for the first 30 mins then let t
  3. On Wednesday, I was told that a number of family members were coming over on Saturday (today) for a multiple celebration event. In September, there are a number of birthdays and anniversaries in my family, so we just roll it all into one get together. In a minor panic, I debated very briefly on what to cook. Pork shoulder it was. I had a Boston Butt or two in my deep freezer and I knew that I could start thawing it Wednesday to cook it late Friday night. I grabbed one out of my freezer, tossed it into the mini fridge I use for canning and other stuff, and went about the rest of my work week.
  4. Trimmed the skin/gross fat off my 8ish pound butt and probably have 7ish left. Rubbed it nicely, stuck it in the fridge until the rain stopped. Now I'm at 200 degrees and still ticking up but have the top and bottom down to ~0.5 each. Really hoping this settles out in the 225 range. I used one cotton ball and Wegman Lump...the anticipation is killing me. Or maybe I'm just hungover from day drinking... 202 degrees...
  5. Wanted to get some thoughts on bone in vs. boneless for a pork butt. In NC I picked up my meat from Costco and the butts were all boneless which was fine, I didn't think anything of it. I went to a local meat market and found a great deal on a pork shoulder and then when it was time to rub realized it was bone- in which threw me off. Fast forward: I'm now in Texas and there are some price differences (large ones) with great selection for bone in vs. boneless. Wanted to get some thoughts on bang for buck and a qualitative difference between the two. Obviously, you're paying for the bone
  6. I found a place that is selling these huge pieces of Beef Shoulder Clod and I am planning to smoke one this weekend. I've done some research and most people are doing these like brisket. Some of the videos and cooks that I've seen have been over 20 hours as well. Anyone in here done a Beef Shoulder Clod? Any tips you would like to share? I'm looking forward to the cook this weekend and will share some pics once it's on!
  7. Ok, I am here to tell you I have stepped up my game! My newest current favorite for a pork glaze is 1:1 mustard : molassas. Rub down pork with KJ peppered sea salt (mix salt, pepper, and sugar). About halfway though the cook add your glaze of mustard molassas. Last weekend I cooked ribs, this weekend was pulled pork. YUM! Enjoy the photos.
  8. Hi all. I'm looking for a little guru advice. After 2 weeks of CGK cooking I felt confident doing my first low/slow boston butt. I actually picked up a pork picnic roast in the 6lb range. The CGK has been holding 245 since 12pm (it is now 8pm) but the butt stalled at 163 for the last 4 hours. Literally 4 hours. I just opened up the top vent to climb it up to 275, trying to break the stall, but I couldn't find any advice for how long a stall can last. I appreciate any info and wisdom you can impart. And, don't worry.... I'm photo documenting the whole thing for the visual people.
  9. Found a nice 10 pound pork butt at Kroger yesterday. Seasoned with rub and cooked indirect with some cherry wood. Kept the temp between 225º and 245º the whole cook. This took almost 24 hours to come to 196º at which time I removed from the fire, wrapped in foil then towels and allowed it to rest in a cooler for 2 hours. Cooked up a batch of some North Carolina style sauce, pulled the pork and dug in. The pork turned out quite good. I did not get any pictures of dessert but my Wife made some decadent chocolate bread pudding with Nutella and semisweet morsels. Needless to say I am full ton
  10. Was at WalMart yesterday morning - noticed they had an 8lb pork shoulder marked down to $1.87/lb, so I had to grab it. Got it home & prepped with yellow mustard and a nice rub with very little sugar. I wanted to get it cooked by dinnertime so the kamado would be freed up for other uses, so I cooked around 275º instead of the usual 225º. Hit it with several big chunks of local cherry which lingered for at least 6 hours. It took about 8 hours to reach 205º at which time I removed it from the fire, foiled, wrapped in a thick towel and stuck it in the cooler for a few hours. The bark and th
  11. I marinated a 10 lb picnic shoulder for 24 hrs in a pineapple mojo. I roasted it in my Akorn using only lump and a drip pan full of water and marinade at 260 for about 4 hrs, then 300-325 for 3 hrs and 350 for 1 hr. The skin was perfectly crispy like pork rinds and the meat just fell apart! I recommend rubbing the meat with garlic, onion, salt and pepper mashed into a paste, then dropping the meat into a store bought mojo or juices with any herbs and such that you like. I used pineapple and cilantro. Here are the pics to prove it!
  12. Alright Guys, So got my Akorn about a month 3 weeks ago... cooked some Steaks, they were out standing, Potatos, chicken breasts... Have played with the heats ... I understand the concept with the heats and still perfecting what i need to do... Feeling adventurous... Want to do my first long cook... probably overnight tonight. I have about 7-8 lb shoulder just about thawed now and will be rubbing it up shortlly. Here is where I need help. How much coal do you use and how should you light it? I have read: Light the Top -- it will slowly burn down Light the bottom shut
  13. Well, tomorrow is the annual family get together where I see my cousins once a year. My one cousin who organizes this every year was shocked when we showed him how to do a whole pig two years back, so he recently hooked me into doing the meat. Figuring on doing pulled pork on a bun, I told him to pick up three bone-in shoulders, not picnics. So, last night he dropped off three well bound, boneless pork blade roasts, totalling about 27 pounds. Said that he tried three different stores and nobody sells the bone-in butts without pre-ordering by a week or more. Makes sense, based on what I h
  14. I was away this weekend celebrating my parents' 50th anniversary. When I returned, I found this little gem on my doorstep: I think I'll keep her! Got a small pork shoulder to test her out on tomorrow. Then some sous vide later this week. Can't wait...
  15. Marty


    i did this on the kamado and it came out great. It is nice to do something different for a change with a pork butt. The butt that i used did not have the skin on and it still came out great. I put all of the stuff into a blender and made a fine paste and then stabbed the butt all over and then used an injector to inject the wet rub. I let it sit three days and then cooked it at 400 until the internal was 145. It came out quite good. This calls for a temp of 450 degrees. this is from a Daisy Martinez.recipe for holiday Pernil. Ingredients U.S. Metric Conversion chart Wet Adobo Rub (A
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