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Found 6 results

  1. I have been wanting to do this cook for quite some time and finally had a chance to do it. I started with some elk roast that was given to me to see what I could do with it. Man this meat was beautiful and lean as could be.... Being worried that the meat would dry out, I stuffed the roast with bacon... And then of course it was rubbed with spices...and wrapped with even more bacon... The roasts went on the Kamado Joe Classic at 225 and were smoked with alder, peach, cherry, and oak to an internal temp of 155 without foiling during the cook. They were then wrapped and allowed to rest for half an hour... Here is the money! The elk was cooked to a perfect medium to medium well and it was juicy as could be with no gaminess whatsoever. It was a fun cook and can't wait to do another piece of elk a different way. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi, My Vision S in white came in from Home Depot on Thursday, I put it together , and finally got to play with it this afternoon. After reading extensivly on these forums, I decided to do a temperature test first then finish with something easy for a first cook. I started out shooting for 225°. I loaded the fire box with some US Kingsford hardwood lump a couple of inches above the air holes and used half a Weber starter cube in the middle. After about 10 minutes I threw in the grates and attached my maverick and closed the lid with all vents open. It quickly got up to 175° So I followed the manual and closed the right bottom vent, cracked the left to 1/2, and set the top to 1. It gradually slowed but shot up to 273 and held that for 10 minutes then started a climb to 304°. I was patient but closed the top vent down to almost 0, about 1/32" showing in each hole. The temp dropped to 278° then steadily rose to 288° and stayed there for 30 minutes. At this point it was 1hr 15 mins since I had closed the lid so I decided to shoot for 350°. I followed the manual again and set the bottom vents to 5 and 7 and the top to 2. The temp started the march again slowing down and settling at 388° for 5 mins then started a slow march to 410° before I dialed the top vent back to almost 0 again and then it started to fall to 329° over the course of 40 mins. I cranked the top vent back to just before 1. ( about 1/8" showing in each hole of the top vent. It slow marched to 419° before I went back to my previous setting watching the temp slow to about 338° after 30 minutes before dumping some old oak chips on the coals and shutting down checking for leaks. I saw a few whisps of smoke leak from the closed top vent at the air holes and a few slight whisps from the lighter door. A few thoughts on my tests. I bought the electric starter but decided not to use it for fear it would start too big a fire. Glad I didn't use it and may return it. I'm happy with getting the lower temperature to settle at 288° as I need to smoke a pork butt and a picnic for the fourth to make NC BBQ ( see my introduction ). The test for 350° showed me that I need to tweak the bottom vent knobs some more. I don't feel that the grill has any major air leaks and feel lucky in that respect. Three hours after shutting down the dome temp was at 150° when I returned to start the grill for supper. I cooked 2 pieces of 2" thick choice top sirloin ( love ribeye but can't do fatty meat anymore). I banked the coals and found 1 small piece of ember. I split a Webber cube in 3 and restarted everything eventually reaching 600° to sear the meat. Did 3 minutes to a side then put the steaks to a cooler place on the grill for 4 minutes, closing all vents. The steak was medium rare, delicious, and a welcome return to that charcoal taste. I really love this grill. At first I was second guessing myself after seeing the classic with the ash drawer at Sam's Club and reading about the leaking issues on a few S' but feel I got a good one. Because of this site I had a checklist when setting up the grill but everything checked out. The dome was aligned and passed the dollar bill test. An observation on the front shock. When I close the lid, the shock catches but then I give it a push and the lid stays down so I won't remove the shock. One question. Looking at the loaded firebox picture( my interpretation of the grill instructions), will that be enough lump for my pork butt cook or should I go higher? I bought a 8 lb butt and 8 lb picnic and will cook at around 300°.Looking forward to my next cook!
  3. Still 1 hour to go before meat done to what my wife wants. I have been able to keep it between 350-375 F, vent settings very different from my normal use. I am glad the Joetisserie fits in the Vision Classic B. The second picture is how it looks after 54 minutes.
  4. A quick cook on the Big Joe while the wife was at work. Petite Sirloin steaks, Hasselback potatoes. Accompanied with French bread with parmesan butter and a garden salad.
  5. Ever have one of those days where you're just not really feeling it? Today was that day for me. H really wanted steak tonight. I didn't particularly want red meat, but he did. So I sent him to the store for steak, expecting him to come back with a couple of strips or something like that. But nope - he showed up with a huge hunk of sirloin. It was a beautiful piece of meat, but not what I was in the mood for. Oh well ... foraging onward. I'd already par boiled a bunch of new potatoes and sliced onions to brown. The potatoes were "smashed" on a lightly oiled griddle, sprayed with olive oil, and sprinkled with salt and pepper. The onions were sliced, sprayed with oil, and put in my favorite CI pan: The onions finished first: But the potatoes were only moments behind: In the meanwhile the meat had been sitting with a nice salt and pepper rub on it: And I can't believe I don't have any pictures of it on the grill, but it was getting late, and darker, and ... well. Oops! Still - dropped the grate down, cranked the grill up to 550° and gave it 6 mins per side. I tried the board sauce idea (thanks @jackjumper101) - nothing fancy, just some olive oil, a little salt, some of the remaining cracked black pepper - and let the steak rest for 5-6 mins. Then slicing! It turned out well, the flavor is good, it has a lovely crust. H has had 2 servings and is already dreaming of steak sandwich tomorrow. Me, I plated mine with some potatoes (sprinkled with cidar vinegar), some onions, and spinach salad. It was good. So maybe I'm not as "meh" about it as I thought I was. [And a little 30 Days administrata here: I'm going to be AWOL starting tomorrow around 1 p.m. - so the 30 Days will resume on Sunday after I've recovered from the wedding! ]
  6. I went to the store hungry (stupid me) and found they had the sirloin tip roasts on sale. I've used this cut in the past to make beef jerky, but haven't really ever tried it any other way. I think I'm gonna wing it and see where it takes me. I've picked up a few ideas from various places though. Anyone have any tips or suggestions? At least it looks pretty with the rub on it....
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