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Found 5 results

  1. I just purchased my Akorn off Amazon the other day and will be putting it together this weekend. I've been cooking on webers/gassers for years and wanted to change it up for some low-n-slow smoking and this forum made me pull the trigger. It will be my only current grill, so I was trying to figure out the best way to cook a reverse sear/2-zone steak or similar. It's the best way to cook a steak IMO and I see many varying ways to do it. What you you guys consider the best? The main thread on this site showing the custom bent wire basket or something no longer shows pictures so I had a tough time trying to understand how that process all worked. I've seen split diffusers online, the adjustable CharGriller rack, searing directly on the weber grate...etc. Has anyone been able to replicate a true 2-zone cooking process where I can bring a steak up to 105 in 45 min or so, then sear it quick up to 125?
  2. I’m going to be practice cooking Half Chickens, as I try to decide which method is best for my Easter Cook. I’ll be using mesquite lump charcoal. My Chicken Preparation Steps: · No Brine. Injection with spices, lemon juice and butter. · Rub with Olive Oil to coat. Then my CHUPACABRA-SEX RUB! It’s a combination of 2 Gringo’s Chupacabra Rub & Prasek’s Smokehouse BBQ Seasoning! · Basting with leftover Injection liquid. My Possible Cook Methods: 1. FAST – 400 degrees - Center Charcoal Direct cook No stone Until internal temp of thigh reaches 170 degrees Rest 2. SLOW – 250 degrees - Charcoal in "Weber Snake" Indirect cook Stone Until internal temp of thigh reaches 170 degrees Rest Thoughts about what you would do in my place? Pros and Cons? Is there a third and better way? Thanks to you my Brother’s in Smoke!
  3. This slow roasted pork dish comes from the yucatán peninsula. the ingredients for the rub/sauce include annatto, garlic, sour orange, salt, fresh cracked pepper, allspice, cumin, clove, apple cider vinegar. All of the spices are freshly ground up then mix together with the apple cider vinegar and the juice of 3 limes. The pork butt is placed in marinade the night before. This made about four to five lbs of pork butt. After marinating lined a pan with banana leaves as the banana leaves help to retain moisture and impart a wonderful flavor. Slow roasted on the Kamado Joe Big Joe for approximately 4 hours at three hundred and twenty degrees. I foiled about an hour into the cook to allow the food to retain maximum moisture. What change out was spectacular. This can be used as taco meat or eaten on its own as shown with a little white rice. The flavors are tropical and outstanding!
  4. Hi all. I'm looking for a little guru advice. After 2 weeks of CGK cooking I felt confident doing my first low/slow boston butt. I actually picked up a pork picnic roast in the 6lb range. The CGK has been holding 245 since 12pm (it is now 8pm) but the butt stalled at 163 for the last 4 hours. Literally 4 hours. I just opened up the top vent to climb it up to 275, trying to break the stall, but I couldn't find any advice for how long a stall can last. I appreciate any info and wisdom you can impart. And, don't worry.... I'm photo documenting the whole thing for the visual people. Much longer and I'm going to try the foil hat method. Thanks again. Eric
  5. Okay so I read over a few posts here from you guys about your Akorn low-n-slow methods, and paired it up with some Meathead Memphis Dust Rub and applied it all to some pork baby back ribs, and jalapeño poppers (ABTs as I have learned today). My method thus far: Decent Pile of Cowboy Lump Charcoal - Various sizes. 2 Starter cubes placed on top spread apart. Laid a piece or two of charcoal over top. Let it burn with lid open for 15 minutes. Placed 17inch grate inside, with foil wrapped pizza stone in the middle. Placed main grate back on top. Closed it up and set dampers to like 1 on the bottom, and nearly shut on top. Let is work its way up to about 200ish, and then put the meat on. Rib side down. Dropped in half a Dickie's cup of Apple wood chips (not soaked) on the coals. Checked grill temp about every 30 mins over the next three hours. I need to get a grill thermometer - for the time being I was just using my Taylor probe thermometer, and floated it above the grate. I dunno how accurate that is, but I got readings between 225 and 250 most of the time. The Akorn temp guage read roughly the same. I threw the poppers on after the ribs had been going an hour. The poppers are pretty standard from what I gather. Jalapeños, seeded, with cream cheese and chopped onion filling, wrapped with sharp cheddar and bacon. Half of the batch I mixed in some left over brown sugar with the cream cheese - I think I like the non-sweet ones better. I also threw in the other half-cup of apple chips when I added the poppers - just let them fall down around the edges - didn't want to pull grill apart. They smoked up good. Did the bend test at 3 hours - it started to tear, and the internal temp said 190. It looked fantastic, and I was hungry, so I pulled them off. My Thoughts: I didn't baste the ribs in sauce at the end, really just wanted to focus on the taste of the rub. I must say that Memphis Dust is really-really good. I need a less sweet BBQ to dip it in (had Sweet Baby Rays on hand) since it has a nice sugar component already. Need something more on the acidic side. I might put a little heat in the rub next time, I kept the heat out since the rest of the family doesn't like as much as I do. Bottom line, I was super happy with my results. As mentioned - will raise heat level, and find a more vinegar based BBQ sauce to pair with it. Will try to get a better thermometer setup, so I can really see what my temps are doing. My wife said she would like them more tender. I thought the tenderness was good, it didn't fall off the bone, but released with ease when I bit into it - best of both worlds IMHO. I think my smoke ring could have been better - I didn't want to go overboard with the wood, so I took the conservative approach. Oh, the ABTs were pretty good. I took one off about 25 minutes earlier than everything else, to sample, and I think I should have pulled them all off at that time, just SLIGHTLY overcooked I think.. but still delicious. I'm very pleased with my first attempt, but take a look at my pictures/method, and let me know if you have suggestions on how to make my next round better! Thanks, -Brad
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