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Found 23 results

  1. Hello All!!! Getting my Kamodo dialed in. Thought I had a gasket issue, but Brian at Hi-Que gave me lots of knowledge about fire control on my grill. Any tips on controlling the level of smoke applied to the cook would be appreciate by this rookie!
  2. LJS

    Pork Belly

    Hello Kamado Peeps, I made the best pork belly ever with smoke flavour as well as 100% perfect crackling. Take your pork belly and do a lot more scoring on the skin and if you have one of those goodies with lots of spikes then spike the skin. Then ladle boiling water over the skin about 10-15 time to make sure the skin has boiled up a little. Pat dry and then place skin side down on a bed of salt, leave in fridge for 12-24 hours. After that just wipe the salt off the skin and add your favorite rub on the meat side. Cook indirect heat at 200-220°C until internal Temp is at
  3. LJS

    Ribs 321

    Hello Kamado Peeps, Has ana awesome weekend. My friend did a low and slow leg of lamb on the Webber kettle and left it in sauce with the aim of enhancing the gravy. It sure did and pulled apart beautifully on the rolls, he also did not use any wood just natural spices. So I had to do a cook myself. Went to this new meat shop (meat emporium Sydney) and the selection and quality is really good. I walked out over budget and decided to do some pork ribs a monster pcs. Spice: Pepper, salt, garlic, mustard, onion, paprika, sugar and cayenne pepper Wood: Cheery and 1pcs
  4. As the title suggests, I am looking for help getting my Akorn to act the way I want it to for smoking purposes. I have the smoking stone, use a water pan, and lower my dampers until it basically snuffs out my fire, but I cannot seem to keep my Akorn at 225. Now, I will admit that I am new to smoking and that there is a lot to be learned, but I have read tons of guides and watched videos and replicated them to my best ability, but still cannot get it to work for me. Currently, my process is this: Open dampers all the way Fill bottom of grill full of hardw
  5. Hey family, I plan to smoke 7 pork butts on my Big Joe using my extender rack. All the butts weigh between 7-8 pounds. Should I maintain the general rule of approx 1.5 -2 hours cook time at 225? With that, is it fair to say this cool will be approx 16 hours for all 7 butts? I just want to make sure the extra capacity doesn’t affect my cook time. I’d appreciate advice based on prior experience from you folks. Thanks!
  6. I decided to try ordering from this company called Smokinlicious Gourmet Smoking Wood, from Buffalo. It's convenient for me as I'm in Canada that they offer both an American website and a Canadian website. Anywho, I once ordered Alder wood from Amazon US, as it's fairly hard to find companies selling Alder wood for smoking in Canada. The customer service that I experienced from this company is almost unheard of. Questions(by email) were answered in minutes, over long weekends and late nights. This wood was offered in 30lbs or 15lbs packages so I ordered the 15lbs, as I am tr
  7. Hello everyone, new to the group and just seeing what tips, tricks, and insight I can find. I love trying out of the box techniques and experimenting to find the best flavors possible.
  8. Looking for some expert advice on how to avoid too much smoke flavor and bitter taste. Cooking on a Vision Series B. I'm using hickory chunks. What's the right amount of wood chunks to use? I hear a little goes a long way. I have made the mistake before of putting the wood in with the charcoal before lighting. When should I put the wood on the coals, and after putting the wood on the coals, when should the meat be put on the grate too smoke? Ideally, I'd like to smoke meat in the 225 to 250 degrees range. About how long should it take for the coals to be ready to introduce the wood, an
  9. I started smoking a leg of lamb even though rain was moving into the area. I got about 20 minutes smoking done before the drizzle started. It is now 1-1/4 hours with a light rain falling. The Kamado is holding at 300F with the lamb over a water pan. I will smoke for 2 hours then finish in the Wolfgang Puck pressure oven for 6 hours or so at 250F. I haven't opened the Kamado yet because, "If I'm looking I'm not cooking". .
  10. A lot of how-to videos out there show slathering yellow mustard onto the meat prior to adding the rub. This is said that the mustard doesnt really contribute that much flavor and is used primarily as a way to make the rub adhere to the meat better. OK... so why not just add the mustard to the dry rub and make a paste?
  11. Last minute decision to do a butt today. Not massive but a quick 7 pounder for my mom. Still getting used to the grill and the different setups. The guru makes it very simple though. Here's a on the grill before pic. Also here is how I set my lava stone. It came with my gas insert so untill I have a problem with it I'll continue to use it. If it breaks I'll upgrade with a cast iron unit I suppose. ill check back for some updated pics as the day goes on. Good grilling everyone
  12. I Need An Analyst! Hello. New member, and I have told a lot about myself in the new member intro section. I'm a well weathered smoker with specialty in pork shoulder, brisket, chicken, and turkey (20++ years). Until a year or so ago I developed my skills in Memphis first with a metal trashcan mod and then with a rinky dinky Brinkman horizontal smoker with chimney and firebox. I did extremely well with those pieces of crap over the years.The beautiful wife bought me an Akorn for our anniversary, and this is my second season trying to master it for low and slow. I LOVE it, but can't CONTROL
  13. Hey guys, I need some advice. I've done a number of low and slow cooks on my Akorn now (mostly ribs). I've gotten pretty much everything down but one thing: consistent and good smoke. Here is my setup for ribs: I use 100% lump piled up below the tabs. I leave a hole in the middle for lighting and mix hickory and apple chunks in with the lump around the hole. I'll also add a couple on top of the fire before I put on the smoking stone and grate. I start the fire and after the flames die down and a few coals are lit, I'll close the lid and let the TTT start regulating airflow. I usual
  14. Beautiful weekend, so I decided to smoke a butt. I got an 8lb butt, covered it with Foy's Dry Rub and threw it on my Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker around 9:30 Saturday morning. At about 3:00, I checked the temp and the smell coming from the Cooker was heavenly. The hardest thing about smoking a butt to me is not constantly looking for excuses to start tearing off little pieces as it gets close to the end! To avoid temptation and to make myself useful, I decided to make some sides. Chopped up some cabbage, added mayo and a little sour cream to make an awesome coleslaw. Remembered to add the caraway
  15. Thoughts on the Grill expander? I am looking to use for smoking with a drip pan underneath. Is there any alternatives I am not aware of? Please and Thanks in advance
  16. Smoked any ribs directly on the lava stone in their kamado? I have a rack a spare ribs that I'm planning on throwing on some time tomorrow. I'm going to use my small deflector stone, but I've been thinking about smoking the ribs directly on my large stone. I'm just wondering if having 2 stones in use at the same time will keep me from getting my temp up even to 225-240. Can anyone give me any cons to trying this?
  17. What's on the menu today? Pulled Pork. A fresh batch of rub was made. Two large butts were trimmed, scored, rubbed and sealed in vacuum bags for overnight. The next day they were put on the smoke. The pork will be slow smoked at 225 for about 12 hours. These pictures are from before the foiling, which was done when the butts started to dip in temperature (the dreaded stall). They already have a glorious color and wonderful aroma, even though they are only at 160ish. All of the pictures are named descriptively; hover your cursor over the image for more detail.
  18. Recently, I had the idea to use pellets for a smoking agent in lieu of traditional smoking chips or chunks. I always forget to soak them prior so I thought this might be a quick fix in a bind. What I thought would be a "quick fix" turned out to work pretty darn well. I used cherry pellets for a rack of spares. Using the 3-2-1 cooking method make these ribs tender, moist and the pellets added a great smoky flavor! I will definitely use the pellets again!
  19. Hello All, I just bought a new Akorn Kamado Kooker over the 4th of July weekend and I have used it a couple of times and so far it's been great. I am a fan of my Weber Performer and have been very happy with it for most uses but I found it pretty difficult to smoke fish on it which is something that I just started to do. I had wanted to purchase another grill to be used in addition to the Performer when I was doing entertaining and needed to cook lots of different foods on the grill. I had been able to do it all on the Weber but it took a long time and usually I had to reload the charcoa
  20. Well here is another great article from TexasBBQ Rub. As always I hope it helps someone. All credit goes to Texas BBQ Rub: http://www.texasbbqrub.com http://facebook.com/texasbbqrub "Texas BBQ Rub's Guide to Kick Your BBQ to the Next Level" Article 7 (Part 1 of 2) Smoking and Grilling Chicken June 27, 2014 This is the 7th Article in the Series of Articles I have been doing. I know many of you sent me emails about the last Article and I numbered it wrong (guess that is what happens at 1:30 am). The Article on the Beef Ribs was number 6 in the series sorry about any conf
  21. Sorry for the duplicate posts. The forum was giving me SQL errors and I did not know my post actually got posted. Hopefully the Mods will delete the other posts. I received another informative email from www.texasbbqrub.com. ALL credit is to them. I hope this helps someone out that wanted to cook ribs better or had questions. Texas BBQ Rub's Guide to Kick Your BBQ to the Next Level Article 4 Pork Ribs In the world of BBQ cooking perhaps the most cooked of all the meats are pork ribs and that is what you are going to learn how to do in this article. We are going to cover pork s
  22. I think I've finally tracked down a local supplier of Oak for smoking but was offered Green (Naturally) Seasoned wood or Kiln Dried. What works best on a Kamado? Instinctively I think that the moisture in Green Seasoned would give a slower burn so more consistent smoke. Your thoughts / experiences / advice welcome. Wood for this type of smoking is not readily available in the UK. Dust for cold smoking or chips are mostly what you can get. Several companies from the US are on eBay and offer to ship over here. If you buy wood chunks online who do you trust? Thanks B
  23. I must say that these Kamado grills are awesome. This is my third cook on them and I know I still have a lot to learn but man can these things cook. Just made some killer pizza for the family and they said it was better than any restaurant or delivery they've had.
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