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Found 1 result

  1. warning- this is more of a rant than anything particularly coherent Confession: I am not comfortable with the phrase 'comfortable in your own skin'. I am increasingly less comfortable in the skin that this nation is evolving into. Specifically, the effect of social media on our society and culture as a whole. And, perhaps I shouldn't be blaming twitter, facebook, periscope and snapchat but rather, thanking them. They has done more than perhaps any other thing I can think of in recent history to uproot and expose the weakness, cowardice, spinelessness and lack of conviction in leadership and public figures. I think this is why above all else- I like Donlad Trump. I'm not talking about whether I voted for or against him. I appreciate any individual in this day and age who will not back down or away from sincerely held beliefs and opinions. I like character guys, and I not even saying that he has very much. However, at the root of character is conviction and he at least has the conviction to say- and I quote Pilate here- "What I have written, I have written". I miss people who simply stood on what they said. No apology tours, no interviews to revamp one's image. Real leaders. Which brings me to one of the latest cases of gross equivocation: the CEO of United. I find it humorous watching how quickly and apparently sincerely, he's reversed himself. He's now dancing so hard that my feet are starting to hurt. I'm am not opposed to admitting mistakes or errors in judgment. I've made my share and admitted them publicly when occasion required. But, was this an error in judgment? Despite how I or you feel about United- and let me be clear- their customer service and the flight experience is horrible! They have canceled more of my flights for no reason and without making any serious effort to find alternatives. Nor am I considering the policy of overbooking or removing customers in general or more specifically for the purpose of freeing seats for united employees. I am talking about a passenger ignoring the direct orders of airport police and personel to deboard. I do particularly like how the doctor- seemingly against all human nature- resisted the urge to remove blood from his face to ensure that it was properly documented for posterity- and his case. If I defy the police, I expect to be mishandled. The very nature of arrest, in my mind indicates the introduction of a level of force that we may not be comfortable seeing. This provided a wonderful opening for the opportunistic passenger- who having already announced his intention to sue and realizing eyes were glued and cameras were recording- acted to strengthen his potential case. He cried out like a wounded animal and forced the agents to drag him out. The snowflakes present wilted and began to shout almost in unison, "O my God!" Those who resist will be subdued: that's how law enforcement works- they enforce. This is unimpressive to me. I've seen it before, having been in the uneviable position of having to have an unruly individual removed from a Church service. I then witnessed everyone who had confided in me about how unsafe they felt due to this person's actions and others who asked me to protect their families by having him removed suddenly become convinced that I was the bad guy when they saw the actual removal. To be clear, there was no force used. The police simply entered and whispered to the individual that he needed to leave quietly or be arrested. He chose to be arrested and was asked to turn around; then, was cuffed without incident. But, for effect, as they were leaving, he doubled forward as if his hands arms were being twisted behind his back. I still remember the audible gasps. As soon as they were clear of the view of the congregation, he straightened and began a quite civil and humorous conversation with the police officers. He was then released but asked not to return due to his continued disruption. Many families who requested this then left the Church. Funny how that goes. Anyway collectively, as a nation, we don't have a stomach for it. We watch it as if it were the same level of intent, animus and brutality as Bull Conner, Jim Clark. What I see is a simple arrest. But the resultant social media outcry over remarks is buckled the knees of United' CEO. Far too many of our our NFL Commissioners, elected officials, business leaders and Church leaders are adopting Hillary's motto: I was for it until I was against it. So, I just wanted to say that I am unimpressed by what I saw. What if it happened to me? It wouldn't. Once the police whow up- it's yes sir and no ma'am. And in closing- will our real leaders please stand up! As promised- nothing particularly coherent
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