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Found 17 results

  1. Pizza tasted very good. I used my Joe Jr. to Roast the Chicken Reshmi Kebabs and used my vision Classic B to bake the individual pizza. For the cheese I used paneer cheese, extra old cheddar and pizza mozzarella. The sauce for pizza was the serving sauce for Chicken Reshmi Kebabs. This pizza will now be part of my pizza repertoire.
  2. Hi everyone, Some have asked me to give them the recipe for the burger buns I used in my How To Make Better Burgers video. Well, here it is. Makes 8 buns. Ounce units are weight ounces (not fluid ounces). Sponge Starter: How To Make Sourdough Yeast Starter 4 oz yeast starter 6 oz AP flour 6 oz warm milk Final Ingredients: 12 oz AP flour 4 oz warm milk 1 egg, beaten 0.4 oz melted unsalted butter (~1/4 cup) 0.4 oz salt 0.4 oz sugar Optional: melted butter or egg wash for brushing. Directions: 1) Mi
  3. Here is my firs "real' sourdough loaf cooked on the Kamado grill.... This came out extremely well.. it's a simple 75% hydration loaf. I decided to get a little creative on my next loaf... Behold the Guinness Sourdough Loaf.. I cooked this one in the oven... it's an 80% hydration loaf with Guinness instead of water....
  4. I am very close to finalizing my recipe. I was intrigued by a loaf I bought from I bakery that makes very good sourdough loafs and other types of loaf. I had bought and tasted a loaf that had craisins and walnuts, taste was good so I went about to replicate or get one with even better flavour. I think I have succeeded for most part based in feedback from tasters. Here are some pictures of the process and final product. I need to do better job on flouring box. Some of dough stuck,you can see where on picture of final loaf. Flavour and texture were excellent, had tang from craisins and
  5. 1 BASIS This recipe is based on the delayed fermentation method for sourdough loaf described in Peter Reinhart’s book “The Baker’s Apprentice” and is also based on a flavor I had tasted from a rye sourdough loaf I had purchased from Vienna Bakery which contained Walnuts and Craisins. That is where I got the idea for this loaf. 2 INGREDIENTS 2.1 Firm Starter – ingredients 2.1.1 Sourdough starter: 4 oz (113.4g) 2.1.2 Bread Flour: 4.5 oz (127.6g) 2.1.3 Water-warm (80°F to 90°F): 1 oz (28.4g) + may need additional 1 oz (28.4g) 2.1.4 Olive oil (for oiling firm
  6. The in laws are inbound so the time has come to crank the monolith up to some higher temp and make the second attempt at making pizza. This time we have gotten a starter from a friend that runs a sourdough pizza place in London (might be tempted to build one from scratch in the future. The starter is built with 50/50 White and wheat flour and is probably about 8 years old. Levain is built as follows: Starter - 100g White organic flour - 100g Filtered water - 100g 4 hours maturing Dough: Levain White flour - 1050g Filt
  7. I finally was able to make my very first sourdough thin crust pizza. I really like the crispness and flavour. First time I ever tried Friuano cheese.
  8. Video: Over the last year or so I have spent a lot of time learning how to make great bread and pizza. One of the lessons I have learned is that it’s crucial to have access to a sourdough starter. This is a naturally-obtained yeast culture that comes from the naturally occurring yeast in the flour and the air of your environment. This is also why some sourdough strains can produce different tastes than another strain from another area. I have experimented with several different techniques for building a sourdough starter and found one that I prefer.
  9. This is probably my first successful attempt at the Josey Baker Bread sourdough recipe and technique. This loaf will accompany the Thanksgiving meal tomorrow!
  10. Just got my Akorn this week and have done three cooks so far. The first were Nicaraguan style chicken thighs, send was half a chicken and last night my first pizza on the kooker made with homemade sourdough. Still trying to dial in my temps and the only snag I've hit is last night I got the temp up to about 550, put the pizza on and closed the top damper down to about 1/4" and the bottom to about 1/2". My temp just kept diving so I took the pie out a bit early but it was still great I thought. I've made tons of pizzas at home in the oven but the smokiness the Akorn added took it over the top!
  11. I actually think discussion on sourdough could be a forum area all its own! While I believe many of us are becoming more aware of sourdough, and its healthy properties, I suspect there is still a lot of folks who think of sourdough as just a change in taste. I am nowhere near an expert in sourdough, as I have only been back into it for about 6 months or so, however I have done a bit of internet research and I am quite impressed with the results. Recent studies are shedding new light on this, the earliest method of rising flours. In fact in one recent study, there was a strong indication
  12. This post is (primarily) for Ben Of course, everything is natural (sourdough) leaven! These loaves are ~33% Rye with cooked wheat berries added -- enriched with a bit of sugar & oil Over-proofed waiting for fry-pan loaf to cook. Still good & tasty. This artesan style loaf is ~45% Spelt, non-enriched dough. Covered with foil 1st 1/2 of bake. This Breakfast, cinnamon apple loaf was the other half of the spelt dough. I stretched the dough out similar to making a rectangular pizza, sprinkled with about 1-1/2 Tbl. brown sugar, fairly heavy dusting of cinnamon, then spr
  13. I wanted to put together a short tutorial on how to dry/dehydrate a sourdough starter so you can use bits of it at any time to get a new starter going quickly if you need it... When you are feeding your sourdough starter and discarding some of the unfed starter during the process, save a bit of that unfed starter... I did this by two different methods.... first, I spread some of the unfed starter on a piece of parchment paper and just left it out on my counter... I took another sample of it and spread it out on a plastic unperforated dehydrator tray... I set the dehyd
  14. Greetings.... After having played with Mewantkj's sourdough starter for a bit (and I'm still working with that one) I decided to pull my girlfriend's "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" book off the shelf to have a look at their interpretation of Sourdough starters and bread.... My girlfriend is an 'expert' level bread baker and I had bought her this book at some point in the past as it was highly recommended. Making the sourdough starter: Day 1: 1 cup (4.25 ounces) of Rye flour (precision is not important) 1/2 cup (4.00 ounces) of unsweetened pineapple juice (prec
  15. For right now, this is a Stub article. I am in the middle of cooking and do not have time to post yet. On the cook, Two Chateaubriands with Wine and Brown sauce reduction sauce. One of the filets is being prepared sous vide prior to the final sear. Done on the Big Joe. (post script update) The challenge on the Chateaubriand was SWMBO wanted the meat well done. This is not the way the meat is typically prepared. To achieve well-done, but retain the juiciness of the meat, it was cooked Sous Vide (vacuum sealed in a bag with seasoning, in a temperature controlled water bath until well done)
  16. We decided to try Mary Alice's Sourdough Bread as per John Setzler's post on 7/24/14 http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/12859-mary-alices-sourdough-bread/?hl=sourdough My wife prepared the loaves and I baked them - we ate one during the course of the day and took the other with us on vacation I was a bit slow getting the kamado ready so the loaves rose a bit more than they needed to - but they still tasted great.
  17. This is roughly based on the recipes from a new cookbook, josey baker bread. http://www.amazon.com/Josey-Baker-Bread-Baking-Awesome/dp/1452113688 My starter was up and running. A couple tablespoons young starter (~12 hrs since feeding) was mixed with 8 oz water and 5 oz all purpose flour. Cover and let sit for 12 hrs. Mix to a rough shaggy mess by adding 650 g flour and ~400 g water ( I don't remember exactly how much, I started to deviate from the recipe. Let this sit for 30 minutes. Add 20g salt and mix for 10 minutes. Transfer to a lightly oiled covered bowl for 3 hrs at room temp
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