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Found 7 results

  1. So, what is it about men that makes them reluctant to RSVP? Cooking for my brothers and nephews this Saturday to make up for all the birthdays I missed, so I picked supplies today. 10 pounds of beef plate ribs and 10 pounds of Spares that I am cutting into St. Louis'.
  2. An Aldi opened up a couple months ago near my house. I’ve always wanted to try their spare ribs, finally picked up a rack and gave it a try. I didn’t trim anything, just pulled the membrane off. I even kept the little meat flap on. Seasoned it with some rub I found behind the cabinet, which was not a typical rub I would use, but glad I did. Topped it off with some Killer Hogs for a little color, then let it marinate for 30min to an hour. I used a mixture of mesquite and pecan chunks. Through-out the cook, I spritzed it with diluted apples cider vinegar. My wife made a BBQ sauce that she used on bacon chicken wraps. Man was it good. I think it consisted of banana ketchup, sweet baby rays, sriracha (very little) and brown sugar. Was surprised how fresh the ribs were compared to the Kroger brand I normally get. Definitely getting those ribs again.
  3. How to trim them in to St. Louis cut, rubbing them, and cooking them. Dry Rub: 2 Tbsp paprika 1 Tbsp black pepper 1 Tbsp coarse salt 1 Tbsp brown sugar 1/2 Tbsp chili powder 1/2 Tbsp garlic powder 1/2 Tbsp onion powder 1 tsp cayenne. Rib Sauce: 6 oz tomato paste 6 oz water 6 oz vinegar (white, cider, or a mixture of both) 1+ Tbsp molasses 1+ Tbsp white sugar 1 tsp chili powder 1 tsp celery salt 1 tsp black pepper
  4. Got my Big Joe a couple weeks ago and have logged a few cooks (3 bags worth,) including pizza, pork chops, sourdough french bread, sourdough hamburger buns, and more. Have turned out some good food, but still fighting the learning curve. Think I get too anxious and get the grill over heated, even though I have read enough to know better... However, I did do a bit of mod on the Joe to tighten up the slider and daisy wheel so they don't move every time I open the grill and a bit of work to get the bottom vent so it isn't quite so loose. These things seem to have made a significant difference. Last nights cook included St Louis style ribs, per one of Johns Kamado Joe Cooking recipes, followed by an apple streuselkuchen. So what did I learn? A lot! In the past I have always soaked my seasoned ribs in beer and then pre-cooked them in the oven. The process removes a lot of the rub. So, I ended up using too much dry rubs and the ribs were a bit to spicy for the boss! Next time I'll need to lay off a bit on the rub, or put varying amounts of rub on the different racks to have mild, medium, and hot ribs. Near the end of the ribs, I opened things up a bit and brought the grill up to about 400, and boy did all those drippings start to smoke! Waited as long as I thought necessary, but still a bit of dark smoke coming from all the drippings, then I put the streuselkuchen on. Yep, you guessed it. The streuselkuchen cooked perfectly, but has a real mild bbq flavor to it. Don't know if all were just being polite or not, but they still said it was great. Next time need to put a drip pan down on the heat deflectors, or cover them with foil, which I can strip before cooking a dessert, or let the grill run until the smoke goes away. Sorry, no pics this time, I can only learn one thing at a time :-)! That streuselkucken is fantastic stuff and you can vary the toppings to your liking, so if anyone wants, I can post that recipe. Oh yeah, next week's cook is going to be John's cherry glazed pork loin, potatoes au gratin (think I might add crisped bacon to the layers and leave off the pepperoni,) steamed broccoli, and finish the cook with the blueberry cobbler. A HUGE thanks to John for all those cooking videos, otherwise I am sure I would have three bags worth of cremations ;-> Cheers from Alaska!
  5. I did this one for Memorial Day. Recipe for both the rub and sauce are in the video and in the description field. I winged both and hit the mark. http://youtu.be/b2CDo33Ag2g
  6. Let the rub set overnight. Great color and penetration (I think). Hardly any liquid. Just put them on. Smoking everything. STLs, tips, diaphragm and even the breast bone had some nice meat so that went on too. Plan on foiling them with KJ BBQ sauce, sugar in the raw, butter and a few spritzes of apple juice. This is my third time using this exact method with the KJ Peach and I was very pleased with the first two results. More pics coming!!
  7. Just snuck away from the BBQ to post this. Rubbed them last night with Oakridge Dominator. This is my 4th time using the rub. It has an incredible color and scent. I would describe it as a slightly sweet rub. Fuel was Royal Oak, smoke wood was Pecan. Here they are on the Big Joe @ 225: My preferred temp is 275 but today the Big Joe wanted to start off at 225 so I let him. I originally planned on doing a 2-1-1 ish cook but since my Big Joe was settled in at 225 I decided to go 3 hours before foiling. So my cook ended up being 3-1-.5. Ribs were still pretty firm when placed them in foil with a little apple juice so I figured 1 hour in foil would be OK. Needless to say I got a little sidetracked with family and my Big Joe spiked in temp @ 300 while they ribs were foiled. When I finally pulled them from the foil to sauce them they were literally falling off the bone. I don't like them that tender but they were a hit with the guests so I guess that is all that matters. They were so tender that my tongs ruined the bark. Although I have to admit they tasted pretty good. Here they are sauced, baby backs in front, you can see one of the bones that fell out:
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