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Found 7 results

  1. This is my entry into the “Fed in the Med!” Challenge. This is my first time making this but I thought I’d give them a whirl. I started out by buying some tenderloin from Costco. I then started gathering the ingredients for the filling. And then the ingredients for the glaze. Here are most of the ingredients. Minced the herbs. Sliced the Apricots and Sun Dried Tomatoes. Sautéed the OO and Garlic. Threw in 5 packed cups of baby spinach and sweated it down 3 minutes. I then stirred in the SD tomatoes and apricots. For the topping I zested a lemon. I added everything to a skillet, stirred and heated slightly. I took the 2 tenderloins out and sliced them in half I then covered them in plastic and lightly pounded they out to a more uniform thickness. I added the Feta cheese to the filling and stirred and then spread it out on the loins. I rolled them up and then tied them up with butchers twine. I then placed them in a roasting pan and then spread on the Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar and Dijon mustard glaze. I then placed them in my preheated (to 375) kamado. After 45 minutes the I.T. was at 145 so I took them out and let them rest for 10 minutes. Here are the plates pics. Here’s the Money Shot! It was delicious and my wife loved it! It may have been first time making this but it will not be my last. Thanks for looking.
  2. Crab Cakes These crab cakes fixed by my daughter were so good I had to share it with the Guru community. My daughter is in town for a short visit and prior to her arrival I was instructed to get ingredients for crab cakes and a sauce she would fix one night. I dutifully, while at Costco, bought 2 lbs of lump crab meat figuring that was sufficient for 4 people. After all, despite the mortgage needed for the crab meat purchase, it was still way cheaper than going out to eat – and a whole lot better, for sure. ​With the rain still pounding down in Georgia, this was a nice inside cook and a special treat. It turned out this recipe made 18 cakes of medium size just under 2 oz a patty – 3 crab cakes per person was a good meal portion since they are so rich. Which of course meant there were a few for leftovers. Breakfast anyone? The Cakes It all starts with the main actor - some nice crab meat The Fixins: This recipe allows the crab meat to remain the start of the show - which is how a good crab cake should be. All the other ingredients are to support the delicate crab flavor and not take away from it. Keep this in mind if you adjust proportions or are scaling the recipe. In olive oil, slowly sweat (to avoid turning the garlic bitter) to a light caramelize on the onions : 1 1/2 medium onions, finely minced, 6 garlic cloves, finely minced Some chopped parsley Season lightly with your favorite seafood seasoning (we used one of my home made go to mixes - Emeril’s Essence and some powdered Rex crab boil). Plus freshly cracked black pepper to taste. Allow onion and garlic mixture to cool and gently fold together (preserving the crab meat lumps) with 2 cups Panko bread crumbs 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, (more if needed) 2 large egg whites 1/3 to 1/2 cup freshly chopped parsley ½ lemon squeezed 2 lbs lump crab meat Using a 1/3 cup measure for uniformity, measure and gently form the patties. Chill in fridge on parchment paper coated with cooking spray for at least an hour to mature flavors and set the cakes for a better frying experience. Pan fry until golden brown in favorite oil. Daughter conned her brother into doing the actual frying. Smart girl! (Note – this crab cake recipe is my daughter’s adaptation of the Tyler Florence Ultimate Crab Cakes recipe on Food Network - her version is good!) The Dipping Sauce My daughter’s sauce really works with the crab cakes. Mix mayonnaise, sour cream, fresh garlic paste (use micro plane or mash fine minced garlic with a fork and very small amount of salt as grinding agent), fresh lemon juice, and sriracha. No specific measures here – just balance the ingredients and mix for taste. You want a lightly flavored sauce that will complement the crab cakes and not overpower them. Go easy on the garlic and sriracha - tasting as you go. The sriracha adds a nice dimension. The Sautéed Spinach While the crab cakes were being fried, I fixed the spinach side dish. Fresh spinach was rinsed and place in large pan with small amount of hot olive oil and the other 1/2 of the onion thinly sliced. Cover and begin to wilt down. Add 2-3 cut up wedges of Laughing Cow (light} Swiss cheese and fresh ground black pepper. Stir until cheese is melted and incorporated and spinach is fully wilted. Add several good dashes of Angustora bitters to perk the flavor. (Worcestershire can be substituted for the bitters but the bitters is best). Do not go overboard on the bitters. Parting Shot - Enjoy!
  3. Sorry - I meant to post this in the Poultry Recipe Forum. Recipe my kids really love. No specific measurements. 1. Cook about a pound of chicken in a bit of butter, worcestershire sauce, frank's hot sauce. Season with Lawry's seasoned salt. I mince the cooked chicken because we like the creamy texture better than chopped. 2. Thaw and squeeze out as much moisture from a box or half bag of chopped spinach. In a large bowl, mix with a good bit of Parmesan cheese. 3. Combine chicken with the spinach and mix. Add a good bit of your favorite cheese and mix. Add enough mayo to bind so that it is not crumbly. 4. Roll out one package of crescent rolls onto a baking stone or cooking sheet. Spread mixture down the center. Cut ribbons on each side. Lift each corresponding ribbon over mixture and twist. 5. Cover with foil and cook 15 minutes on 37 degrees. Remove foil and cook an additional 15 minutes. Your ovens my vary. I use a cooking stone so a cooking sheet may cook the bottom quicker. I plan to try this out on the Akorn in the future. Hope you enjoy! Devin
  4. Fish Night Detour Today was too busy with work and things ran over well into the dinner hour so cooking the planned chicken meal on Joe did not work out. This was a quick detour that turned out quite nice and was diet friendly and good for you. Six IQF skinless cod fish filets (2 lbs total) cold water quick thawed and lightly seasoned with a Cajun blend and pan sautéed on high heat in a ceramic pan in a small amount of Nutiva organic red palm fruit oil. When the fish had browned nicely on both sides and was just shy of being done I squeezed some lemon over it (not too much) and it was removed to the serving dish to finish its cooking. To make a special sauce (a capers-dashi-white wine reduction), I deglazed the pan with some nice chardonnay (not too much) and added chopped green onion, a good amount of capers and cooked that down adding more chardonnay as needed. The secret flavor ingredient idea I had (that worked really well) in this sauce is adding Hondashi dried bonito granules. It makes this more than just a wine reduction. I wanted just enough sauce to coat the fish and have some on the serving platter. To tighten the sauce, a pat of butter was swirled into the pan. Turn off heat and add a large measure of chopped flat leaf parsley into the pan and mix well. Spoon over the fish and serve immediately. Enjoy immensely. The sauce was plate lickin good - I wish I had made more of it. The primary side was cooked fresh spinach. I used my homemade buckboard bacon (http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/14885-smokehowze’s-pork-butt-bacon-buckboard-bacon/?p=173493) as the main flavoring. Chopped onion and garlic were sautéed with the bacon cut into cubes and some olive oil as needed. Add the spinach, some water and let it wilt and cook down – fresh ground black pepper as needed and a dash of bitters (optional). The flavor with the smoked homemade bacon was beyond expectation. Despite the butter in the pan sauce for the fish, overall I rate this as a healthy meal as the buckboard bacon is much much lower fat than belly bacon. The red palm fruit oil (not palm kernel oil) contains the highest amounts of vitamins A and E of any plant-based oil through its high content of carotenes and numerous tocotrienols. It tastes good too on the food and contributes to the rich color. Sauteed Cod & Fresh Cooked Spinach The Smoked Homemade Buckboard Bacon The Spinach Fixings The Fish Pretty Looking,Tasty, and Good For You Thanks for looking.
  5. Filet Mignon & Shrimp Cocktail Happy B-Day Meal I have been on the road for a couple of weeks and Mrs. Smokehowze has a b-day approaching. For a long while she had been wishing for filet mignon. Costco has some really pretty ones in the case today and in the cart they went as a surprise meal. I decided to go all out and build a high end celebration meal for two with a touch of a surf and turf theme. A Happy Birthday Meal A Perfect Cook The Seafood Part – Chilled Shrimp Cocktail Started off with brining some peeled shrimp for the cocktail in a modified New Orleans crab boil mixture using Rex powdered crab boil, some Emeril’s Essence and Louisiana brand hot sauce. After brining for a hour or so, I took the shrimp out the mixture and used the liquid to cook the shrimp in for 2 minutes after it came to a boil. Quickly removed shrimp to a bowl with ice cubes and added just enough of the boiling liquid over the ice and shrimp. Set in fridge to chill and to mature the flavor. Shrimp out of the Boil While the shrimp were chilling, I constructed an amended remoulade style sauce with mayo, ketchup, avocado oil, fresh chopped cilantro, a squirt of lime juice and Crystal hot sauce. Set it in fridge to also mature the flavors. My Remoulade Variant Served the chilled shrimp in a martini glass with a base of shredded lettuce, some chopped green onions. A Tasty Shrimp Cocktail The Sides - Fresh Sautéed Spinach and Maple Glazed Carrots Very slowly heated on the stove a thin sliced onion and several toes of garlic thin sliced in olive oil using very very low heat for about 30 minutes until onions and garlic were well softened and oil was infused with the flavors. Sweated Onion and Garlic Cooked the rinsed fresh spinach on Big(Red)Joe in my Lodge enameled cast iron with a bit of olive oil in the pot since the fire was nearly at the temps for cooking the steak and was perfect for the sauté. When spinach was ready, I added squirts of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce (because I could not find my Peychaud’s bitters) and the onion/garlic/ oil mixture. Top with fresh ground black pepper. Spinach Started on Big Joe Spinach is Done! While the onion and garlic was softening, I also fixed some boiled carrots with a simple and light touch maple syrup glazing tightened up with some butter and cornstarch. Maple Glazed Carrots The Filets The filet mignons had been set out to reach room temperature and were cooked at around 550 degrees direct on Joe with just kosher salt and fresh black pepper, turning every few minutes. They took on a nice exterior crust and a perfect juicy interior. A bit of butter on the steak coming off the grill and ready to serve after a brief set. The Filets Just Kosher Salt and a Fresh Grind of Pepper Nicely Cooked and Finished with a Float of Butter Filet Mignon and the Sides - Let’s Eat! All in all, a great and happy birthday meal with just the wife and I relaxing together at the dinner table enjoying each other’s company – and a pleasant Kamado cooked meal.
  6. I made some really good stuffed chicken breasts. The stuffing is sauteed mushrooms, sauteed spinach, bacon crumbles, and freshly grated swiss. These were cooked direct on grill grates at 450 degrees. Let me know what you think.
  7. Butterflied the Pork Roast and added some crumbled feta and spinach that I had cooked in olive oil and strained. The Asparagus was marinated in soy and balsamic vinegar and the board dressing is Italian seasoning with olive oil and garlic.
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