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Found 14 results

  1. Guru's, I have read a few things on the Akorn FB pages that says that a stone is way better than the cheap-0 pizza pan as a diffuser. Should a diffuser just block heat/flames or should it actually retain heat (i.e. stone)? I haven't done an overnight so I can't really say how well the pizza pan works for that but it has been fine for my indirect's so far. Do I need to invest in a stone for diffusing, I just bought one for pizza but I don't want to use it as a diffuser (plus it's square).
  2. I have a smokin stone for my AKORN Kamado, but wanted one for my AKORN Jr.. I found that not only are they scarce, but pricey too. From searches on the forums I did not really see a good solution, so I gave it a try myself to come up with one. Here is what I got: Wally World has Lodge 10.5 inch griddles for $14.88. Once out to the shop I cut the handle off. Just eye balled the cut off point to fit on the shelf in the cooker. Went to the grinding wheel to eliminate the rough surfaces and then drilled holes in the handle and handle lip to hold the bolt, nut and lock washer. Fit nicely in the cooker and was very stable. You can remove the deflector with BBQ gloves or use the grill handle which fits nicely in the slot of the griddle handle. Fired up the grill and seem to work just fine with some salmon fillets I did.
  3. With my birthday coming up, I've asked for a few accessories for my new Kamado Joe, one of which is the pizza stone. My wife pointed out that we have a pizza stone we use in the oven, which after looking around a bit it seems some people do use. Does anyone know what the difference is, if any in a KJ/BGE pizza stone vs one of the "regular" ones from a bake shop? Is there any advantage to getting the kamado specific ones? If not, that will free me up to put another accessory on the wish list!
  4. Hi, I just bought a woo ring and stone for indirect cooking (Vision S Kamado). Did a test burn to see what temps were like. I absolutely nailed 400F. So hard I couldn't get it to cool to my target 350F at all. With lower dampers, one barely cracked and the other closed I couldn't get anything less than 400F. My questions. How much affect does the upper dome vent have on temp control? To smother the fire I close all vents in my attempt to lower the temp. But normally wouldn't I want the vent fully open otherwise to vent excess smoke? With the lower dampers closed the fire does die off and temps lower. But with it even just cracked open temps rise quickly back to 400F. What techniques would work to better control the temp? My direct cooks have been great. I just want to expand the repertoire and am looking for guidance on this. Thank you.
  5. Mrs philpom said, "how about pizza tonight?" and I said, "sure!". Whipped up a batch of my go to bread machine dough and here they are. I did three large, two pepperoni w/black olives and one onion, bell pepper, pepper flakes and bacon crumbs. Let's see the process! I roll them all in advance and stack between parchment paper. They get a second rise just before I bake them. I paint the sauce on with a silicon baster brush. Next for me is always the pepperoni. Whole olives give it appeal. Mozzarella, plenty of it. Just a touch of cheddar for character (only ever on a pepperoni pizza) Got the primo preheated and ready to go, game time! And the adult treat! OK, it received a little character also. It had been awhile since my last pizza cook, good times, good stuff! No, I don;t think I will ever get tire of it.
  6. I am in the process of wanting to build a small table/island for my kamado grill. I am thinking of building the frame from wood and putting cerment backer board on it. I dont want to spend an arm and a leg building this but I wanted something decent looking. I think the pure wood look is an option but Id rather it be my last one. Does anyone have any recommendations on outer materials. I havent used stucco before but I am very handy and can learn how to do it all. For the price and look I was seeing if anyone had opioins on stucco, stone finish, or tile. Faux stone is over priced and to cover the outer facing its not worth it to pay $100 for little square of it. I have seen some made with tile and they looked pretty nice. Any suggestions? Please
  7. Anyone looking for the Vision lava stone. You can now order one online at home depot They have been out of stock for a long time. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Vision-Grills-Dual-Purpose-Lava-Cooking-Stone-Heat-Deflector-VG-VCS1/202928211?quantity=1 Vision Grills Dual Purpose Lava Cooking Stone / Heat Deflector Model # VG-VCS1 Internet # 202928211 (65) Write a Review $49.98 / each Free ship to home or store -Mike
  8. The process started yesterday with the making of my own coarse ground corn meal from popcorn, then soaking it overnight in 1% butter milk. I followed the recipe in Crust and Crumb by Peter Reinhart, everything was done by weight rather than volume measures and finished the baking tonight. I liked the end result, texture, taste, and moisture. Here are some photos. The baking time took almost 50 minutes because I used stone bread loaf pan.
  9. Ordered the Dough-Joe stone (14.5"x7.8") - really going to love this thing versus the other crappy cheap versions; have been without for a couple of months and that's much too long to not do pies. Ran at about 500 for 45 mins and dropped it on for about 9 minutes (turned at 4;5ish); crust was perfect, stone really held the heat well. Goes without saying, as others have praised it, but this is HIGHLY recommended if you're looking for a stone. Thanks to all who have referred it!
  10. As the owner of a Vision Classic B, I've been envious of KJ owners with the split heat deflectors, and the ease of switching between direct/indirect cooking the design provides. So, I went and bought a 15.5" half round kiln shelf from Euclids. The shelf cost $12.65, & shipping was $21.40 for a total of $34.05. Fits well on the bracket that came with the 14" vision stone, and leaves about 1/2" of space around the outside perimeter. As you can see from the picture I haven't used it yet, but I'm looking forward to it, especially with rebeyes. Just thought I would share in case anyone else was looking for a similar solution.
  11. As S60's review thread was getting kind of long I thought I'd make a thread to link some videos and images for anyone interested. I've had friends asking me about this thing and it's nice to have a bunch of videos collected in one place when I need to reference them. I like most of Tasty Licks BBQ videos and this one is as entertaining as any: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfvBPb7Uqdo&spfreload=10
  12. Everyone that has a good "seal" on their Akorn and can hold the low temperatures for long periods of time 225°F and below, please post what size and type of diffuser u are using be it 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 "or square pizza pan, water pan, cookie sheet, pizza stone (size-thickness), foiled rack, the actual Akorn smoking stone or whatever just to get an idea what is working and what's not! I realize there are lots of other factors at play here but I am very curious about this one!
  13. I've had my Vision Classic for 2 weeks now, and am unabashedly in love. I've done steaks, chicken, kabobs, planked salmon, direct grilled-fish, and now... pizza. I did a lot of reading and lot of preparation and it turned out GREAT. Bought the Vision lava stone diffuser, and a cheap peel/stone combo at BJs (think Costco/Sam's Club). Store-bought dough (Publix), marinara, 5-italian-cheese, red pepper, red onion, peperoncinis, prosciutto, mushroom and fresh basil. 500 degree dome temp with the lava and pizza stone in for 40 minutes... cooked for 5, turned, cooked for 5. I gotta say, I'm never buying pizza from anywhere again! Thanks to all in these forums for all the great information; I hope to one day be helpful to someone else as well! Cheers, -B
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