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Found 20 results

  1. I think I'm going crazy. After turning out some chicken that was definitely undercooked although reading a solid 180 (!) internal temperature, I sat down to check my probes with an icewater bath and a boiled kettle. I mostly use my fireboard for grilling, but I was testing with my inkbird IBBQ 4X. Temperatures were all over the place, and it only got worse when I tried testing with the fireboard: Any given probe reads differently on the inkbird vs the fireboard. I thought leave-in probes were supposed to be interchangeable, that different types were only differentiated by their shape and length. Attached some pics: 6 probes 3 temps.jpg: All 6 probes attached to the fireboard in pairs by visually distinct probe type. Each type comes up with a different reading for "room temperature". 78 is probably accurate. It sure as hell isn't 107 degrees! But they're internally consistent, at least. Same probe 2 devices.jpg The probe type that comes up at 107 on my fireboard, shows an accurate 77 on the inkbird. Same probe 2 devices 2.jpg: The probe type that comes up with an accurate room temperature on my fireboard, shows 20 degrees lower on my inkbird. Same probe 2 devices 3.jpg: The probe type that comes up at 50 degrees on the fireboard, is "off the charts" at 32 degrees on the inkbird. What am I missing?
  2. I’m a bit annoyed by vague recipes. Instructions like “Add some oregano” or “Add your preferred amount of garlic” are meaningless the first time I follow a given recipe. Moreover, charcoal cooking temperatures, like medium-high, are especially worthless to me. I know, I know, some of you will say, “Just cook it to the proper internal temperature irrespective of the heat.” I do, but grill heat plays an important role in meat texture and Maillard reaction production. So, since a medium temperature on my Kamado Joe is significantly different from the medium temperature attainable on my two-burner hibachi, I set about trying to determine if there’s an actual temperature consensus among professional cooks. The first (and only) cookbook I reviewed is a collection of other authors’ recipes, Weber’s Greatest Hits, by Jamie Purviance. He doesn’t differentiate between grate temperature and dome temperature, but his definitions appear to be– High............ 450° to 550° Med-High.... 400° to 500° Med............. 350° to 450° Low............. 250° to 350° So, what temperature do you use when you read Low, Medium or High? And do you measure at the grate or dome? BTW, I prefer grate temperature since I consider dome thermometers to be unreliable, and even if accurate, don’t tell me much about the heat surrounding the meat.
  3. Hi all, I've had a feeling that my Pit Boss temp probe was a bit out so I tested it tonight in boiling water and it taps out at around 180f (my Thermopen read 211.6f). It doesn't look like you can calibrate it - I had a look at the end and although there's a ridge that a screwdriver can go in it doesn't move. I've seen a few people replace their gauge and Tell Tru brand pops up a lot, is there a particular model everyone recommends and where would I get it online? I'm in Australia so online is likely the only option. Cheers, Ben
  4. http://www.fireboard.com *** SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST *** My inner geek is tweaking once again. I ordered one of these Fireboard thermometer systems from All Things BBQ yesterday... http://www.atbbq.com I have been reading a lot of good things about this unit in the Yoder groups. It has six probe ports where you can run any combination of ambient or meat temp probes. Its all wifi cloud controlled and you can name each probe descriptively, graph, and save any of the collected data from a cooking session. I have not seen a lot of stir about this product in the kamado community, probably because it is not a pit controller. When I spoke to the guys at ATBBQ about it, they told me that this was their top seller to ceramic owners. I asked them about the Flame Boss since i see a lot of great feedback on that device. They told me that they have a hard time selling that one. I am looking forward to testing and reviewing this unit. My reviews will mostly be on the Yoder YS640 where i am more likely to cook multiple large cuts of meat at the same time but I will review it on the Kamado as well... UPDATE ********** 10/20/2017 The Fireboard 'drive' cable is now available. You can use the Fireboard to control a fan and control your pit temperature. They want $89 for the proprietary cable that will let you attach a fan, which is an additional cost of $50 if you get it from Fireboard. In my opinion, not worth the money to anyone who knows how to control their pit. If you need electronic help controlling your pit/fire then, by all means, give this one a go.
  5. Wow! look at the latest from ThermoWorks. http://www.thermoworks.com/ThermaQ-WiFi
  6. A quick report on my first use of the new Thermoworks Smoke wireless thermometer. I did two game hens. My set up was on the Big Joe with a divided firebox and both halves of the D&C plates stacked on the indirect cooking side (non charcoal side.) I would think heat from the bottom up on that side would be pretty minimal. Set to cook at about 350 F. I found that when my grate thermometer reached 350, my dome was up around 420.... no wonder I have been having some really slow cooks delay dinner! The birds took maybe 10 minutes more than anticipated, but not too bad. Interestingly, the tops hardly browned at all. When the Smoke meat probe was reading 165 F, I double checked with the Thermowork ThemoPop and there was no point in the birds less than 165. I thought they might taste dry and over done but not so. While there was a slight pinkish color in the dark meat, the birds were completely done, and super moist. This was also my first time cooking game hens on the Joe, and while I didn't use any smoke wood, just the charcoal flavor was excellent. The boss said they were the best game hens she has ever had. Since I am so new to Kamado cooking and this is my first wireless two channel thermometer, I can't really do a comparison or decent review, but my initial thoughts are - for $100 I am very happy so far.
  7. I know these were on sale last month for the same price but sold out quickly.. They just restocked their inventories. $40 - (use BBQ30) Rebadged Maverick ET-733 http://www.skymall.com/Extended-Range-Wireless-Cooking-Thermometer-Dual-Probe-Remote-BBQ-Smoker-Grill-Oven-Meat-Thermometer-Monitor-Food-Up-To-325-Away.html $35 - (use BBQ25) Rebadged Maverick ET-732. http://www.skymall.com/Ivation-Long-Range-Wireless-BBQ-Thermometer-Set/IVAWLTHERMGRP.html Credit: http://slickdeals.net/f/8619474-ivation-extended-range-wireless-bbq-thermometer-35-more-free-s-h
  8. Save $10.00 when you purchase 1 or more Qualifying items offered by Number 1 In Service. Enter code Y5C8XQ4C at checkout. Maverick Redi-Chek Direct Connect Kitchen Thermometer - Compatible with iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablets - Download App from App Store or Google Play - Black including Bonus Meat Handler Bear Claw Style Forks - Also Used as a Pulled Pork Shredder http://www.amazon.com/Maverick-Redi-Chek-Connect-Kitchen-Thermometer/dp/B00ZAKSXPO/ref=sr_1_2?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1447774663&sr=1-2&keywords=Maverick+Redi-Chek+Direct+Connect+Kitchen+Thermometer Devin
  9. I just received my thermapen and, unfortunately unlike others, I have to say that it is not worth the money. I own two other thermometers from thermoworks. Thermapop http://www.thermoworks.com/products/low_cost/thermopop.html RT600C http://www.thermoworks.com/products/low_cost/rt600c.html I wanted the thermapen in the hopes of getting quicker readings since the thermapen is advertised as having a 2-3 second read time vs 5-6 seconds for the RT600C and thermapop. I did an ice bath test and a boiling water test several times and all three thermometers get to the same temperature at exactly the same time interval. In fact, the thermapop is probably a superior thermometer to the thermapen in all areas except reach. The thermopop has a backlight display while the thermapen classic does not. The thermopop can switch between F and C with having to open the battery compartment and flip switches. The thermopop has a rotating display while the thermapen does not. If anyone is interested in having me post videos of the test, then let me know. It also appears that I will not be able to return the thermometer and get my money back with the following return policy: http://www.thermoworks.com/buy/#ReturnPolicy
  10. I got this in my email. I think the link should work for others. http://thermoworks.com/products/thermapen/splashproof_thermapen_private_sale_white_orange_pink.html?utm_source=Nl-2015Oct13&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Feature&utm_content=inbox&utm_campaign=Oct2015-PS-3Color-Classic-cs
  11. When I got my Akorn and joined this site in May I thought yall were crazy for having dual probe thermometers. My, how we evolve so quickly. I just bought a Maverick et-732 and am planning on smoking a pork butt tomorrow, care-free. Plan on letting the IT get just over 200, then wrapping in foil and a towel for an hour (if there's a better method, please share.) My question is, before I do this, should I test the Maverick? Is there a calibration that needs to be done? When I do it, should I stick the meat probe through the top, through the length side, or through the width of it? How far from the bone should I be? Just want to make sure I get this done right. Couldn't find quite the answers I was looking for using the search function. Thanks in advance!
  12. hello, I need help with my temperature during my first attempt at a Boston Butt. My Kamado temp shows 230* & my wireless dual probe shows 264* grill temp, so a 34* variance. I called Kamado Joe & she recommended I trust the digital thermometer and that I recalibrate the KJ tomorrow. She also offered to send me a new thermometer if that didn't work. Anyway could someone recommend what I should do before I burn the Boston butt? Trying to keep it around 225. Thanks so much.
  13. Did a mod for fun and mostly because I could. I religiously use my Maverick through the top vent on every cook but NOBODY likes or praises the stock Akorn dome therm. Found a Tru-Tel online for $34 delivered and went for it just for fun. Went with the 150/750 over the 200/1000 degree unit. Figured the lower range unit would be plenty good for pizza cooks and burn offs and a touch more sensitive. http://www.teltru.com/p-602-big-green-egg-primo-grill-dome-kamado-replacement-thermometer-lt225r-35-inch-stem-150750-degrees-f.aspx So, for the mod: Micrometer called out ~152/1000's on the therm. 9/64's drill bit was 140/1000's on the shaft Calibration boil was good enough I wasn't going to touch it although it is adjustable. Also, reaction time in water was within seconds! Room temp to 210 degrees indicated in under 10 seconds will be plenty good. Outer and inner shell drilled easily with a battery operated drill. Thermometer pressed through outer shell easily but finding the inner shell hole was a tiny challenge. So, inner shell i hogged out very slightly by applying latter force on the drill bit to get a few extra 1000ths. Thermometer pushed through with a bit of effort just as I hoped. I will not have to apply any sealant. The thermometer cannot be removed or turned in its hole without effort. Placed right along side the original therm just for fun as I have no intentions of replacing it or sealing the original hole. The differences will be fun to watch. Not sure if it'll show in this pic but the Tel-Tru has a line on the stem that the instructions say should be within the monitored medium. The 3.5 inch model I bought puts this line well inside the dome. I'll post further tests/pics with the next cook but this looks like a fun and inexpensive mod that may actually have some value for the Akorn Cheers
  14. i found this on SD http://slickdeals.net/f/7233782 Ivation Long Range Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer Set $43 + Free Shipping does anyone know if this is a good deal?? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ANCXJR6 $59.99 - $17 w/ promo code PY9J8MAO
  15. Has anyone ever seen a stubby dual probe that can be used on an ET-85? Looking for something about 4 inches long. Here is my dilemma. I have an Akorn JR. The distance from the grate to the top of the dome is 6 1/4 inches. My dual probe (meat/oven) on my ET-85 is 7 inches long. If I have a pork butt that is about 4 inches thick, I will want the meat probe to be about 2 inches above the grate (centered in meat). With the probe insert that way, it will hit the dome. The only way to insert it so that it does not touch any part of the dome would be to insert horizontally. But then the oven probe would be outside the heat deflector. I think this placement will give a higher reading than the true temperature in the dome. I had high readings on my oven probe during the last pork shoulder I cooked. I think the probe must be hitting the dome and that caused the readings. See my cartoon drawing for clarification. OR......what thermometers are you using when cooking with the smaller kamado? Are you touching the dome at all?
  16. **PROMOTION HAS ENDED*** I was searching around to get a pocket thermometer and came across this (Open Box) sale in case any one is interested: http://thermoworks.com/specials/82014_open_box_sale.html?utm_source=Nl-2014Aug8&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SuperFastMini&utm_content=inbox&utm_campaign=Aug2014-Open-Box-Specials-cs *Terms & limitations: Offer is only available directly from ThermoWorks via this private sale page or phone orders and only for shipment to destinations within North America, the Caribbean, and Central America. Not available to resellers. Offer is limited to stock on hand and only in the models and colors listed. All sales are final. After-purchase exchanges for other colors cannot be allowed. Includes 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects in operation or specification, cosmetic flaws not covered. Recently purchased new units cannot be exchanged for credit against these “Open Box” or “Refurbished” units. This Open Box Sale may be repeated in the future however it will be restricted to once or twice per year depending on availability and will be announced only to our subscriber list. Open Box or Refurbished units are not available for sale except during such Open Box Sales. We cannot predict when this offer will be made again. Stay subscribed to our email list and you will be notified of future sales. Devin
  17. I think it's a decent deal for anyone that's looking for a Maverick. http://www.costco.com/Deluxe-Wireless-BBQ-Thermometer-Accessory-Kit-by-Maverick.product.100069663.html
  18. I would like to replace the thermometer in my kamado because the one that is currently in their is not accurate in the least and pretty sure its busted. What would your guys suggestions be? Thanks for the advice!
  19. This seems to be a well regarded digital thermometer for a lot less money than some of the others. The only drawback is that it doesn't fold. http://www.wasserstrom.com/restaurant-supplies-equipment/Product_117320?kwid=productads-plaid^43168934444-sku^117320-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^14253384884 -AD
  20. Thermoworks has introduced a new product that actually looks pretty decent here... ThermoWorks ChefAlarm I haven't had one in my hands yet (I may see if I can get one for a demo) but reading the specs on this makes me believe it's a really nice product. I'd obviously love to see a dual probe system for pit and meat temps, but what intrigues me about this system is the quality and build of the probe wire. It looks more durable than some of the stuff I have been using...
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