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  1. I've been searching the forums to find an answer but haven't been able to. Has anyone installed a fiberglass mesh gasket on the Vision S-Series? My felt of 3 years needs to be replaced and am wondering if there is one that will fit. I know KJ makes them for the classic 2 and 3... but there is a lot of talk about the hood locking clamp that applies the downward pressure needed to get a good seal. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  2. I really got started with assembly about three weeks ago.
  3. Welp, it looks like it's time for a new fire bowl for my Vision Classic B, or to at least make Vision aware of my issue. I emailed Vision's help account earlier this morning and we'll see what we get back. I’ve owned the grill for a little over a year and I first noticed small, hairline cracks in the fire bowl maybe a couple months ago, which I knew occur normally. Unfortunately, these small cracks have developed into what you can see in the pictures. The cracks are all the way through the bowl at this point, and the two cracks are growing directly across from each other in the bowl, so I'm a little concerned with the structural integrity. I’m not familiar with their warranty process, but I've read that they're pretty good. Anybody with any similar experiences?
  4. Buddy has an older Cadet or p series or that looks to be that small size. He said that with his lid open his od is 12.25'' and id is 10.75'' with a firebox measuring 9.75'' od and id of 8 3/8''. He is considering getting the vision branded stone and cutting it to size. I was wondering if there may be a better option for him. He also is considering cutting one from a soapstone blank at a thickness of 1 1/4''. Any help is appreciated. I'm sending him the link to the thread in hopes that he'll join.
  5. Morning! 4:51 and it's almost time to get the bird in some heat. Posting as a follow along with a few questions. Outside temps are going to be below 20°F. Is there any danger to my grill with those temps? Vision you watching this? Lol 21lbs turkey brined for 21hrs. Here we go
  6. $499 on the website seemed like a good price. In store had an additional "end of season" discount of $100. My Sam's had 7 left. St. Paul, MN area.
  7. Heard great things about the Rutland gaskets for kamados, so I got one from RRP. With the gasket only on the bottom, the lid wasn't even close to sealing all the way around. So, I ordered another gasket to add to the top. I installed that, and the rear third of the grill near the springs still isn't sealing, no matter how I adjust the bands. Has anyone had a similar issue? I know mostly everyone uses the "flat" Rutlands, but would using the "rope" Rutland work? I'm thinking the thicker rope can help clear up the gap.
  8. Hi gang! Found a new Series C for private sale. Current owners think it's worth $400.00? Currently sour I missed a high quality used one for $225.00. Apparently without the warranty people let them go for a very fair price. Thoughts from the community? Oh, here is a pic of the one I missed out on. Please don't rub it in.
  9. Anyone ever try this? Will it fit my vision pro series c? These things are beautiful in stand alone version, however I'm not really concerned about the aesthetics but more about functionality. The one for the Weber kettle looks like it does a nice job. Thanks in advance for any information. -Stone Arteflame insert for BGE 18''
  10. Quick question guys whenever I see someone interested in buying a used Ceramic cooker doesn’t matter the brand the topic of warranty comes up especially in regards to the fire boxes. My question is if you bought a used Ceramic kamado cooker and eventually the fire box broke then you make the decision to purchase a new fire box at that point you will have a full warranty on that Ceramic part correct.
  11. Just got 2 sets to try out from Custom Tech, LLC. These are made from StarBoard and will not rot, warp, stain or delaminate. They are tested to support 25 pounds and use the Vision hinge parts bolted to the Grill. Custom Tech. can be contacted at 352-484-0182.
  12. bought this 16 lb bird fresh. brined it and used a herb rub with butter. smoked this at 325-350 with a pecan and an apple wood chunk. I was very surprised when it was done in only 3 hours. I almost took it off sooner but luckily i probed the other thigh . one was at 180F but the other was at 160F. had to keep it warm in our oven for 2 hours waiting for our company to come over since it was done way sooner then i had planned. It still turned out fantastic and juicy though.
  13. Hi everyone, We have had a Weber grill for years, but am looking at a ceramic grill. It looks like a wonderful way to cook. Trying to decide on which one. 1. We are thinking about the Vision Grill Hybrid. Does anyone have any experience with it or should we stick with the one without the gas? Does lid stay open when partially opened? 2. Also looking at the Prime Ceramic 778 as it is made in the USA. But can you use an electric igniter with this one? Is it easy to clean out the ashes? Does lid stay open when partially opened? 3. Looking also at the Kamado Joe, 24 inch. Can you use an electric igniter with this as well?
  14. I'm selling my Vision Classic. Price is $260. Cooker is in great shape! Here's the Craigslist posting: https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/for/6308435544.html I am having a problem uploading images, contact me if you need more info... Thanks!!
  15. Pop52


    Hi from Mississippi! Been cooking on gas grill, charcoal grill, offset wood smoker, and gas smoker all my life and I finally purchased a Kamado grill. I am pumped about learning to grill and smoke with it and looking forward to sharing and learning here. I have a Vision Diamond Cut Class B Kamado.
  16. Afternoon, everyone. Getting right to it, I'm getting married this month. My birthday is also this month. I love my Akorn--I will always have one because of its portability--but I often find myself cooking things separately that could all be going at the same temp if they'd fit. I'm thinking about getting the Primo Oval XL, or the Vision XL (price is a factor here). I'm leaning towards the Primo because of the shape. No one person is going to shell out $1,300 to buy me a grill, so I'll be paying at least a good portion of this. I know Home Depot sells the Vision, so I could ask for gift cards there, but we did that for our wedding along with our other registries. Since I'm leaning towards the Primo Oval XL, it appears I'd have to ask for Amazon gift cards, which is a little closer to asking people for cash and can seem tacky(??). I'm really looking for any advice that relates to anything I've just written. Pros/cons for either grill, deals on either one, customer service experience, ways of swinging a bigtime birthday/wedding gift, anything else I'm not thinking of. Just looking for some outside input on a beautiful 68 degree Friday when I can't think of anything but being outside cooking something and getting a grill that may live longer than I do. Thanks in advance.
  17. Purchasing a Vision Series B with ashtray today from Sam's Club. Looked at it quite a bit. Hoping to come across some cool mods to seal it up as tight as possible to control the temps and some other DIY mods to implement instead of buying some of those pricey aftermarket accessories. Any ideas for an indirect setup? I've seen the options on he Ceramic Grill Store site and read where some people have used other grill brand products, like the Kamado Joe divide and conquer. Any recommendations for sealing up the intake vent and make sure there is a good seal where the ashtray meets the grill? Any heat diffuser solutions using something other than the products marketed specifically for that (like plate metal)? Any gas conversion kits that will work for the series B with ashtray? I'm sure most of these questions are covered by topics somewhere in the forum. Looking forward to seeing a lot of the mods and products people have used on this forum. Thanks, Jacob
  18. Hi everyone. New Vision C owner. Getting ready to build a table. Does anyone know of plans for the Vision C ? I'm not what diameter to cut my hole. Depends on how high up the table intersects with the grill. Also not sure how to account for the bump out in the front lower portion of the grill where the ash tray pulls out. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  19. hi Guys, Happy Friday! I have a hard time deciding on the grill. What I like: Vision Grills Signature Series Grande, http://www.visiongrills.com/kamado-grill-models/signature-series-grande/ Weber Summit Charcoal, http://www.weber.com/grills/series/summit-charcoal Primo XL, http://www.primogrill.com/en-us/products/grills They are at the same price range. What would you recommend and why? Any issues with the quality / warranty / maintenance? Cool features that are very important (or if absent that makes it a deal breaker?) I'm new to KAMADO/egg type grills, so looking for your opinions. I'm looking only for charcoal grilling (not a fan of gas grills) thanks, Dmitry
  20. Just wondering if anyone has ever used Kamado Joe replacement parts on the Vision Classic B?? More specifically I am looking at changing the draft door on the bottom, mine does not seal that well. Thanks in advance
  21. So I had been searching for a great electric smoker I could use in the winter to keep from going outside and freezing my stuff off. Looked into treggers, bradleys, and the chepo masterbuilts. Thought about turining my uds into a gas smoker that would be capable of holding a steady temp in the winter as well. All the electric smokers looked good but i just wasnt feeling the electric part of it. Burners seemed to quit functioning on the cheap ones, some were saying the quality of treggers had gone down hill. 500 plus for a decent electric and all i could do was throw pellets in it and get what ever it would cook. I feel im to die hard of a bbq'er to go electric and take my hands completely off of it. Then I found the Vision pro s with the gas insert. Bam problem solved. Unfortunately there were'nt many reviews on this grill and no reviews on the gas insert. So here we go. Unboxing the grill Packaging was unbelieveable. Came on a semi in about 3 days. This is the gas insert. Very high quality The lava stone and hanger came with the burner All assembled getting ready to run a little gas through it. The gas burner has Low, Med and High settings. I was only interested at seeing how low it would go so thats what I had it set for. It heated up to 250ish and stayed there pretty consistently for a half hr before I killed it and went in for the night. I ran a quick charcoal fire through it on friday. Picked up a small loin and figured I would give it shot. I started a fire the way all the kamado cookers suggested. I dumped the lump in and started the center coals with a torch. I let it basically barely start to glow then i closed the lid and opened the vents wide open untill it reached about 200. Then I cracked them open ever so slightly and got up to about 250 and it held steady at that temp untill the meat was done. That being my test run I decided to pick up a couple racks of ribs for sunday and give it an official run for its money.
  22. Last minute decision to do a butt today. Not massive but a quick 7 pounder for my mom. Still getting used to the grill and the different setups. The guru makes it very simple though. Here's a on the grill before pic. Also here is how I set my lava stone. It came with my gas insert so untill I have a problem with it I'll continue to use it. If it breaks I'll upgrade with a cast iron unit I suppose. ill check back for some updated pics as the day goes on. Good grilling everyone
  23. As you may have read in an earlier post they got me a new gasket kit out in record time. Now, the tab that opens and closes the top vent broke off. My fault, manufacturing defect, who knows what happened? I just took the cover off and it was broken. I sent an email to Vision cs and a couple days later a new one was in the mailbox. They didn't even ask what happened. It makes me feel good to purchase a product when the company stands behind it and goes out of their way to make their customers happy. Thanks Vision!
  24. Hello everyone. This is my first post on the guru forums, so please allow me to introduce myself. I purchased a Vision Kamado Classic B series grill from SAMs the other day, on sale, for $350. Got a free pallet with it too lol! I setup the grill and got her going for a few simple cooks, like burgers, chicken, and salmon, all cooked relatively slow. Last night was my first true smoke. I picked up a HUGE 17.5lb brisket from SAMs yesterday. I began cutting long pieces off, along the grain of the meat, and prepared my brine. I made a simple brine by mixing kosher salt and sugar with water. Let the strips of brisket bathe in there for two hours in the fridge. I then pulled them out, dried them off, and rubbed them with salt, brown sugar, and pepper. I then fired my smoker up with natural charcoal...now, I still haven't gotten a great lava stone / heat deflector for my grill yet, so I just used a drip pan with water as a heat deflector. I really ended up having too much brisket on the smoker for the pan, as all the meat wasn't able to be directly above the pan, so, I'm sure next time will be even better with a true heat deflector. So, I let the brisket smoke for 1.5 hours, then turned them around, and gave it another 1.5. At this point, the brisket was looking pretty done, cooked a bit faster than I wanted it to. I cooked it at 320 degrees during this three hour period. I then put the brisket into a clean drip pan and covered with foil. I put it back on the grill for about a half an hour. I really wanted to put it back on the grill for 2 more hours but I think I cooked the brisket too quickly the first three hours... (I was following a recipe that instructed to cook it that hot, not so sure how I feel about that) I took the brisket out, let it rest, cubed it, and shook it up with some BBQ sauce. Overall it turned out pretty damn tasty and decently tender. I would like way more tenderness out of it. Check out the smoke ring tho... Anyway, live and learn, I'm just starting to get dialed in with my vision now. More to come! Thanks for reading and enjoy! Here is the finished product:
  25. This looks like a Vision relabeled as a "Pit Boss" for Costco. Not bad for $599.
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