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Found 7 results

  1. Welp, it looks like it's time for a new fire bowl for my Vision Classic B, or to at least make Vision aware of my issue. I emailed Vision's help account earlier this morning and we'll see what we get back. I’ve owned the grill for a little over a year and I first noticed small, hairline cracks in the fire bowl maybe a couple months ago, which I knew occur normally. Unfortunately, these small cracks have developed into what you can see in the pictures. The cracks are all the way through the bowl at this point, and the two cracks are growing directly across from each other in the bowl, so I'm a little concerned with the structural integrity. I’m not familiar with their warranty process, but I've read that they're pretty good. Anybody with any similar experiences?
  2. I've had a few issues with my red egg of joy. First, the fire bowl cracked, so the local KJ disty (BBQ's Galore) replaced it with the new spiffy sectional one. Then a small crack appeared in the dome - only visible at high-ish temps. No probs, warranty claim filed and 6 - 8 weeks for replacement. Then (while waiting for the dome) one of the castor locky tab thingo's broke. Took a pic and emailed the disty. OK no probs they said, added it to the warranty claim. Then today (a few days after filing the wheel claim) I get a call. Them: "Hi, how are you, guess what, we're going to replace your KJ with a new one" Me: "Wut" Them: "Did I stutter?? You're getting a new one" Me: "OMFG if you were her in person, little shop man, I would hug you in an inappropriate manner" Them: "Err, yeah this is weird, can we deliver next Saturday" Me: "Hell yeah, baby!!!" So the upshot of this is I'm getting a brand new (probably the old model) Kamado Joe. Brilliant customer service.
  3. I currently own two Primos, which I love. In the future, I would like to get a third ceramic grill: either the Primo XL, KJ Big Joe, or the BGE XL. I have a local dealer for the BGE, which is a big advantage to me. However, after reading some posts here, and researching BGE's warranty, I came across the part where using any non-BGE accessories void the warranty. I am not a fan of the BGE deflector plate, and would prefer to use the set up with split plates from the Ceramic Grill Store. I know that there is probably no way BGE would ever know that someone used such aftermarket products, but I am interested to know if anyone has reached out to BGE or had an experience with them that would indicate whether they would actually void a warranty if they found out. I have read a lot of posts from 2012 when this statement was added to the warranty, and people's opinions about whether it would be enforced, but I haven't found any posts about first-hand experiences out there. Any thoughts from current BGE owners, or anyone with insights, would be appreciated.
  4. So I was just doing a high heat clean preping for my Kick Ash Baskets that are showing up today. After cooling down I opened the dome to get started and I heard a thunk sound on my patio. I look down a see what looks like a random nut and bolt when I look around I see this near the hinge on my Primo xl. I have a call into Primo warranty I hope this gets fixed quickly.
  5. I've been running my Pitboss K24 since April 2016, average usage is 2-3 times a week and even with our Canadian winters it runs a minimum once a week. During one of my cooks I heard a pop and it wasn't until the next cook I noticed a crack running from the lower vent up about 8 inches. I contacted Danson's and they responded the next day indicating a new base was being shipped out. I didn't pay much attention to the delivery time although it didn't seem more than a week or so. To my surprise, I was sent and entire Kamado, less the accessories, (i.e side tables, cooking grates, top vent, etc...) Danson's warranty rocks in my opinion and if they continue to provide service like this they should be around for a long time.
  6. If you are in the process of doing a warranty claim you should read this. I started a warranty replacement process back in January. I filled out the information on the web site and got a request for photos. I sent them in January and got a reply back that gave me a case number, a description of multiple cracks, and a listing of high priority, and in process. I kept receiving the same e-mail with a header that gave a case number, a description of multiple cracks, and a listing of highest priority. I received this five times. I read on here where someone on said to click a small blue link at the bottom that I had not noticed. I did that and the same header information came up and a box to type in. I just thought this was some cryptic way of saying we are working on it. .Hogsfan finally was able to set me straight. You click the blue link and then you have to keep scrolling down to the parts that normally would be old correspondence to see what is being communicated and what you need to do. It is quite a way below the reply box. I never go down there in my e-mail chains.That can at times go for pages and it is old mail. It turns out that Meghan e-mailed me five times saying she needed pictures. She probably wants to strangle me by now for not responding.. I do not know why but sending pictures from Picasa sometimes does not go through. I did sent them back in January and assumed the header was a confirmation that the pictures went through and they were working on it.. The long and short of it is---do click the blue link--- do scroll all the way down--- what you need to do is at the very bottom hidden. I have sent pictures three times now and the first one seemed like it went through back in January. The one first I sent on the 28th the first one bounced back with a notification. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your message to support@kamadojoe.com couldn't be delivered. support wasn't found at kamadojoe.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I then sent them to a different address and hope they went through this time. There is at this time no notification that the last set bounced back. Well I feel a bit foolish on this one but so far have not missed a cook but the cracks are there. I hope this is helpful to some one who is going through this process.
  7. Hi all, Long time since I posted. Last year at the beginning of the season, the ashpan holder fell off. I contacted CharGriller, but the unit was less than a month out of warranty so they would do nothing. Yesterday, I took things apart to see if I could epoxy the piece back on and saw this... I'm also starting to see pinhole rust through on the ash pan itself... When I called them this morning, they were trying to tell me that that ring was not covered under warranty. I've emailed the pictures and everything else they asked for, and am waiting for an official reply. The grill was purchased on 3/15/12. When I see other people say they had great success with customer service, I just shake my head in confusion. Has anyone else had this issue? Have you gotten the same blow-off I did? It has spent two winters in chicago, but it has been covered. I love the grill, but this is really unacceptable. Like someone else on the forums said, if I get 5 years out of it, I'd be happy, as it really is more reasonable than the alternatives. But iffy after 2 years? That's pushing it. bob
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