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Found 22 results

  1. I recently watched some YouTube videos by Baby Back Maniac where he reviewed the new Weber Limited Edition Red Kettle. I was immediately drawn to the red color for some reason. Since I already had a standard black kettle and I didn’t have an extra $200.00 burning a hole in my pocket I figured I’d just have to make do with what I had. Yesterday I noticed they were on sale at Ace Hardware for $149.99 (a 25% discount) and I figured it was a sign that I had to buy one. Well here it is and the unboxing and assembly pics will follow: New and nicer wheels included. Put some cardboard down and installed the vent / ash assembly. The legs, wheels and shelf. The lid rest assembly. The ash pan and the handle. Put in the charcoal and grill grates. Then installed the handle and placed the lid on it. I wheeled in out from under the patio roof where I took a few more pics before doing a seasoning burn. Lid moved back onto the rest. (Nice!) Nice new thermometer and Limited Edition plaque. Now I started a chimney full of KBB and let the kettle settle in on a seasoning burn. So pretty! Thanks for looking.
  2. Yesterday my son and I were hanging out together and the subject of "what's for dinner, Dad?" came up. Little hombre is always hongry. Freshmen in college, hits the gym in between classes. Lean, mean, studying machine. I'd had some chops marinating since morning. Informed him of such and he asked what I was waiting on. The order to fire 'em up was given. I was also planning on cooking some other stuff at the same time for future meals, too....as I'm working this upcoming weekend. Figured I'd do wings on this 'un and also sear some chops and tenderloin while doing the sides on the other little Weber. Little Weber accommodated my skillet packed full of carrots, onions and potatoes. Was gonna add some Brussels later, too. Course ground pepper & Plowboys did a good job of seasoning the root vegetables. Well......at some point during the cooking my boy got a phone call that altered his plans. He's out of class this week and some buddies are in town.....so he had to scramble. I scaled back the cook but did go ahead with a pair of chops. Haven't done them in a long while for some reason. Seasoned them with Dizzy Pig's Red Eye Express. Vortex did it's job.....even better now that the coals had burned down significantly since I skipped the wing cook. I love carrots cooked this way.....in case you can't tell, lol. Leftover chop was saved in the fridge....... Teenage T-Rex skeert me this morning as I was tinkering with the coffee maker.....trying to conjure up some decent java. Evidently I was grinding the beans when he ninja'd up into the kitchen, "So, Dad, what's for breakfast". Once I settled down from the scare, lol, I put together his leftover chop, some hash browns, scrambled eggs & cheese and a pair of biscuits. He said that'd hold him for a while.
  3. So I bought an iGrill 2 over the winter. At the time my iPad was a very old model 2 running IOS7, so I couldn't install the app. Instead I loaded it onto my wife's Mini running a newer IOS version. It has worked well. Fast forward six months. I now have the newest iPad Pro and IOS 10.2.3. I've loaded the app, checked my Bluetooth is on and - - - it won't pair up with the iGrill2! I double checked with hers and it see it immediately. I have double checked my bluetooth settings, turned hers off, read the manual and have no idea why they wont pair up. Any suggestions?
  4. Did a mighty tasty tenderloin on the Weber kettle with some decent sides. Used a pan to rub down the tenderloin.....removed it and used same pan for the little cabbages..... Probably overcooked to some.....but we love it. Steamed some butternut squash, too. Buttermilk pie for dessert......
  5. Sometimes ya just have to have a meaty burger cooked over charcoal. A bit of a high temp burnoff occurred prior to the burgers going on. Sliced up some potatoes and made up a batch of home fries, too.
  6. This week I made two pit stops on the way home from work to a shop that sells BGE's and a nice selection of rubs. First stop I grabbed these. Second stop I picked up the Killer Hogs AP. I used 1/4 cup AP with 1 tbsp Chinese Five Spice and it made for a really nice flavored wing seasoning. While the coals were lighting I sliced some boneless chicken breast and hit them with the AP/5spice rub for a pan of stir fry. The Jah Love had been mixed with peanut oil as per instructions on package....and the wings were slathered with it and had 36 hrs to soak in the fridge. The Wicked Que rub went on at the same time. Yesterday afternoon I bought another pack of wings and hit 'em with the AP/5spice rub just before going on the grill. The Jah Love was good, but just what I was hoping for. I prefer making jerk seasoning fresh and letting the bird soak in it. That being said, it was a good flavored rub and shouldn't be expected to trump freshly made jerk seasoning. The Wicked Que Orange Habanero was interesting for certain. Flavor was good. Good on the wings and had a bit of different zing to it that was good. I didn't sauce either of those two. The AP/5spice wings were sauced with some General Tso's sauce and were delicious. I grabbed one off the grill and tried it prior to the saucing and really liked it. I can easily see them being good with a wide range of sauces. Make sense as the AP is mainly salt, garlic powder and black pepper.....what isn't good with that ? :thumb: Great flavors on something that was very easy to cook. Wings are a basic staple around my house. My family loves 'em.
  7. Fired up the pellet tube full of hardwood pellets and a chimney full of Kingsford Professional. Smoking tube under the charcoal grate of my Weber 22" WSM. Turned the pecan splits over towards the coals and let the bark burn off prior to stacking everything on. Pro-tip.....if you are going to be using OakRidge BBQ's rubs.......and I HIGHLY recommend you do, then get their metal shaker. It works perfectly with their rubs. Nice grain size that shakes well and covers easily. Came up to the preset temp of 275 and has stayed locked in nicely. Let me run errands and get stuff done in the meantime.
  8. BiLo was running some chuck roasts on sale when I was in there yesterday. Picked up a 4.5 lb nicely marbled hunk of goodness. Mixed up a batch of Pay's steak rub and slathered it on. Put it on the grill and chopped up some of the usual suspects and put right back in the same pan over the rub that remained in there. Flavor is gonna be great. Gonna throw some corn on, too. Hoping that Chuckie hits a homerun this evening. Hongry folks carnivores will be demanding eats. Good thing I have leftovers in case I have to scramble.....
  9. Had a relaxing day off work. Killed a pot of coffee and then got a sharp knife out and went to work making some jerk seasoning. I mainly followed @Smokey1 recipe. Ninja blender was loaded up..... I spatched a couple large birds and added a pair of kicker split breasts to the soak. Put on the Marvin Gay and got all up in 'em with the seasoning. Worked the jerk under the skin. Soaked all day. My grill setup for this cook........that's mesquite on there. I know the Wood Police will say you can't use it on shicken..........but...........but..........let it burn down a good bit before putting the bird on the grill. I freaking love mesquite smoke. Son's plate.................... This is what he handed back to me with the request that I refill it......................
  10. The new smaller chimney is just about perfect for firing up the Slow'n'Sear. Always fun playing with charcoal. My intention today was to add some hickory chunks to the coals, but I realized I'm out. All I had on hand was apple chunks. They are what I use on chicken and such...I really wanted that hickory smoke. Improvised and fired up the smoke tube that was filled with hardwood pellets. Tucked it under the lip of the water tray where it shouldn't have any fat dripping on it. I let them glaze a bit but didn't get any pics other than this one taken immediately after the rubs went on.
  11. Was coming home from the grocery store today and saw this.......caught my attention right away as I'd just seen Stephen King's "IT" yesterday with my son. Looking into the neighborhood as I passed by I could see more red balloons guiding you along..... I texted my boy and said, "No way I'm falling for that. Pennywise the Clown won't sucker me in like that". Got a quick reply from him that was funny. Those that have read the book or seen the newly released movie will know what I'm talking about. Freaky clown. Made it home and got started with my own freaky clowning around with some smoke sources. This A-Maze-N smoke tube adds some nice smoke to the WSM. I cheated and quick-started it with a KJ lighter tab. Positioned it so the opening faced the Pit Viper fan vent. Next time I may place it sideways. Opening up a new bag of coals always brings a smile. Simple pleasures in life. A lot of great childhood memories associated with this stuff. Also added a mini-split of pecan to the coals. Coming up to temp..... Membrane off & rub on while the smoker locks in to cruising temp. Ribs have been on for two hours and it's running rock steady on the 225 setting.
  12. Local area here is very mild considering the hell our Florida neighbors have been seeing due to Irma. Went to be early last night and up at 3:30am and watching Irma updates while sipping a pot of coffee. I set up the trusty Weber kettle on the lee side of the house and gonna let it ride with a rainy day butt and a pair of baby back slabs later. Running a pair of side coal boxes lit with Kamado Joe lighter tabs....then topped with hardwood pellets and cherry chunks as the butt went on. Doing this one a bit different than I do on my kamados......running fat side up....lean side down. We'll see how it goes. God bless the souls and family members of those lost on 9-11.
  13. Had the day off yesterday with no plans to do much but hang out at the house. Figured I'd get some grub cooked for the workweek. Last week I picked up a Weber Smokey Mountain 22" smoker and did a test run on it to get familiar with it and burn off the stuff inside it. Should give me really easy portability when that's a need. Rubbed a butt in John Setzler's pork rub recipe and put it on first. Added a chuck roast next. It was drenched in Paymaster's steak rub and added some basil & Italian seasoning, too. Son said that I should have added more carrots to the last chuck roast....so I obliged this time. He was right ! I'd drained off the excess wet rub before piling the vegetables in there and poured it on top of the works. That rub really transfers some excellent flavor to everything in the pan. A couple hours later a pair of trimmed up spares went into the WSM. I ran the little JumboJoe 18" with a few coals on one side only and cooked some corn and baking potatoes. The potatoes were cooked and smashed up with some various ingredients for my version of mashed potatoes. This Garlic Spread one great tasting ingredient that I tried for the first time. Also used a small amount of 'Bama White Sauce. Ran rock steady the entire cook. This thing may truly be a set it and forget it type of smoker that will allow for overnight brisket with good sleep. Had a recommendation about this from a buddy....figured I'd give it a try. Cooked it with Vidalias and butter for a while before dumping some collards & beer in there, too. The ribs had two rubs on them....a base rub of Lambert's Sweet Swine O' Mine with a light dusting of John's rub on top. The chuck roast was really good using Paymaster's steak rub as the main seasoning. The butt was nice and tender...smoke flavor wasn't what I was hoping, but I only used a few chunks of cherry wood. I'm going to play around with some other methods next weekend. Used Kingsford Professional charcoal...didn't know how strong of a flavor it'd impart. Turns out it's more mild than the regular blue bagged stuff. Pic taken before I hit it with a proper vinegar finishing sauce.... Bark pieces really tasted great. John's pork rub is mighty good. Ribs had some tangy homebrew sauce brushed on.
  14. So I was given this Weber from a friend that did not use it hardly ever. Thought I would put to the test with a couple pork butts. Never played with a Weber this big so it was fun. Put these on at 8 last night and pulled off at 11 this morning. Never filled water pan other than initial fill. Never adjusted vent settings either. All in all a decent cook I think. I have read horror stories about cold weather cooking unless you insulate these. Perhaps I will use until winter then sell. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. Hello everyone! Found this forum by googling Akorn grill and joined right away. I got into kamado cooking after buying an Akorn grill from Homedepot about a yr and half ago. I thought the grill was the key but failed miserably on the first cook out. I then went on google (of course) how to use the kamado properly and found Amazingribs.com. My life has been changed ever since! I succeeded on the first try of every recipe he had, from 6 hr ribs to 20 hr brisket. I'm now totally addicted to BBQ/Smoking and have made my own accessories to help me cooking. I now own about 10 grills, from weber smokey joe to a 25" ceramic kamado. what I use most often is Akorn Jr, it's super efficient and very portable (as a kamado). Happy cooking! Daz
  16. This came on the brown truck today... I only had a short time to play around with it but the software (Weber iGrill app) doesn't look so great overall and the bluetooth range in MY situation is far from optimal. The two places I would like to monitor remotely from are both out of range (both are less than 25 feet from the grill.) We'll see how the data logging goes tomorrow when I cook a boston butt...
  17. hi Guys, Happy Friday! I have a hard time deciding on the grill. What I like: Vision Grills Signature Series Grande, http://www.visiongrills.com/kamado-grill-models/signature-series-grande/ Weber Summit Charcoal, http://www.weber.com/grills/series/summit-charcoal Primo XL, http://www.primogrill.com/en-us/products/grills They are at the same price range. What would you recommend and why? Any issues with the quality / warranty / maintenance? Cool features that are very important (or if absent that makes it a deal breaker?) I'm new to KAMADO/egg type grills, so looking for your opinions. I'm looking only for charcoal grilling (not a fan of gas grills) thanks, Dmitry
  18. This is my cook from Sunday afternoon. I was feeling the need to smoke up some ribs during the week so I took two racks out of the freezer Friday night. Put them in the fridge to defrost slowly and safely. Sunday came around I couldn't make up my mind of which rub that I wanted to use for this cook. So I just decided to fly by the seat of my pants and make one on a whim. I coated the ribs lightly on the bone side with the rub. Let it set for ten minutes before I flipped them over onto a cookie rack and liberally the rub to the meaty side. Then into the fridge they went. An hour and a half had gone by before I decided to head out an fire up my Kamado Joe. As I was approaching my patio I had realized that I haven't used the Weber Smokey Mountain in a while. So I scrapped the plan to use the KJ and started up the wsm instead. As I lit 15 briquettes of some Royal Oak charcoal I lined the waterpan of the wsm with foil. I like running it dry, it just makes cleanup that much easier. After I get the Weber settled in at 250* I threw the ribs on. After two hours of undisturbed rest I got up to look at the ribs. They had a nice little bark/crust going and the rub wasn't going to be coming off easily. It was at that moment I decided to glaze the ribs. I ran in the house grabbed some bbq sauce, apple cider vinegar, ancho chile powder, and cayenne powder and whipped up a quick glaze. Went back out and started to glaze the ribs every half hour for the rest of the cook. When the time came to pull them off the grill and let them rest I was getting a little anxious. I've never just throw stuff to0gether and see if it works. I always have a plan and stick to it. After a nice twenty minute rest while my wife prepped sides the moment of truth was fast approaching. I start to cut the first rack up and they were cooked perfectly. I grabbed one of the meatier ribs took a bite and I was very surprised. These had to have been the best rack of ribs I've made all year! The bite was clean, there wasn't any tug, the meat didn't fall off the bone, and it had a nice smoke ring. It just goes to show some times spontaneity just works. Enjoy the pics!
  19. Hi All, Just saw this ad on CL for 2 WSM's...sounds like the guy is into cooking/smoking like we are! I've never owned one, but everything I hear about them, especially for those starting out, is outstanding! Here's the link: https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/for/5340157001.html I hope someone can take advantage!​ ​
  20. 1.6 pounds, on sale at Publix, $9.99 a pound (sorry pics are not upright). Liberal Montreal Steak seasoning: 600F (4 minutes per side): Resting with butter: a la Peter Luger's: All gone:
  21. My Mother in Law has had what I thought was a weber on her deck for close to 12 years. She never uses it anymore so I just inherited it. I brought it home with the disintegrating cover. Take the cover off and look a little closer. The vent adjusting cover doesn’t say Weber on it, just K, so I’m unsure now. (I’m no Weber expert) So off comes the lid and there is also a starter chimney. And the grates look to be in OK condition. Inside isn’t pretty either. I’ll need to replace the screws and nuts holding on the bottom vent adjusting covers. Here it is after a quick cleaning. (Cooking up some chicken and corn) What say you, is it a Weber?
  22. ** video content removed ** Fun project and nice new addition to the Man Cave patio
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