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Found 2 results

  1. Triple Pizza Pizzazz This was a Mother’s Day cook. Mrs. Smokehowze enjoys Kamado pizzas and especially likes a “white sauce” pizza in addition to the usual styles. Son and I did a bit of pizza pizzazz for dinner. We pretty much used John Setzler’s crust recipe expanded for three pizzas and shaped/rolled them into thin crispy crust. Add some Lazy Magnolia's Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale as a beverage and finish the meal off with dessert of chocolate dipped strawberries specially ordered by son and daughter for their mother and it was a great day. We served the extra white sauce for dipping. The red sauce ‘Supreme” pizza used a leftover from scratch mushroom and vegetable tomato sauce as a base made earlier in the week for a pasta dish. A number of veggie toppings and mozzarella plus the sausage rounded it all out. In the morning, I made a fresh batch of bulk homemade Smokehowze blend hot & well-seasoned Italian sausage as a primary topping for this pizza. The sausage was precooked right before building the pies. I would have like the tomato to have cooked a bit more but these were not as ripe as I would prefer and all the store had. Oh well... It was still good! The two white sauce pizzas had a basic common uncooked white sauce perfected by my son and daughter – ricotta and Greek yogurt seasoned with herbs, fresh chopped garlic and cracked black pepper and allowed to develop in flavor during the day. One white pizza was spinach and roma tomato with heavy sauce and extra garlic – complemented with dollops of ricotta as an additional topping. The fresh spinach was blanched and ice water shocked and well drained before pie making started. Another white pizza was spinach and the Italian sausage - complemented with dollops of ricotta and a light layer of mozzarella cheese as an additional toppings. These pies were cooked on my Classic Kamado Joe using a double stone arrangement with air space between the deflector and the pizza stone which was additional raised by sitting it on some kiln spacers. Dome temperatures were 575 to 650 degrees and similar temps of the stones. The deflector also has one of my thin pizza stones on it that has a waffle air gap underside. My idea was to have the main pizza stone soak at the saturated temperature in the Classic (and not keep heating up from radiated heat from the main deflector) and let the additional further heated air rolling up the sides of the Kamado bring a “top cooking” heat stream at a bit higher temp to the toppings. This worked well along with the parchment to balance the cook between crust and topping Cook times were roughly 10 minutes each pizza cooked in sequence with a short recovery between pizzas. Started with parchment under the thin crust for the first 7-8 minutes to keep the crust from getting too crunchy. I used two oak chunks inserted into in the lower ash area to give a burning wood smoke effect more akin to a wood fire oven flavor element by having one aflame and one smoldering. A good time was had by all and especially by Mrs. Smokehowze!
  2. Three Pizza’s and Beer Had not cooked pizza in a while and there was a collective family request that could not be turned down. Even though it was a nasty rainy night in Georgia, i coped by rolling Joe under the edge of the covered porch and we pushed on. This cook was a family project in preparation, making the pies, cooking, and of course devouring them. Daughter did prep work, son built the pies, son and I cooked them and my wife was all smiles as we cooked and she enjoyed a glass of wine and the after work socialization and relaxation. Another great time of family gathered in the kitchen. Some Pies Ready to Cycle Through Big(Red)Joe Some Slices of Pizza Goodness And a Few Beers, Too The Cooks Joe was at roughly 600-625 degrees and the pies were cooked from 4 to 7 minutes started on parchment paper which was pulled from 2 to 4 minutes depending in the pizza. For the white pizza I dropped the temps down to about 550 and did it as the last pizza. I added small oak chunks just protruding into the ash area through the lower vent for the wood fired smoked element. They were cooked in the order listed below. I think I finally have my Big Joe figured out for how I want it setup for pizza. These were some of the best pies we have fixed, and the crust and topping cooking was pretty well balanced. We used Publix ready made pizza dough picked up on the way home. The red sauce was Centos crushed tomatoes with dried herbs (uncooked) left to marry the flavors for most of the day. This recipe: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/14646-a-no-cook-pizza-sauce/ The white sauce was ricotta and Greek yogurt with herbs and minced fresh garlic. It was developed by my daughter. #1 Veggie Pie (onion, bell peppers, roma tomatoes, & Kalamata olives) over 6 cheese Italian blend & Mozzarella Ready to Cook: All Done: (edited to fix link to show the cooked pizza) #2 Double Pepperoni over 6 Cheese Italian Blend plus a bit of Garlic and extra Mozzarella Ready to Cook: All Done: #3 White Pizza - Spinach, Tomato, and Ricotta Cheese Chunks over White Sauce Base Ready to Cook: All Done: The Cooking Set-Up Here is my setup on Big Joe using the Divide & Conquer system and expansion grate. It provided very stable temperatures on the cooking stone on the top of the expansion rack from one cook to the next and very nicely matched dome temps for the topping cook. With the extra “defector” in the middle of the stack, the heating up and temperature soaking did take a bit longer.
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