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  1. Ingredients - Chicken Wings - Oil - Kosmos Q Wing Dust (optional) - Your favorite Wing Sauce Directions This cook is so simple! I take the wing portions and coat them in some neutral oil (canola, EVOO, Avocado). Then I toss in Kosmos Q Wing dust - for this one I used their Buffalo version but you can chose your favorite. If you don't have wing dust, you can use salt and pepper along with some cayenne. Once the wings are coated I throw them into the Napoleon basket which is attached to the JoeTisserie. As with most of my JoeTisserie cooks, I bank the coals
  2. Spent an uneventful time at home watching it rain outside most of the weekend. The one thing we could do was prepare for the Super Bowl. What goes good while watching a football game? Wings & Thangs of course. I’ve made these Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings and Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins before and they turned out great so I made them again and decided to share the pics. See link for detailed recipe and cooking method: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/38718-honey-sriracha-chicken-wings-and-buffalo-chicken-potato-skins/ All I got this time were these plated shots
  3. Decided to smoke some wings on the Kamado for the Super Bowl ... preached "The Gospel" to these wings! After about an hour of some hickory smoke ... Get these inside! With some hot wing sauce (Siracha, Crystal, butter) and some raspberry chipotle sauce ... Yum!
  4. Made some grill fried hot wings on the Kamado Joe classic. Seasoned the wings with some kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Sprayed them with some vegetable oil, tossed them in some Lefty's Spicey Fish & Chicken Mix. I highly recommend it if you can find it. I happened upon it at Shoprite and all I can say is I love it. After I applied one coat I rested the wings on a cookie cooling rack over a half sheet. An hour later when the dry mix got all gooey I applied a second coat to get it extra crispy. While that was resting I lit the KJ, inserted the deflector plates in the high positi
  5. Some wangs seasoned with Oak Ridge BBQ Secret Weapon and slathered with Sweet & Spicy, and Honey BBQ Baby Ray's sauce. I also added a little extra heat via some cayenne pepper powder. I just started a load of lump charcoal with a starter cube. Put the ×-rack on the high position, placed the heat diffuser half moons on, and then the grill grate. I closed the dome and opened the bottom vent completely. Then I opened the daisy wheel so all the holes aligned and swung the vent on top about a 1/4 of the way open. Waited for the temp to approach 400°, then closed the bottom vent about half way
  6. Okay, @KismetKamado I've heard you loud and clear. So I was attempting wings, rings and mozzarella sticks. However disaster struck when I was trying to put them on the grill. Oh well, made adjustments on the fly and it turned out nicely to say the least. Started with the wings; marrinated for a few hours in about a quarter cup pure NH maple syrup, quarter cup Gansett, salt and pepper, garlic flakes, cilantro and a pinch of turmeric. In the fridge they went. Then I cut up my onion rings, mushrooms, and opened the mozzarella cheese. Dredged through egg wash, flour and a homemade pretzel bread cr
  7. I had a hankering for some "Wings and Thangs" so I searched the internet for a good appetizer to go with wings. I came up with one from “Tasty” on YouTube. I started out with the potato skins as they took the longest. Here are the ingredients: 4 medium large (or 8 smaller) Russet potatoes. Prick w/ fork and bake for 60 minutes at 400 degrees. Let then cool and cut in half. Scoop out most of the potato flesh leaving approximately 1/4". Place them on a baking rack (flesh side up) and coat the flesh with some OO and
  8. Gave this one a test run yesterday on some wings after a long afternoon spent driving. Kick Butt on the wings prior to grilling......and Kosmos Honey Dust added after they came off the grill (didn't get pics of this step). Wings went quick.....family loved 'em. Thanks for the rub @BOOMSTICK069
  9. Son called me 15 mins before dinner was supposed to be on the table......said his vegetarian girlfriend would be coming with him to dinner. My #### went into scramble mode. A little notice from him would've been mighty nice....coulda done much better. I've already been in carnivore mode all day......can't imagine why. Pig Candy appetizer put on the grill..
  10. I'm not looking for a wing basket or wing grate that will allow me to easily move party wings or Buffalo style wings back and forth from the grill. I hate having to pickup the wings off the grill individually. Any ideas or suggestions?
  11. Been cooking a bit on the Pit Barrel. Here's a couple things that were done last couple of days. I became vegan for health reasons a few months back and so these cooks are for others. Anyways enjoy!
  12. Tonight at request on my son's, I made some hot wings with Joetisserie using Basket. Last night I prepped wings with rub, air dried in refrigerator overnight. Today heat soaked Kamado at 450 and spin the wings for 25 minutes at 425-450F. I then glazed wings with sweet Asian style sriracha, I used red sriracha. After plating I coated with sesame seeds. Very happy how crispy the wings were. I attached two pictures, one with wings in basket and final plating picture.
  13. For Super Bowl I made some hot wings, 1/2 batch with red Sriracha glaze and other half with Green Sriracha glaze. Cooked the wings at my hightest temp setting on my Traeger select. Very happy with recipe for glaze.
  14. Took a vacation day today and made the most of it. It's pouring down cats and dogs outside now.....but the rain is simply cooling down a hot grill and washing my son's Jeep and my dirty truck. :cool: I think we timed everything perfectly. Great day together. Coaxed him outa bed this morning with some biscuits & OJ from Hardee's. Man oh man...they've really been working on their menu since I last went there. My son and I agree that their burgers and biscuits are top notch...fast food or not. We hit the water shortly after he declared breakfast had hit the spot.
  15. Hello All, We are having a family party with around 20 people. I really don't have the time to smoke a couple briskets, so I'm smoking 5-6 slabs of ribs. What else can I, or should I, smoke with around a 6 hour cook/smoke time? Thanks! Tom
  16. First try with the Vision M (Combo unit with gas grill/rotisserie and searing unit from Sam's), was actually my son's...I'm the grillmeister (although he is pretty dang good too), he's a chef... Getting enough coals going to get to heat was a little issue...(used Cowboy lump charcoal) followed directions, used enough to cover the heat cover decently...heat got to 200 and stalled...added about half as much again (lit it up in a chimney starter), still not enough to get it to 350, even with the vents opened up almost all the way...started up another batch of coals, as much as both smaller batch
  17. Enjoying the day off work today. Cleaned out my firebox this morning with supreme ease. Simply raked the ash across the bottom grate and emptied the ash tray as it filled. Simple. Fast. Easy. Another great feature that Kamado Joe has added. Had some chicken breasts and wings in Mad Hunky brine since my morning coffee. Deck radio tuned into local classic rock station. Great playlist this morning with a little football talked interspersed. Added some outstanding lump that I've been getting from Fireside Grills in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Doesn't hav
  18. 250 for about 4.5 hours. Rub was "Sweet Swine O' Mine" , At 3 hours put wings (Old-Bay seasoned) on Akorn swing-out grate at 250. With 30 minutes remaining raised the heat gradually to 325. When it hit 325 I pulled it all, foiled the ribs for about 15 minutes (wasn't necessary and probably didn't add anything, but seemed like a good idea at the time). The ribs, eaten dry only, were amazingly delicious - juicy, tender, . I'm not sure if they were the best ribs I've ever had, but they were pretty close. I think Cooter Brown's Rib Shack in Jacksonville, AL (http://www.cootersribs.com/) has t
  19. I haven't searched it out, but has anyone used Chili Dan's Start to Finish sauce? Friend of mine brought some back from a recent trip to Ohio where she met the guy who makes and sells it. Absolutely awesome on wings with nothing else necessary... S/P the wings and on to the upper deck of the Vision at 400 direct for 15, flip and 15 more. Move to indirect, sauce, run for 5 and flip/sauce every 5 for 15-20 or until they get where you want 'em. I do another quick 3 minutes per side back on direct at the end to crisp 'em up. Was a great night for a cigar and wings (and unfortunate
  20. So I figure I've been here long enough, I should probably prove that I can cook, at least somewhat. I will warn you, this is actually a very tame cook compared to what I usually have going. A couple weeks back I did a chicken thigh recipe out of Adam Perry Lang's Serious BBQ. That was like running a marathon. Do not recommend. Anyways, I am getting off topic. Just some simple wings. I brined them for a few hours, then patted them dry before hitting them with some Dizzy Dust. Let them dry out in the fridge a bit, then tossed them on the Akorn indirect for an hour between 375-400. It was really
  21. Well.....felling better and going stir crazy. Son has been after to me to fire up the grill and said, "Dad.....why don't we grill something tomorrow? I'll load it and do the work....you just tell me what to do.....and when". He didn't have to offer twice. The kid really was missing some grilled food as bad as I was. I was able to watch some great NBA playoff ball while my little buddy set a pick'n roll play for me. We slam dunked it, too. I enjoy his enthusiasm and am always grateful to have an opportunity to see him enjoy himself. Wife picked up what we needed from the
  22. No kidding......these green gems have tons of flavor and can be dipped in anything you'd want to dip in. Of course you'd need something to go with them...... Perfect time to use the firebox divider too. This stuff was killer on the "green fries" !!!!
  23. I always laugh when folks talk about "can't wait for grilling season". In this state....it's always grilling season. Yesterday was no exception. I really have mad respect for my Q brothers and sistas who are grilling it up in the ice & snow in other parts of the globe. I'd be doing the same...but doubtful it'd be wearing shorts and flip-flops like I was on yesterday's cooking. It was time to replace my old reliable electric lighter. It works like a champ, but it takes a while and isn't really one that you can be very precise with and target just one or two pieces of lump to ignit
  24. Spent the afternoon trying not to get butthurt over my Pirates winning.....yet sliding down in the top 25 polls. I think I had the same reaction as Coach Ruffin. It's understandable, though.....our last 3 wins have been very sloppy. We've gotta tighten up. Enough on football, though. This is a kamado grilling forum. I fired up my bluetooth speakers with some proper grilling tunes on this perfect weather day. Coals ready. Wangs ready after removing the tips and dusting with a rub mix (Mad Hunky, KJ
  25. Been grilling on Joe every day since we got moved in. Mahi, 2 Spatchcock chickens, Wings,8 lb Butt, Veg, Roasted Garlic, Pizzas, Brownies. Still lots of learning to do but have had some really amazing stuff so far. The Salmon was super easy and way tastier than when I have made it in the Past (Gasser). Pizzas were Fun and the 2nd one the Crust was so crisp. Cooking the butt was in the top 3 most fun things I've ever done on a Grill. Just went off without a hitch and done in a very civilized time (8am-5pm) and Amazing.. We can't stop eating it. Coho Salmon Cedar plank Glaze of Ginger Di
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