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Found 4 results

  1. Interesting article in the WSJ today about how Yeti coolers have gotten so popular people are stealing them. http://www.wsj.com/articles/yeti-coolers-are-hot-no-really-people-are-stealing-them-1472653433
  2. So it is has become common knowledge a cooler with a wrapped piece of meat and towels will hold heat a long time. Looking at the Akorn bookface page it almost seems as if the cooler is a badge of honor, the solidifying piece to a successful cook and without the results will surely pale in comparison.. Pull at X degrees place in this magical device for X hours.. I guess i see the cooler as away to hold meat if done early not a necessary step.. Done close to dinner time rest on counter on cookie sheet for an hour if you have time, damn done a little too early vent wrap in foil, way to dang early vent wrap place in cooler.. Almost as if this technique is being treated as the ultimate Pitmaster secret instead of being a technique that saved your azz because its done way to early..
  3. For a while now, I've kept a small-medium Coleman cooler in the backseat of my truck. I keep bottled water, Diet Mountain Dews, my lunch for the day and whatever I get at Sam's or Costco that needs to stay cold until I can get it to a fridge. Having my own supply of cold drinks is nice when I get to work, I can just grab a few with my lunch and go. Sure is cheaper than paying $1.35 each or more from the vending machines. Buying them in bulk from WalMart really saves a bunch of $$$$. Never stop at convenience stores, either. Anyway....the little Coleman has been on it's last leg for a while....hinge shot and finally issues with the drain caused me to ditch it. I've had a couple buddies & a neighbor swearing by their Yeti coolers for the past 2-3 years. I looked at one of theirs the other day. He keeps his secured in the bed of his truck. It still looked brand new after two years of use. He's not the kind of guy to throw money away as he scrutinizes things carefully and buys quality and takes care of his gear over the years. You can tell just buy looking at his yard tools and such. His endorsement went a long way with my perception change about these things. I've been hanging on to a couple of Academy gift cards for a while now and decided to give Yeti a try. I've cracked enough jokes about their "grizzly proof" beer stash long enough. I went with the Tundra 45. It fits in the backseat space perfectly. Were I using it for truckbed use or other....I'd have spent a small amount more and bought the Tundra 65. The 45 fits perfectly in the spot, though. I can reach back and open and close with no problem....even with the latches they use. The tan color is the same color as my seats and it disappears when viewed from the outside due to the factory tinted windows and color match. The monster is built tough, too. Seems to be rock solid. There are good molded handles just above the rope handles. Both work very well. The rope handles are wide enough and there is no bending or pinch. They rotate around the rope, too. Very cool. Yeti's website and manual provides a means for getting new gaskets, handles and other accessories if ever needed. First order was to fill it up. I put 12 large bottles of water and 12 large Diet Dews in the bottom and one bag of ice. The bagged ice was not the ideal type, but I've had worse, too. I left the sliding basket out. 24 hours later this is what it looked like after sitting in my backseat: 48 hours later this is what it looked like: I didn't get a 72 hour pic due to running tight on time heading to work. 96 hours later this is what it looked like: You can see considerable differences occurring between 48 & 96 hours. The bottom of the cooler is filled with ice filled water. I will continue with this and see how it goes. Temps from this timeframe have been lows of 53 and highs of 77. I'm enthused so far....and looking forward to seeing how much better it goes when using my own block ice. I keep a few Rubbermaid/Glad containers filled with water and stashed in the garage freezer. Sure is handy when you need good ice and don't want to go buy soft bagged ice.
  4. Do any of you have Yeti or Pelican coolers? If so, tell me what you love about them. I don't expect to hear many complaints about these. I'd love to have one of these but I'm still shuddering at the price tags...
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