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Found 14 results

  1. Super easy cook.... Slab of pork belly... Diamond score both sides... Apply rub and rub it in.... Let sit in fridge for an hour or so... Put it on the grill at 225-250... Cook 3.5-ish hours until you hit at least 160-165... Rest, cut and serve.... Mmmmmmm..
  2. I made a batch of photos this morning to show some of this new Yoder pellet grill/smoker.... Yoder Smokers Competition Grade BBQ Products This is simply a BEAST of a grill. Until yesterday I had never seen one of these first hand so I was quite impressed when I got this guy off the pallet and onto my patio. In simple terms, it's built like a tank. This is the competition model that comes on this fantastic rolling cart with the for oversized flat free tires. That made it quite easy to roll this heavy grill through my yard and onto the patio. Two of the flat-free casters are on swivels and lock in place... There are two super heavy duty stainless steel prep tables... this is the front table... This is the side table on the right side... The exhaust stack bolts into position with a thumb screw. This is made so it can be tilted down or removed when you want to use the custom fit cover for this grill (I did not get the cover.) The main door of the grill has a counter-balance to help with the weight of the heavy gauge steel door... This model includes a very handy probe port if you want to run temperature probes into the grill... The computer control panel is below the pellet hopper on the left side of the grill. The temperature on this grill is adjustable between 160-600°F in 5°F increments. When you power the grill on, you simply press the start button to start heating the grill. The prime button is used if you want to feed pellets into the fire bowl at a faster rate when starting up. Once again... heavy duty. The cooking space inside the grill is impressive. The lower cooking grate is 32" x 20" made up of four individual super heavy duty stainless steel grates. The top grate is made from expanded metal and measures 28" x 15". This gives you a combined cooking area of 1060 square inches. The top rack has a set of flanges that allow it to be slid forward without worrying about it falling out of the grill with weight on it.... The bottom racks are seriously heavy stainless steel.... The heat deflector / drip pan runs the full length of the underside of the cooking area. Forgive me but I had the pan in upside down in these photos! The left side of the pan has an access door so you can get to the fire pot without having to remove the entire pan... Easy access door to the fire pot.... A full length view of my drip pan / deflector shield with the access door remove and installed upside down... lol... Underneath the drip pan / heat deflector is the belly of the grill. On the right side you will notice a baffle plate on an extension rod. This feature allows you to several things. The primary use of this is to shorten the width of the cooking chamber to concentrate heat on the left side of the grill... Here is the baffle slid over fully... this gives you searing power heat on the left side of the grill. Adjustments to the position of this baffle also allow you to evenly distribute heat throughout the grilling surface... This handle on the right side of the grill under the side table allows you to adjust the position of the baffle... Concentrating the heat on one side of the grill allows you to use the accessory grill grates for searing while having a cool zone on the left side of the baffle for a two-zone grilling setup. The drip tray / heat deflector directs drippings to the right side of the grill where they can collect in this drain bucket that hangs UNDER the grill rather than to the side. If you are operating in the rain, this will be beneficial so your grease bucket doesn't overflow and make a huge mess... All I have done with this grill so far is the initial burn-in and I have also played around with running it at 500 degrees. I seasoned the expanded metal cooking grate to prevent rust. I am looking forward to cooking on this grill and I will most likely fire it up tonight and cook a boston butt overnight on it....
  3. Been vacant for awhile had to make some poppers today. Used some Cattlemens tri-tip rub in the cream cheese...
  4. Spent some time yesterday with just the wife and I making some beef ribs on out stickburner, first time in forever that we have not had to cook for an event, so it was nice to just be able to have some hot dogs for appetizer while waiting on these beef ribs. Hope everyone’s Sunday is enjoyable and relaxing enjoy 572E25BB-1878-40D9-8700-82BD2C854DE1.MOV
  5. Pellet grills are not typically good at searing. The Yoder YS640 is pretty good at it. I was impressed with the results.
  6. I just put a Boston Butt on the Yoder YS640 for an overnight cook. I am monitoring with the FireBoard system which can be viewed live now since their last software update: https://share.fireboard.io/506EB1
  7. I bought this thing several years ago and never got around to giving it a try until today... I started out with 3lbs of 93/7 lean ground beef. The Jerky Cannon came with a snack stick seasoning mix and cure that was enough for 5lbs. I divided that out into the right quantities for 3lbs and made some flat and round snack sticks... After about 90 minutes on the Yoder YS640, these things had a color and texture that I really liked... I brought them in and let them cool. They are fantastic! I think I will try these again soon and I'll start working on my own seasoning / cure recipe to use. I will also probably experiment with ground chicken or turkey.. maybe even ground pork loin... we''l try some different things
  8. 5 pounds of pork belly... cured for 10 days and ready for some smoke... Smokin' at around 180°F on the Yoder YS640... my own blend of hickory, apple, and cherry pellets for smoke.... let it smoke here for about four hours... I like thick slices.... Mmmmmmmmmm....
  9. I upgraded my Traeger Lil' Texas Elite recently to a Yoder YS640 competition cart model.... having a good time with this one so far! Here's a walk-around video tour of this grill:
  10. This cook was NOT a perfect cook... The Baking Steel, as much as I love it, didn't work in this particular cook. The bottom crust on this bread got darker than I like. This cook would have been perfect just by putting the bread on a baking sheet and setting it on the grill. I will repeat and do that next time.... the results were great though!
  11. Here's a walk-around of the Yoder... It's time to start cooking on it!
  12. THIS is lookin' good so far! 13 hours in on a 9 pounder...
  13. So if you don't know already, Troy is a fairly popular Youtuber in the cooking/bbq world. He runs a channel called "T-roy Cooks." Last weekend I got a chance to go to Troy's house and meet him and his wife Karen in person. I'm a big fan of his so it was awesome to be invited. He introduced me to some of his local youtube buddies and we cooked some briskets. Here’s some pictures. We basically recreated that experiment that Franklin did a few years ago. Troy got 3 prime graded briskets and we he cooked one in foil, one in butcher paper paper, and one uncovered the entire time and then we all voted on the one we liked the best. They all turned out fantastic! This is James from AimEm and ClaimEm Smokers (youtube channel and bbq team)…and yes, I only have this one shirt. lol Tom from Tom’s Test Kitchen This is me with “Bessy Dressy” and her husband Joseph. Joseph and Troy met at a youtube thing and hit it off. Nice guy. her channel is HUGE for only being 2 years old. “Meating of the Minds” (See what I did there? lol) Her channel is about health and beauty but they were up for some bbq. The brisket turned out amazing! This has got to be the most famous loaded Witchita on the planet, right? Chillin’ out I like this one I gotta admit. This youtube thing sorta blows my mind. I've had some really cool opportunities to do some really fun stuff. I’m very thankful. Troy and Karen are as nice as can be…exactly like they seem in their videos. Here's a little video I made about my experience with some of the behind the scenes stuff…some of it is kinda funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhEiq7Rk8uw Youtube link edited by John Setzler -
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