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Browning Kamado?


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$699.00 and only a 90 day warranty. Not to good a deal from my perspective. I believe you can pick up a Vision Classic for less than that and have the confidence of  a lifetime ceramic warranty to go with it.  If Browning wants to truly compete in the kamado marketplace, they have to provide a comparable warranty to their primary competition. Which I would say at that price point, is the Vision. Given the two, I think I would put my money on the Vision every time.  Browning has name recognition and in the firearm market place is known for craftsmanship and quality, although I think that reputation is not what it used to be.  Name recognition and the promise of quality behind the name only goes so far.

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I found this on sale (today only) for $599.  If you ask for a printed quote they will guarantee the price for an extra 30 days.  I took a lot of pictures.

Here are the notable features:


- Metal cart with large metal side shelves
- 10" pneumatic tires
- Bottom storage shelf
- Hinged grill with swivel warming rack
- Cast iron top vent
- Circular bottom vent
- Cast iron fire bowl















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It doesn't look like either of those could be easily cleaned out from the bottom vent like a slider.


Indeed. There's a "lip" at the bottom edge.  On the positive side - the thinner profile of the cast iron firebowl allows for more clearance resulting in a greater ash capacity at the bottom. As a result, you likely wouldn't need to clean out as often.


My first impression is that this is a Big Green Egg knockoff with some "value-added" features (stand, swivel grill, shelf, etc.).

This grill needs "real-world" testing to see if the manufacturing materials are truly quality-built.  Browning is not a BBQ company.   If they are serious about the Kamado market, they should put greater effort into Marketing. The lack of any online information about this grill and the minimal warranty gives buyers the impression that this is simply a short-term venture by Browing to test the market.

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running one now after searching forever for info. I guess I need to do a review when I'm done 6,12, 18, 24 months? It has about 15 hours at 500F Plus. Only weak point I have found so far is the thermometer that comes with it needs a few cooks before its even close to realistic...

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There was a display. I talked them down to 400 at our location. by looking I think that most BGE accessories will fit...

I will also say that I am extremely happy with the Browning thus far. Hoping for some less windy weather in the next few days so I can give it a run for smoking.

I did have a bit of an air leak around the top cap. I sealed it with a piece of wood stove door seal that cost me a dollar...

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I was in Bass Pro Shop the other day and walked right past this same unit.  I don't remember the cost, but my Buddy was all over this Browning.  He wanted to know my opinion.  I had to tell him that he would be better off getting your basic Large BGE or Classic KJ.  He just can't get past the price.  


He'll drop all kinds of cash on a rifle or shotgun or reloading materials, but he's so dadgummed tight fisted when it comes to backyard grills.  He has a rusted out Weber knockoff that he thinks is going to last him forever.  He thinks I'm the worlds biggest idiot for buying a KK.  I just don't have the heart to tell him I have another!   :rofl: He's always willing to come eat Q at ChezChef.  His wife has begged me to teach him how to Q.  I told Sylvia to teach Jaxon how to pry open his wallet!


In kamados as in every other has of life, you generally get what you pay for!

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Ceramic, I do agree with your sentiment about get what you pay for. I looked at this as an entry level unit because I know I'll want another one for when I have to do large meals.

I'd say for someone who isn't going to cook every single day on it and mostly uses it as a decoration on their patio (the way most people use their propane or NG grill) the Browning would likely last.

I'm doing a real world test of it as someone that grills 3-4 times a week when it's not either -40 or an F-2 tornado out my back door. I will gladly be keeping everyone up to date on how it holds up, any weak points I find with it, and any reasons I think it should be a buyer beware, or a legitimate good deal.

Although price usually represents quality I have several items at home that I have disproven that ideology with. HOPEFULLY this is one of them...

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