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Instant Read Thermometer

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I looks like a knock off of thermapen. I have the thermapen and it has lasted four years so far.

The one advantage the new thermapen has is it is water resistant. Cooks Illustrated magazine washed it off under running water and it was fine. Mine is not water proof and I have got some rain on it and it was fine.

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Just get the thermapen. I'm thinking those that use "experience" to tell when things are done ruined more than $90 worth of food gaining that experience.

It took me from hit and miss to top quality results right away.

I get juicy ----instead of dry and over done---- or red at the bone.

It is amazing how chicken thighs can look so done and be raw. I am still amazed at how the thighs or legs will be done at many different times.

I did a batch of twenty chicken legs the other day and probed almost all of them and they were coming up 170 to 220. I just pulled the last five or so. The next day on a picnic I got one that was bloody red and had to throw it out. I am sure that it was one that I did not probe. I have had a single thigh need five extra minutes or more to get to 170 at the bone.

I cook a family pack of thighs thighs at least once a week from June to October and often two batches a week. So 4 months x 4 weeks x 12 thighs x 10 years and I get 1920 thighs cooked and the real number is probably twice a week or more than 3,400 thighs over ten years because I cook throughout the year.

The thing is I still can not tell if they are done by looking or by pressing on them. I got the thermapen after some of my guests left half eaten bloody pieces of chicken on their plate. Now I do not over cook things just to make sure.

A friend of mine buys boneless and skinless thighs just so this does not happen to him. He is one of those who insists on using experience.

Please do not get me wrong---if experience works for you I am in awe of your accomplishment----it just has not worked for me.

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I've had my thermapen (ultra fast white) for two years and it's awesome. Nothing gets overcooked or undercooked anymore because I use this thing everytime I grill. My only consideration in replacing it would be to get the splashproof version out now.

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The thermapen is pretty quick. It seems like a couple of seconds.

Yes it would be hugely annoying holding twenty pieces and watching the temp come up slowly. I once probed 70 pieces when I did both mine and another persons for a community pot luck

My biggest problem is missing the bone when I know it is right there in a thigh or drum stick.

They make the tip smaller to speed up the response time. You can see in John's picture where it gets smaller just before it enters the retaining clip.

I also find it useful to ball park thick steaks but rely on it for chicken ---especially if there is sugar in the rub.

Then there is the turkey which I double check after the oven probe says it is ready.

I pull the chicken breast at 160 and they are juicy not dry and i always pull some and cover them as i wait for the others.

I know what I am getting now when before I was quite inconsistent. Like i said i am in awe of those who can get consistent results just relying on experience. By comparison I am an amateur who has found a great cheat to make up for my lack of experience.

Having said all of this I still think it is over priced--but would not give it up after using it.

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Another vote for the ThermaPen. I've had the "splashproof' model since early 2010. Even though I'm very careful with it and store it in a drawer with the LCD face down, a couple of weeks ago I noticed a crack in the LCD. The crack even extended into the case - sort of looking like it had been dropped or mishandled - which it hasn't. I contacted ThermoWorks via email explaining the situation and requesting instructions on how to get it repaired. They replied with a RMA # and shipping instructions. Even though it's a well over a year out of warranty, I got an email earlier this week saying they were replacing the unit and that I should receive it before the end of the week. Not bad...

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I have 3 wireless thermometers and use them regularly but I dont leave the house without my Thermapen. Yesterday I cooked 70 pounds of pulled pork for a party and the peace of mind it gave me was worth the purchase alone knowing I was going to take them off at the proper temperature. It makes a very small hole so the juices don't run out and I know the internal temp in 3 seconds. Delivered with a certificate of calibration and guaranteed to stay accurate or they fix it. Use one once and you are hooked.

I bought mine from thermo works during a open box sale for $65

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Anyone have any experience with this? Pretty cool that it doubles as a IR gun. Looks tempting at 1/2 the price of thermapen, but no stats on how long it takes to get a probe reading and only 11 reviews.

http://www.amazon.com/Mastercool-52226- ... B0014DEW10

Interesting. If I didn't already own a Thermapen this is what I'd buy - I'm pretty sure it's a new product from Thermoworks: http://thermoworks.com/products/ir/comb ... meter.html

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