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How do you all do hot wings?

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I want to surprise the pregnant wifey with one of her favorites... Hot drumsticks.



I saw this at publix and grabbed some:




I'm thinking olive oil, salt and pepper, raised grid about 350 until crispy, just toss in some sauce and serve?


Any hints/tips/secrets?


I have some durkee's sauce - http://www.durkee.com/productsearch?type=key&key=famous+sauce&x=0&y=0


It's a sort of tangy mustard mayo thick sauce.  I knew a guy who used to mix this with hot sauce for wings.  Might try some of that.

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I have modified bobby flays honey chipotle recipe. Now it really kicks ###. I cook 400 ish for 60-90 min. After a bath in the dipping sauce they skin is not that crispy, but the wing is as tender as pulled pork. Truly amazing.

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I did a wet rub with S+P, granulated garlic, and mexene chili powder. Let them soak for a few hours.


Cooked them at 425 as recommended, and WOW.  Basted with buffalo sauce right at the end.  Made a 'dressing' with light sour cream, little bit of light mayo, and a handful of mexi shredded cheese.  Microwaved the sauce for 20 seconds to melt cheese then let it cool off in the fridge.



They turned out excellent!  Not enough time for pics this go round.

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This is how I do my hot wings.




I have changed the seasoning to kosher salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, and italian seasoning. Then I mix a little soy sauce, franks red hot, and butter to make the sauce. I marinade in half the sauce and baste (I turn them but not required with indirect cook) with the sauce. I toss the wings in the remaining sauce after they are finished. 


I have now upped my temperature to 375-400 range. It seems to give a better texture to the skin.

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