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Today is my birthday so I am going to treat myself to some 1 1/2 in NY Strip  Choice Steaks. I plan to reverse sear and I will be trying out my wife's new camera for pictures. I will complement the steaks with some Baked potatoes and a nice Salad. The family is coming over so this will be their first taste test of my steaks. My father is a stickler for a good steak so I am interested in his reaction. I will try to get the pictures posted tonight.

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I finally got my wife to give me the pictures off of her camera. Here is the pictures of the birthday steaks.

Steaks before seasoning



Seasonings used



All Rubbed Down and Resting









My father was very suprised. He said it was a great steak and he has never had a steak cooked as evenly as that one. Coming from a steak snob I take that as a compliment. Overall a successful cook and seeing the face my dad made after taking the first bite was priceless.

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