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Kamado #7 info needed


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To answer your question more specifically. From an ease-of-use perspective (removing ashes), the vent should have been placed lower. You cannot use the standard raking tool to remove ashes. The lower damper is 5.5 inches(measured just now) above the bottom/floor of the Kamado. Many people use a shop vac to remove the ashes via the charcoal grate hole. The lower damper is large enough for your entire hand to fit through it, if you want to reach in via the lower damper. If the lower damper had been moved down lower, then the strength of the main body would have been reduced, and perhaps encouraged cracking from that point. The capacity to hold ashes on the K7 Kamado is huge, larger than I could likely make you believe. On my Kamado Joes, the ashes need to be removed on each long (12 hour) cook to avoid creating an air restriction from the ashes. On the K7 Kamado, you could likely do 5 or 6 cooks of 12 hours without removing the ashes before the ashes would get high enough to threaten air-flow. Also, any chunks of burning coals, or sparks would have to bounce up from the bottom five and a half inches to reach the bottom of the lower damper. This makes wood decks less threatened by the risk of sparks and burning. Like most variations in design, there are advantages and weaknesses seen in the outcome.

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