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A favor for a neighbor

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My neighbor told me he had received an offset smoker from his son for his birthday and had some salmon brining to smoke.  Right after we talked he got a call that there was a family emergency and they had to leave the Island, so I offered to smoke it up for them in my Vision.  I knew it would be REAL low and haven't mastered that low in the Akorn Jr. yet.  Immediately went to this forum with a Google search and found out what I needed to know.  It turned out okay, but I think their brine was too salty or I should have rinsed it before smoking.  Glazed with a honey and lemon mixture that helped with color and saltiness.  Anyway, it's the first time I've tried to smoke salmon.  I kept it at 175-200 for 2 hours, then glazed and finished at 350 for 20 minutes.  There seems to be quite a variation on how low and how long to smoke salmon, so I did what I thought seemed best.  Hopefully they will get back up tomorrow or Friday to enjoy.  It's wild Sockeye and wild King, so  I hated to mess up that expensive of seafood.


BTW, ckreef, does the riser look familiar?  It's an upside down canning rack.


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OH that looks great. I love the idea of an upside down canning rack as a riser too. I have a couple of those in the storage shed. :) 


Now you need to flake it up and mix with some cream cheese to serve over toast rounds. (My favorite way to use good smoked salmon!)


I tried to smoke salmon once before on the gas grill and it was a miserable failure. The salmon was so salty as to be inedible. It's something I'd love to be able to do someday after some practice. 

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BTW, ckreef, does the riser look familiar? It's an upside down canning rack.

Great use for the canning rack. I thought about that before but never tried it.

One of these days I'm going to make me a slide out rack like the big Akorns have.

Nice way to help a neighbor.

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Thank you all.  I posted this because I was excited about doing something I'd never done before with my kamado, but yes, it was nice to do a "favor with flavor".  Haven't heard back from them yet, but their salmon will keep.  On the canning rack, the handles are easily removed and they aren't at all expensive.  I had one sitting on the counter to try as a heat deflector holder for the Vision but then, I needed it for something different.  Pick one up, let it sit around awhile, and you might have the same experience!  Because of the egg shape in our smaller kamados, having things raised in the dome requires a smaller diameter, and this does the trick.


Now I'm anxious to try smoked salmon my way, where I control the brine, etc.  See how we are?!

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