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    • By Big Biscuit
      Made some cod the other day on the KJ classic for me and my wife. It's a fairly simple and light meal for anyone watching their waistline. All I did was make two foil packets spray them down with some oil. Then I lined it with sliced onions, and tomatoes. After that I placed two pieces of cod loin which I've seasoned with some McCormick's Garden Vegetable on the veggies. Then tossed on some sliced lemons. Put them on the KJ and cooked till the cod hit an IT of 140°.
    • By Big Biscuit
      Made some grill fried hot wings on the Kamado Joe classic. Seasoned the wings with some kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Sprayed them with some vegetable oil, tossed them in some Lefty's Spicey Fish & Chicken Mix. I highly recommend it if you can find it. I happened upon it at Shoprite and all I can say is I love it. After I applied one coat I rested the wings on a cookie cooling rack over a half sheet. An hour later when the dry mix got all gooey I applied a second coat to get it extra crispy. While that was resting I lit the KJ, inserted the deflector plates in the high position and brought the temp up to 425°. Once up to temp I let it ride for for 15 minutes just to make sure the grill was thoroughly warmed through.  Put the wings on and flipped them every 10 minutes for even cooking for 45 minutes and voila!!! Crispy hot wings.




    • By philpom
      What!?  I saw pork belly at Sam's the other day, it was already cut in to 1/2" slices but I picked up a pack because it just looked good.  I hope they will also offer whole soon.
      I cut each piece in half and seasoned it only with sea salt.  On the grill @ 400 degrees with some apple wood chunks.  While the Primo preheated I whipped up a sauce from:

      Raw honey
      Fresh ground black pepper
      Apple cider vinegar
      Garlic powder
      Chili powder
      Just enough honey to take the edge off but not enough to make it sweet.

      Man oh man that salty, zesty, crispy pork belly was fantastic, I enjoyed some for breakfast this morning also!  I was going to cure some of it but now I'm thinking a pork belly stir fry is in my future along with some more grilled versions.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By cwhuling
      I received my soapstone a few weeks ago, and finally got to use it.  I prepared a Mahi filet, Tuna steak, Shrimp and a piece of NY Strip for my youngest who doesn't care for seafood.  I roasted green beans and made an attempt at John Setzlers Brussel Sprouts and sweet potatoes.  I thought I had sweet potatoes in the pantry, so I ad libbed with carrots and it turned out great!  I put down some butter, and dropped the shrimp onto the soap stone, and in the 1-2 minutes it took me to go in and get the phone to take pictures they were done.  The strings beans were more al dente than I like, but still good.  The Brussel Sprouts though, talk about a show stealer!  I strongly recommend that for a side dish (carrots worked well, I can't imagine the sweet potatoes being that much different)!!

    • By Dub
      Wife and I joined forces this evening to make a fairly decent meal that was very fast & easy to put together.
      She'd bought one of those salad kits from Publix and added tomatoes and grapes.  It was mighty good.
      I seared some Ahi tuna steaks.   It was tasty and fast.......so fast that my hungry #### didn't get any plated pics.....sorry.



      Son had some brisket sandwiches and mashed potatoes.   He's not keen on salads & tuna.        
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