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New Akorn Kooker from Nebraska


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Hello everyone!  I just purchased a Akorn from Menard's a couple weeks ago after watching it for the last couple years.  Thanks to everyone who make this site possible; it's great for newbies like myself who are still getting accustomed to this type of cooking/grilling/smoking.


So far I've done a brisket, a rack of ribs, and pork chops.  All turned out really well but each had something I wanted to tweak the next time.


Just a few things that maybe some folks can point me in a direction on (Sorry if these are dumb questions, but like I said I'm still new and trying to learn):


Anyone have pictures of their cooking set up when going for a low/slow cook so they can add coal/wood chunks or chips to the fire without pulling the meat out during the cook or is that something that you just have to do when cooking this way?


During my cook for the brisket I was able to steady the temp out around 250, but I had the fire go out with coals still in and the vents weren't closed to the point to choke it out.  Anyone have any advice on what may have went wrong or how to maintain temp/smoke throughout a longer cook?


How do most get their coals started?  I picked up an electric starter (brother in law used one on his BGE and loved it) but it seems to only start a portion of the charcoal and I can't seem to get an even fire.


Any absolutely necessary accessories that you guys have found you should have? 



Again thanks for all the help I'm sure I'm going to get on here.  Looking forward to hearing some responses and continuing to learn.

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Welcome and glad you found us. NO dumb questions on this forum! Absolutely none. I don't own an Akorn so any pix I would post would not help you but we have a very large membership of Akorn owners and you should get plenty of help!!!! Glad you found us and feel free to jump in and ask away. 

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Welcome. I hope you enjoy the Akron. I use the Rutland fire starter every time I cook on mine. You can use more then one to get an even fire. As far as adding lump or wood for a cook, I just fill to the tabs and light it up. Enjoy

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