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A. Jr simple series - Loin Chops

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Thought I would start a series of simple cooks on the A. Jr since that is what a lot of my cooks are. The sides are usually cooked inside by my son or my SO. I usually just do the grilling and mostly on the A. Jr.

Tonight was thick cut loin chops. I had previously bought a large pork loin for stuffing but didn't really need one that big. So I cut some thick 1"+ chops off it and froze them for a later date. Well tonight was the later date.

Reverse seared indirect at 225* till IT of 135*. Foiled for a few minutes while I removed the diffuser and cranked Jr up. Seared at high heat (500*+) for 2 mins each side.

The loin chops were a big hit.

Just flipped while searing.

Posted Image

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Good looking chops. Did you use a rub of any kind?

I poked them a bit with a fork then marinated in white Basalmic Vinegar for an hour or so in the fridge.

Meanwhile I took a small amount of RgOO and mixed in some fresh ground Italian herbs and let that sit.

Just before going on the grill I Coated them with the RgOO/herb mixture.

These were some of the moistest (is that even a word) loin chops I have ever cooked.

Jr makes weeknight grilling so easy.

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