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Memorial Day - Baby Backs and Spares

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Just snuck away from the BBQ to post this.   :-D  


Rubbed them last night with Oakridge Dominator.  This is my 4th time using the rub.  It has an incredible color and scent.  I would describe it as a slightly sweet rub.  Fuel was Royal Oak, smoke wood was Pecan.    


Here they are on the Big Joe @ 225:




My preferred temp is 275 but today the Big Joe wanted to start off at 225 so I let him.  I originally planned on doing a 2-1-1 ish cook but since my Big Joe was settled in at 225 I decided to go 3 hours before foiling.  So my cook ended up being 3-1-.5.  Ribs were still pretty firm when placed them in foil with a little apple juice so I figured 1 hour in foil would be OK.  Needless to say I got a little sidetracked with family and my Big Joe spiked in temp @ 300 while they ribs were foiled.  When I finally pulled them from the foil to sauce them they were literally falling off the bone.  I don't like them that tender but they were a hit with the guests so I guess that is all that matters.  They were so tender that my tongs ruined the bark.  Although I have to admit they tasted pretty good.


Here they are sauced, baby backs in front, you can see one of the bones that fell out:



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