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Big Joe break in?

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My suggestion is not really a break in but a 'training' burn to learn how to control the temperature.  Light it up and see if you can park the temp at 225 and then raise it to 300 and park it there and then raise it to 400 and park it.  It will give you a chance to play with it and learn how to control the airflow.


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1st cook is just going to be some drumsticks and sausage. How much lump should we use? I can get the red bag KJ lump or will any brand do?

Always fill the lump to a little above the air holes in the fire bowl. What you don't burn will snuff out when you close Joe up after the cook. The next time, lightly rake the coals to knock away the ash, and top off old lump with new...and fire it up again. Sooooo Easy :-)

Regarding lump, KJ has great lump. But to be honest, most of us have tried a variety of brands and have found what works best for us. Personally, I use Royal Oak.

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I'm about to blow a gasket, and am hoping you guys can keep that from happening. Dad used duraflame firestart fire start enter for the KJ/ it smells nasty and I'm afraid that smell is going to stay with the pit. Please tell me it won't so.

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