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grilled pineapple

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    • By TheGHole
      Hey everyone!
      Made these gorgeous pork belly tacos tonight and would love to share how I did them.  I was going for some Mexican and Asian flavors, and couldn't have been happier with the result.  The only issue at all was a light spot on the pork due to liquid pooling there during the cook because the belly was a bit big for my standard Joe and I had to scrunch it a little.
      1.  I brined it for about 14 hours in a mix of pineapple juice, teriyaki, and soy sauce after scoring the fat sight relatively deeply
      2.  Dried the belly and rubbed it with Killer Hogs BBQ Rub on all sides
      3.  Smoked on Kamado Joe at 240 with some cherry wood to add a light fruity smoke favor (no wrapping because I wanted some meaty bite in the taco)
      4.  When I had internals around 185, I glazed the belly and cooked for another 20ish minutes
      5.  Broiled the belly inside for 2 minutes to tighten up the glaze and crisp the fat even more
      6.  Rested the meat for about 40 minutes (should have gone longer but people were too hungry :D )
      1.  Mix together raw honey, soy sauce, salt, worcestershire sauce, peach preservers (wanted pineapple to go with the brine but couldn't find it), apple cider vinegar, kosher salt, black pepper, hot bone sucking bbq sauce, and some secret super hot scotch bonnet hot sauce I bought in Anguilla.  All of this is unmeasured and I mixed to taste.
      2.  Simmer on the stove until the mixture reduces a bit and thickens up, allow to cool off the heat
      1.  Home made guacamole (avocado, lots of lime, onion, kosher salt, pepper, cilantro)
      2.  Home made Chipotle Crema (sour cream, heavy cream, lime juice, canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, adobo sauce, kosher salt)
      3.  Grilled pineapple on the same grates I cooked the pork on
      4.  Cojita Cheese
      5.  Cilantro
      6.  Home made pickled onions (red onion, apple cider vinegar, kosher salt, sugar, water)
      Please enjoy the pictures, and as usual, ask any questions!

    • By Fnjay
      Rubbed with pork n chicken secret weapon and ran it about 400 with one flip. Pineapple had some habanero death dust on it and nectarine had dominator. Mini split of cherry for smoke....

      Came out very juicy and nice crisp on the skin. Haven't done a chicken direct like this in a looooong time. Tough for me to decide which I like better...hot n direct, smoked or direct but low (PBC). Guess it's a good thing we get to choose from day to day!
    • By CeramicChef
      Howdy Gurus!
      Last night I did something a little unusual and thought I'd share with you good cooks.
      I had a pineapple sitting on the counter that needed to be sliced and used.  I also had a couple of pork loin chops that I needed to cook.  So, knowing that pork and pineapple go together well, I did the following.
      I sliced off the sides of the pineapple and laid out my pork chops on them, covered both sides with a little butt rub, and tied everything together with butchers' string.

      All trussed up and ready to put on Beauty! my 19" KK.

      On Beauty! @ 400F with a nice FOGO fire in the KK.  Temps were rock steady at 400F the entire time of the cook ... about 40 minutes.

      Here are the pineapple pork chops after about 40 minutes @ 400F.  Just a slight char of the strings which never really threatened to burn.

      After about 40 minutes the pork loin IT was 135.  Dadgummit, I let the temps get away from me.  I was looking for about and IT of 120-125F.  The lesson learned was that the pineapple didn't provide much insulation and the pineapple pork loins cooked much quicker than I anticipated.  Next time I'll reduce the heat in Beauty! to about 300-325F and not be in a rush to head out to a meeting up at church.
      Here's a pic of the pork loin that has been pulled and untrussed.  The pork loin here is essentially cooked through and through.  

      So, even though the pork loin was cooked, I decided to finish the reverse sear and let them rest.  The pork IT going back on Beauty! was 120F and Beauty was rocking along at 550F.  Here are the pork chops on Beauty! right before I pulled them to let them rest and plate.

      Here are the pork loin chops on the cutting board with a final IT of 140F.  

      And finally here are the pork loins slides open. and ready to plate.

      There are s few tips that I would pass on after this cook.  First, the pork loin chops should have been marinated in a solution of pineapple juice, soy sauce, minced garlic, minced ginger, and a little crushed black pepper.  Second, I mistakenly thought that the pineapple skin slices would provide more insulation than they did.  Third, running Beauty! at 400F was an attempt to hurry the process along; future cooks of this type should be done between 300-350F.  
      The pork loin chops were tasty and you could taste a slight flavor of pineapple.  Marinating the pork in the above marinade would have helped the flavor.  I also think that I'll score the pineapple flesh that comes in contact with the pork to insure a better pineapple flavor.  All in all, this cook, while interesting and tasty, could have been much better if I had not tried to do so much in such a compressed time frame as I allowed. This was my first time doing this cook and I should have known to leave some slack in the rope.
      Thanks for looking.  
    • By Marshall Lucky
      Howdy, Pards!  Been wanting to grill a Cauliflower Steak for awhile now.  So, why not tonight?  Yyyyyeees, Sir, time to get my grill on.
      In poking around the world wide web, I found a Cauliflower Steak recipe that uses Pesto.  Weeeell, I sure ain't wanting to use that jarred stuff that is made in New York City though.  'Ol Marshall Lucky can sure fix up some home made mean mean green Pesto.
      Let's begin with the ingredients for the Pesto.  I used 3 cups organic Basil, 1 cup organic Baby Spinach, 1/4 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese, a few garlic cloves, toasted pine nuts, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). 

      Put all of the dry ingredients in a food processor and pulsed til the consistency of a fine chop.  Scraped the sides of the bowl, turned the processor on, and then drizzled EVOO into the bowl until it blended into a wet paste of herbal goodness.  Added fresh squeezed lemon juice to add a zingy zip, salt to taste, and a final whirl of the processor.  Lemon is not a traditional ingredient for Pesto; but what the hay, I think lemon and basil really pair well.  Give it a try if ya ain't done it.

      Cleaned my Cauliflower by taking off the lower leaves and trimmed down the stalk to remove the hard tough end of the stalk.  However, it's important to leave enough of the stalk as this is what keeps the florets together so you can carve out them beautiful steaks.  Cut the Cauliflower head in half and then sliced off 1.5 inches of each half to get a thick steak.  Watch out!  I'm a veggie butcher, now.  I was able to get a smaller 1 inch steak off one of the halves to give me 3 steaks.
      I brushed both sides of each steak with the fresh home made mean mean green Pesto while the grill came up to my target temp of 400 degrees F. 

      For this cook, I used indirect heat by placing my diffuser stone in the fire bowl.   To round my supper off, I added some yellow squash brushed with EVOO and black pepper, and a couple of pineapple rings.

      Yyyyyees, Sir!  'Ol Marshall Lucky is a happy boy tonight.

    • By Addertooth
      What comes first:
      Make/Get pulled pork. This pulled pork was made hot and fast at 275.  Seven pounds took all of 5.5 hours.
      Make/Get Crepes. Stores now sell pre-made crepes in a sealed pack if you don't feel like fussing with it. 
      Get a fresh, fully ripe pineapple. The riper the better (but the meat of the pineapple must still be yellow and not brown).
      Thinly slice the pineapple about 1/16th to 1/8th inch thick.
      Rub the slices with brown sugar.
      Throw on grill until cooked, and they have a tacky (non juicy surface).
      If the pineapple is still too juicy it will make the crepe fall apart when eaten.
      Put a healthy dose of pulled pork on the seared Pineapple slices.
      Sauce it up with your favorite sauce. 
      Consider adding a bit of chipotle or sriracha pepper powder to balance out the sweetness.
      Add a dollop of lemon/vinager/cream based cole slaw.
      Some freshly sliced cooked bacon give the double-pork whammy.
      Roll it up and serve!

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