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A Double Header Cook on Big(Red)Joe Meatballs then Roast Chickens

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A Double Header Cook on Big(Red)Joe Meatballs then Roast Chickens


See Big(Red) Joe Hard At Work – 40 BIG Meatballs then 4 Large Whole Roast Chickens


Cook #1 - A Full Load of Kamado Joe Meatballs for Dinner Tonight (and then leftovers)


Meatballs and Pasta – Oh yeah!





3 Lbs Ground Turkey & 1 Lb Ground Beef –Doc said cut back on the red meat-  what can I say.  So this mix works well.  Turkey takes up the seasoning nicely too.




The Meatball Additions – Vidalia onion, yellow onion, green onion, bell pepper, celery, garlic, thyme, basil, oregano, marjoram, dried red pepper flakes.  Add the meat and mix well with the final addition of Worcestershire, eggs , splash of milk (for moisture), and breadcrumbs.





Forty 2 Inch Sized Meatballs Ready for Joe – Nice to have leftovers.  My daughter will get some of these as a gift.





I Knew They Would Fit – Big (Red) Joe comes through like I knew he would.





They Are Gonna Be Really Good – These meat balls taste really good.  Just a hint of pecan  smoke and well seasoned.




Cook #2 - A Full Load of Kamado Joe Roasted Chickens for Dinner Tomorrow


Since Joe was already at temp and perking along, I decided to do my tomorrow cook tonight instead.  Besides roasted chicken is even better the next day.


Some Nice Roasted Chickens – Four 5 lb plus each chickens ready for dinner tomorrow or whenever.




Four 5 Pounders Seasoned Up – Out of the Fridge, Rinsed and Dried.  Light Olive Oil, Then sprinkled well with Weber Chipotle seasoning blend ground to a powder mixed with chili powder, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper.





They Fit on Big Joe Also – Cooked at 375 initial then dropped down to 325 about half way through for  a total of 1H50 minutes until 170 internal.  Used cherry wood for flavor.  If I were doing four again I would probably use four of the wire vertical chicken roaster holders to improve the layout on the grill.  But hey..this works too.





Foil to Keep Legs from Over Cooking Half Way Thru – I noticed the legs were getting done too fast as they were near the hot air stream at edge of deflector, so I foiled them.  I also rotated and shifted the chickens periodically.  The vertical roasters would probably have eliminated the need for any foil.





These Two are For My Daughter – She asked if I would send her some on my Kamado Joe chicken when my wife visits her this week.  It will be my pleasure to do that.    She will get meatballs as lagniappe.




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Looks outstanding.


What is on top of the standard grill grate in the photo of the meatballs?  Sort of a mesh material.



It is this:


A-MAZE-N Products (the sawdust, pellet, and tube smoker folks)  Q-MATZ - FDA compliant teflon coated fiberglass grilling mats good to 500 degrees indirect heat.  It is sold by the foot in 18 and 24 inch wide versions.  Very useful for this type of cook. 



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