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What are your other hobbies and interests?


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Other than cooking, I am into motorcycles and dogs.


I currently have three bikes, a 2018 Harley Softail Fat Bob, a 1980 Harley Wide Glide that I am in the process of restoring and a BMW R1200GS.


For the dogs, I have three Scottish Deerhounds who are big, hairy monsters. All girls with two around the 6 year old mark and one 10 month old puppy.


I also like home brewing and have an all grain nano brewery in my garage, but I actually haven't brewed any beer in several years now. I should really get back onto that as I won some awards....

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My hobby is learning to master bread making.  Some recent examples.  Top one is most recent.  Still working on my scoring as it needs to improve as you see in baguettes photos.  






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Hobbies include: Gardening (both edible & non-edible) & travel.   I read a LOT of non-fiction about our world ( I have a degree in Geography & Economics).   Needless to say, I work hard at making fine food in my Kamado as well.   


I weighed 155 LBS when I got out of high school (1976), now a fit 165 lbs.   My BIGGEST hobby is riding my mountain bike.  Fortunate to live in LowSoCal, so it's just about year round without weather incidents.   Next big epic trip is to go back to the Copper Canyon deep in the Sierra Madre of Chihuahua MEX.  I will ride from Urique to Batopilas (look it up on google map).   I'm pretty sure if I didn't ride the way I do, I'd be a fat man.......


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