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Trying out the Kamado Joe Deep Dish Pizza Pan

John Setzler

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I have a similar pan I got when I owned a pizza shop in the 80's. My husband doesn't care for deep dish pizza so I haven't used it in years. I like the apple pie suggestion. I needed to make two apple pies this weekend so I just cooked then in the oven as I only had one cast iron pan. Your pie looks really good John. Can't wait for the video.

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Great looking pie.



How did you remove the pizza from the deep dish?


I grew up in Chicago. The deep dish pizza places there would use a square spatula, which served double duty to cut the pizza into slices when the pizza was still in the dish, and to get the slices out of the dish afterwards.


The deep dish pizza pans there were universally metal, not ceramic. Although I’m not sure that metal would be the way to go if cooking a deep dish pizza on a grill.




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My deep dish pizza pan is made my Superstone.  I got mine 30 years ago but they are still in business I think.  They may have other sizes now.  Google Amazon for stoneware deep dish pizza pans.  I  am sure they have many options.

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Have pan, cutter, and pizza peel. BBQGUYS.COM have all of them in stock except be careful with the Deep Dish Pizza Pan Peel it really is just a regular pizza peel that has been labeled on their site as the below. I called Kamado Joe to see if I had received the wrong item because this will not work with the pan. I was told it is for regular pizza and stone. I needed a pizza peel anyway so no harm no foul. 

Kamado Joe Deep Dish Pizza Peel
by Kamado Joe |  ITEM # 2878324
Reg: $19.00 | Save: $4.01 (21%)
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