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Kinuurayaki #0 Kamado


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Hello Everyone,


I am posting a few pictures of  the Kinuurayaki #0 kamado I recently acquired.  As you can see it is in really good condition aside from a few minor chips and some paint flaking off the bands.  It has never been used and still has the original leaflet/manual with it.


Does anyone have any idea when this unit might have been produced?


I believe I am going to keep it in its unused condition.  It would only be good for searing steaks since it has a 9" grate...







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not knowing the age of this earthernware Kamado (clay fired ) i would NOT  fire this above 400 degrees..   the older  clay types are unlike the ceramics of today! IMO you would hate to crack this little jewel ... what a beauty!

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Nice score!

I don't know of any site like the Weber Kettle guys have that deals with classic kamados. Anyone know of some place where our Compadre can find some help?

try the nakedwhiz.com  he is an expert in old Kamados!

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Some one linked to a site that both sold the old style kamado parts and had a huge write up about them. The guy just loves the old ones and I bet he would be able to tell you. I just do not remember how to get back to it. The gist of it was that they make fantastic food but not to heat them up to high temps. One of the reasons they are so good is the build up over time flavors what is cooked.

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Thank you all for the great comments and advice.  Honestly I can find very little anywhere about this kamado.  I have looked on nakedwhiz.com extensively as well as other sites and there is no mention of this particular model. Other than a current ebay listing ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kinuura-Yaki-Red-Orange-Barbecue-Kamado-Pot-BBQ-GRILL-SMOKER-CERAMIC-RETRO-/301223518809?pt=Barbecues_Grills_Smokers&hash=item4622522259 ) there is not much out there.

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