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Akorn & IQ110 - I've Got Questions!

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Just received my IQ110 and planning my first cook with it on the Akorn this week. A few questions...


1) Any suggested setting for the IQ's intake damper control with the Akorn?


2) I noticed their FAQ recommended activating the IQ as soon as the fire is lit and the lid is closed, rather than manually getting the smoker up to temp. Sounds to me like a recipe for over-shooting the desired temp, but what do I know. Anybody happy with how well the IQ handles the warm-up phase? My target temp is 235.


3) Anybody come up with a clever way to protect the IQ from an unexpected rain shower? I'll be close by for the initial run, but I would eventually like to be able to use it on the smoker overnite, and during summer months I can count on random, unpredicted showers.


Thanks for your help.

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I have the bbq guru  not sure if we have same model or not  but I have tried both ways and i actually prefer to activate it fairly soon after i light my fire esp for low temp cooks  once you set it you can go do food prep or what ever and feel secure that it will not over shoot  id you prefer to get temp to target temp first you may have established to big of a fire and by time you activate the guru you have overshot,  for target temps in the 350 to 400 range i do let the temp get to say 250 before i activate the guru  try it both ways and see which way you like  

as far as rain goes  on mine i have enough cord to bring the control box inside if rains  if you dont you might consider puting it inside a baggie

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I have the guru PartyQ and I set mine right after lighting, but to about 50 degrees below target temp - if my target is 230, I'll set it at 180.


about 10 or 15 minutes later, I'll go check it and it will typically be at around 200 and the fan will be off.  I'll bump it to 215 or so and the fan will start puffing again.  another 10 minutes, I'll set it at my target temp and it rocks along with little intervention after that.


can't comment on the damper, as the partyq doesn't have one, and as for rain, dunno - mine sits under an awning. ;-) 


after a few cooks and you've got yours dialed in, you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner. no more up-all-nights babysitting a finicky cook.  good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I enjoy the Akorn, and manual control has not really been a major issue, but I'm looking forward to getting dialed in with the IQ110. I like the idea of using the unit for the warm-up phase but initially targeting low then gradually ramping up. I appreciate that suggestion. Water protection is a concern. No way I can get the controller inside. I thought about a baggie - I use that with my Maverick on rainy days, but I worry the baggie might get pulled up flush to the intake vent on the IQ unit. That probably wouldn't be good.  :-o  Thanks again for your comments.

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To answer your question, I have the IQ110.  1. Rain - There is a published method using plastic boxes to make the IQ waterproof.  Search for IQ rain and box or something similar.


2. Settings on the IQ.  This is the way I start and run the 110:   Open vent, no IQ, until the temperature climbs to within 75 degrees of my target temperature.  I then hook up the IQ, which is set to my target temp, close the bottom vent once the IQ hose is attached, and close the top vent so that only a small 1/2 moon sliver is open. 


3. If I am cooking low and slow (275 and under), I can usually keep the IQ set on "1", sometimes I have to go to "2".  275 to 300/325, definitely "2" and maybe "3".  Above 325, "3" or more.  As the temp goes up, I sometimes bump the top vent open to where there is a thing sliver open at the top of the vent. 


Hope this helps.

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Newbie question. I want to get the IQ 110. Which size do I need? I am ordering one from there website ($139).

The options are standard, large kamado, small kamado, hose barb kit & backwoods adapter kit.

I have the Akorn. I bought it at Menards. I assume I will heed either standard or small.


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bluebronco:  The Akorn would be a standard size.  I believe the site lists the Akorn as one of the kamados that its adaptors fit, so I would suggest a careful review of the website or a call to them.  I cannot recall  the size I ordered, but it fit perfectly.

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I have an IQ120 and an Akorn and I do a lot of low and slow cooking at 225 F.  I light my charcoal with both vents wide open and wait until the grill hits 130 or so and I am sure that the fire is lit.  Then I install my 16" grate and deflector, water pan, main grate and IQ120 with the temperature probe on the main grate.  I set the IQ120 at 225 F with the IQ120 vent at 2 and set the top vent at the half moon plus about 1/16" gap.  The fan on the IQ120 will start blowing almost constantly at this point.  The temperature will rise and shoot past the 225 setpoint to 240 or so, but that is okay.  Then I put the meat on, and the IQ120 will get on control at 225 in a short period of time.

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Question on the IQ120. According to their web site the unit is programmable:

  • Programmable - automatically change cooking temp based on food temp and/or time!
  • Programmable "Food Done" alarm
  • Programmable "Pit Set" alarm sounds when cooking temperature deviates by more than setting

My question is the digital setting on the front sets the grid temp and keeps it at that temp, correct? Then what is the 1st programmable about? what I'm thinking is they need a 4th programmable bullet of:

"Programmable - keep grid at a specific temp, This that can be over ridden by their 1st programmable bullet", correct?


I can see a purpose for bullets 2 and 3 of theirs. Have you ever used anything but the grid setting temp on yours? Trying to decide which to get and I like having an extra meat thermo for when I do lots of butts. Currently I can have 2 meat probes with an extra thermo and this would allow for a 3rd meat. Any help would be appreciated.

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