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The Kick Ash Basket Review

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Well I have now been playing with the Kick Ash Basket for about a week now. Let me tell you prepping the grill before each cook is now actually quite easier and quicker.  You just grab the basket by its handles and lift it about 6 inches in the air and give it a few shakes and all the ashes immediately fall underneath the fire box. But you can also shake the basket over a metal garbage can which makes clean up a lot faster. (Safety reminder: It’s very imperative to ensure that the grill is completely extinguished and no ambers are left when removing ashes or cleaning your grill). After shaking the ashes out of the basket you just have to use your ash tool and clean out the ashes from the bottom vent underneath the fire box. After this process you just light your grill and enjoy! After doing a bunch of cooks using the Kick Ash Basket I found that the grill actually lights faster and achieves higher temp faster. Having said this you will have to pay a closer eye to you grill temp since it can creep up on you a lot faster do to the added air flow. Another point that I noticed is that on low and slow cooks it actually uses about 5 to10% more lump charcoal using the Kick Ash Basket which is quite minor and expected. Another huge benefit of using the Kick Ash Basket is that it eliminates the issue of accidentally hitting the fire box and cracking it with the ash removal tool which I seen it happened a few times! It also eliminates the issue of small pieces of lump getting stuck in the fire grate holes. I strongly recommend using the Kick Ash Basket without the fire grate.  Some folks were saying on the Egghead forums that the Kick Ash Basket bottom has tendency to warp at high temps. So I decided to ramp up my grill to 1000 degrees F which is beyond what someone would use and held it there for 30 minutes. I did this twice and it showed no sign of warping and the basket showed no sign of heat damage.  When the Basket is first used (new) I recommend to bring up grill to 600 degrees F to burn off the coating of the metal for 15 minutes then your good to go.


Full review of the Kick Ash Basket with video's can be found here:



Enjoy and Happy grilling!





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Great review and totally consistent with my personal experience ... all except the part about the "### removal tool" ... I've never been able to find an effective one of those ...


(Sorry ... a better person than I would have let that pass, but I'm not, so I didn't ...)



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If they had one to fit my smaller Vision, I would have bought one.  Instead I had to "make do".  It works for me.


While we are wishing, I would be much more likely to buy one if they included a divider that would allow you to just fill one side of the basket.

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While we are wishing, I would be much more likely to buy one if they included a divider that would allow you to just fill one side of the basket.

I'm with you on that.

I just bought an ash dragon for my KJclassic. BUT it got stolen from my front door on delivery. The worse part is that someone was home but didn't know it had been dropped off by usps. It's the first time anything like this had happened.

Anyway this product looks cool even without the divider I may get it. Stirring the charcoal to remove the ash isn't difficult but it kicks up a lot of dust and also breaks the larger unused pieces down which I feel wastes a little.

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