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Grilled Chicken dip recipe:





2 packages of cream cheese placed in bowl first as it needs to soften.



4-5 cups of diced grilled chicken breast (be careful not to overcook on the grill....as you'll be cooking it more once the dip is blended)



1 vidalia onion (or other sweet onion) diced up very fine



4 or more jalapeños diced up (I don't use the seeds or pith)



1 container of crumbled blue cheese



1 cup of Frank's Original Hot Sauce



1 cup of Frank's Sweet Chili Sauce



1 cup of your favorite ranch dressing



Basil to taste



Garlic to taste



Blend well and cook uncovered in your kamado or oven at 350 for 30-45 minutes.  You may want to adjust the times after trying.




I will warn you.....this dip is addictive.   When I make it, I usually serve it at lunch time along with a fresh batch of guacamole and some hearty tortilla chips.  This becomes lunch because it is so addictive you simply can't stop eating it. :)




4-5 cups diced grilled chicken....make sure not to overcook on the grill.






These are the sauces and that's the size blue cheese container I use for the dip.





I only used 1/2 the diced vidalia for this....the other 1/2 was used in a pot of John's MCM Hot Dog Chili...this was 2 largish vidalia onions.








I'll see if I can find better pics from the prior batches I've made.











Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.   Don't be scared if you aren't a fan of buffalo sauce or blue cheese (I'm actually not a fan of either).  It all blends in for a flavor that is unique and not overly-anything.

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I have to be careful not to overload it with minced garlic as I freaking love the stuff.








A pair of habaneros really kicks it up a notch if you are wanting heat. :)









Be sure to use rub on your chicken as the flavor comes through in the final product, too.














Hopefully you folks can make some and then take better finished pics than I've done......I guess by then I'm overwhelmed with hunger and not steady on the cellphone cam. :)





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That looks super good. My wife made some kind of simple "Buffalo Chicken Dip" yesterday, but used some of my pulled pork instead of chicken. No idea what it had in it, but the pork was really good in it. Definitely had some Franks' Hot Sauce, some cream cheese, not sure what else. Guess we should call it "Buffalo Pork Dip".

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Oh yum. I've had a variation of that in a Buffalo Chicken dip, but with canned chicken. I'll bet the grilled chicken really kicks it up a lot!!



The dip recipe on the bottle of Frank's Original calls for canned chicken and 100% use of Frank's Original.


The grilled part (with good chicken rub) and the use of Frank's Sweet Chili Sauce along with the Original really take it to another level. :)






I'm pumped up and looking forward to everyone's opinions when they make there own.

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Thanks for sharing. I have a bunch of chicken and need to bring a dish to a cookout this afternoon. Perfect timing.



Outstanding.  Looking forward to seeing how you like it.



Make sure to get hearty tortilla chips....not the thin-fragile type that break too easy.    

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Just wanted to say this dip is awesome!


I made it for a fantasy draft tonight, and it got rave reviews, I didn't have any left to bring home (my wife was disappointed). I had one person tell me it was a little spicy for them, but it was so good she couldn't stop eating it.Only thing I did different was I smoked the chicken breasts, instead of grilling them.

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Hey gang, I made another batch this chicken dip this afternoon.


I made a hyoooge change and it payed off.



I subbed Ed's Red Original hot sauce for the Frank's Red Hot Original.   It was a win......although if beer or rum drinks are being enjoyed at the time the dip is served.....the folks will not appreciate the difference. :rofl:  Just stick with the original recipe.



I also added two diced jalapeños and loved the enhancement.




So....here is the current recipe that I'll be rolling with:




2 packages of low-fat cream cheese....let it soften in the bowl while you do everything else.



1 package of crumbled low-fat blue cheese.


5 tablespoons of minced garlic (I'm lazy and used prepared minced.....sorry)


2 tablespoons of parsley


1 cup of ranch dressing


1 cup Frank's Sweet Chili


1 cup Ed's Red Original


1 medium Vidalia onion finely diced


2 jalapeño peppers finely diced (avoid seeds & pith)


3 boneless breasts finely chopped ( at least 4 cups)


400 degrees for 30 mins....stir........30 more mins







Enjoy.      It's easy, filling and tasty.   My son loves it as a burger topper.






























Finished pics never look as good as it is in real life.  You'll need some hearty chips for this dip, too.








Here is the real secret.......make sure you enjoy a good beer & some quality tequila or a nice rum drink when you are doing the knife work and grilling !!!!!!!!!






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