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A "Clinched" Two Inch Ribeye

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A 2" ribeye, seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning, and tied round to insure even cooking. Vacuum sealed and refrigerated 24 hours.
What APL calls a "mature" bed of coals. These are Royal Oak.
I used a 1/2" mesh cooling rack directly on the coals.
The meat cooked 2 minutes per side, flipped and basted with butter, flipped and basted to an IT of 125.
Onto a board dressed with chopped parsley, cilantro, garlic, sea salt and EVOO.
The steak was delicious, or so say those guests who sliced and ate it before I could get plated photos. This was a hungry and unruly group.
Thanks for looking and Happy Cooking.












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Wonderful cook Jack, just beautiful. :)  Did you try to brush the ash from the coals or does the cooling rack hold the steak off enough so the ash is not a problem?


Thank you, keeper.  There was no ash  on the steak.  The cooling rack, directly on the coals prevents ash from adhering.


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Thanks, Jose.  The butter baste helps develop the nice crust.  By basting the hot side, i.e. the side that just got flipped up, the butter melts into the crust and by the time the steak is ready to be flipped again, will not burn.  This way, I was able to slowly develop the crust, flip by flip.

I wish I could say the steak was delicious, but they didn't even save me a bite !!!  Guess I should have made a few "cook's pieces".

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Thanks, Mcohen.  My wife dislikes having an entire steak on her dinner plate, so I've learned to slice some for her before plating.  Slicing the steak on a dressed cutting board insures that the herbs, salt and EVOO get to each piece.

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A hungry and unruly crowd is an easy crowd to feed and from the looks of things, they were very well fed. I've long wanted to try a big steak directly on hot coals but have yet to do so, partly out of the fear of screwing something up. I know folks continually ask about ash on the meat, but I don't believe that to be a problem in any event (note that I say that never having cooked that way). Well done, Sir.

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Thanks, Al.  The mesh screen eliminates the worry of ash on the meat, plus  you get the benefit of the meat being directly in contact with the charcoal.  Give it a try.  It's really pretty easy.  Flip, baste, flip, baste....

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