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Grill Grates Designed into a gas grill.

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There have been variations of this idea in the gas grill market for years now. Infrared grilling is a huge buzzword. Some do it better than others. While this Saber is surely a fine grill, I don't see the need to call it the "Weber dethroner" quite yet. Consistency and durability over time are the true tests of any grill. And nearly any grill will cook a fine meal when it's new. How does a 15-yr-old Saber cook? Well, we just don't know. Webers we definitely do.

I just re-built my neighbors Weber. All of the ignition tubes were rusted away and replacing them was a real job. He asked me to help him after the grill exploded in his daughter's face from delayed ignition.


The way that they were installed made me have to take a lot more of the grill apart than i should have had to.If there were just a couple of alterations that could have been an easy job but no they were mounted into a slide out tray assembly that required a lot of unnecessary removal of parts. and disconnecting the gas line.


Perhaps I over stated the issue. Weber has a name that is legendary and they charge for that reputation.Hey they are not going any where.


When i looked at it the entire Saber grill  it seemed to be built out of materials that will not rust out and its price for the quality is very good--IF you are in the market for a gas grill.


I happen to think the new grate design look very well thought out--- but I have not cooked on it. It is not lost on me that the video was designed to sell grills BUT it was from The Garden Gates and not Saber. Hey TGG carries Kamado Joe also.

Funny you mention The Garden Gates.  Prior to buying my Weber, I had a lengthy conversation with Chad (owner of Garden Gates) about the Saber.  He really likes it, and cooks for his staff almost daily using a Saber.  Knowing that he also has a lot of experience cooking on a Kamado Joe.. I asked him, "In your opinion, whats the difference between cooking on the Saber, and a Kamado Joe decked out with GrillGrates?"  His answer, "not much."  That comment kind of solidified my decision to buy the Weber and deck it out with GG's.  He simply left me with the impression that GrillGrates give the same result.  Prior to that comment, I was sooooo close to buying the Saber CAST 500. 


Fast forward 15 years... assuming it's time to replace my Weber... and assuming that Saber is now a house-hold name... I have a feeling I may very well find a Saber sitting in my backyard, right next to my 16 year old bigJOE that still looks/cooks as good as the day I bought it.  :-)


So Rob now that you are set up with the Weber and dedicated Grill Grates do you find that you use it a lot? What items work the best on the Weber? What is you experience as compared to the KJ?

Good question Marty!


I pretty much had this same setup a few years ago... and used it a ton prior to selling it to help fund my KJ Big Joe a little over a year ago.  The only difference was that I had the GrillGrates sitting on top of the existing grates, not as a complete replacement.


So now that I've had the Big Joe and Weber sitting side-by-side for the past month, how do I use them?


KJ Big Joe:  ALL big hunks of meat are done on the KJ (Tri-Tip, Ribs, Brisket, Butt, Whole Chickens, etc). There is no comparing BIG hunks'o'meat done over a live lump charcoal fire w/ a chunk or 2 of oak!!  Another thing that is almost exclusively done on the KJ is screaming hot sears... I have yet to experience a better sear then what the KJ does so easily.  And of course, any and all baking/roasting is done on the KJ.


Weber w/GrillGrates: Pretty much all of my weeknight grilling is now done on the Weber, with outstanding results. When I say weeknight grilling, I am talking about any non-big hunk'o'meat.  I also use the Weber for pretty much all veggies.  Also, I can easily flip the GG's over and have a 500+ sq inch griddle with VERY even heat.  Another thing I love... gas grills are known for flare-ups... that is pretty much non-existent with the setup that I have. 


Bottomline: The KJ/Weber combo seems to have been a great decision for my families lifestyle.  The 2 are meeting our needs quite nicely :-)


Oh yeah... didn't even mention the PBC... but that's a whole-nuther conversation ;-)

Isn't that called a comboJoe?

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