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Right now I have some nice bone in skin in split chicken breasts, that swam in Italian dressing or a bit, cooking away for a nice chicken Caesar salad. After those come off I have some ABTs and wings/drumettes that are going to be cooked up for work tonight, got about a dozen peppers and 50 wings! The wings are going to get my Frank's buffalo sauce and my Big Kahuna sauce on half of them, can't wait to see the look on the faces when they bite into those!

Here's a teaser....

Ran out of bacon, D'oh!


Two meaty packs worth of whole wings, hand trimmed and tipped. Wings and drumettes only.


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Yeah, boss asked if I would mind cooking up some wings. Sure, I don't mind if you're paying is what I told him.... He busts out the cash and says "make em good". Always one to call my bluff...


Nice!  I gotta try that line on the next person that asks...   ;-)

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Whew, I cut this cook close... The wings just finished ans were plated in time to grab a quick shot before I headed out the door but no time to post last night. Sorry to leave you all hanging.. So for those waiting to see the final result, here you go....

The ABTs were roasted indirect at about 400 and sprinkled with Bad Byron's under the bacon and given a quick glossing with some Garland Jack's at the end. No one had had an ABT or even heard of one so it was an instant crowd pleaser. They got destroyed quick!


Here's the money shot on the wings.... I made up a special batch of my Big Kahuna wings and some Frank's Buffalo wings. I cooked them in two batches, indirect at 325F on the Akorn to an IT of 150F and the finished them at 165 in my Presto ProFry deep fryer with veggie oil. Prior to the cook, I seasoned the wings with some Seasoned Salt containing cayenne and Szcheuan pepper corns for a few hours in the fridge. I made up some of my Big Kahuna sauce and let them bask in that then whipped up a batch of Frank's Buffalo sauce for the other half of the wings, about 50 wings. For garnish, some Romaine lettuce, celery sticks, and some grilled pineapple slices were added to the platter and finished off with a side of bleu cheese dressing and the extra Kahuna sauce for dipping. Again, the Akorn puts out some rave worthy food and I have people chasing me down in the plant to ask how I made my wings and tell me how great they were. That's all I can ask for, some good compliments and empty platters!


Sorry for the lackluster photos. I didn't have time to drag the DSLR out last night, I was cooking right up to the time I needed to leave so I wouldn't be late! I need bigger, better equipment!

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No need to apologize for the photo's. That looks like a superb spread. Isn't it a great feeling when folks are chasing you down asking just how did you make that fantastic cook. That's what it's all about, putting a smile on people's faces. Well done Mr Cue.

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Thanks, fellas. I have really come into my own with those Kahuna wings, everyone who eats them just can't stop. Perfect balance of sweet, heat, and flavor; easily my favorite wing and one of my best cooking creations.

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Here's one more because I know you all love my iPad pics... The platter came from Zaxby's, we got a sampler platter a few weeks ago ( not even close to worth the $40 it cost! ) and kept the platter for such a use. At first the guys thought I cheated and went to Zaxby's, then they got a taste of the contents and knew them weren't no chain restaurant wings!


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